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she had a lot of thinking to do

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Chapter 17
Alice was wrapped in her sheets from head to toe. She was shivering madly. None of the pills or beers she had drunk since she had returned to the house had had any effect on her. She was alone, confused and scared. She had turned her cell phone off and had been crying her eyes out, trying to sleep but without any result.
Somehow the incident with Gerard had sort of brought her to a breakdown. She didn't understand why he hated her so much. Okay, she was Bert's friend but what was the fucking big deal?
She hated him.
But she didn't.
He confused her to an aching level. Then the doorbell rang. She stood up and walked towards the door, every step making her head ache even more. She opened it to see Frank staring at her in preoccupation.
"I'm so sorry" He said, wrapping her in his arms instantly. She nodded, the tears forbidding her to talk. She hugged him back and cried silently. "I shouldn't have let you alone, I'm such an ass..." Frank mumbled into her hair. She shook her head 'no' and pulled away from him, staring at his eyes. He raised his hand to her chin and lifted it slightly. She thought he was going to kiss her and was prepared to pull away if he did, but instead he just looked at her eyes and somehow it soothed her.
"Whatever you are doing, keep it up" Alice said, with more strength now than before. Frank laughed and let go of her chin. They locked eyes and then he jumped down the steps, "so I guess I'll go then. Let you sleep and shit..."
"I don't feel like sleeping or going to the bathroom either, so...Let's just stay here. Talking. If you don't mind of course."
"Yeah, we could." She took the keys and locked the door, sitting on the front steps next to Frank.
"So...who's your best friend?" Frank asked. Alice couldn't help laughing at the childish question.
"Her name's Kamz, I think you know her...I don't remember. And my best guy friend is Bert"
"What about your band mates?"
"They're cool but...I don't know. I click with them but can't confide completely on them. I can't pour out my feelings, and I'm sure they wouldn't want to hear them. Not that they don't care about me, I just don't think that they want to know the real side of me..." She groaned, feeling unable to make her point clear.
"I understand" Frank said to her.
"What about you?"
"They're all my best friends. I just can't choose. Although I'm not sure they really know me...I guess they do. I hope they do."
"Alice?" Frank asked, intertwining his fingers with hers
"Do you know why Gerard hates you?"
"No. Do you?"
"Yes" He said patiently.
"Would you tell me?"
Alice stared at him.
"I think you should find out on your own?"
"How? He won't talk to me, and I'm not sure I even want to"
They were in silence, pondering their problems over. Frank stood to leave, "You should give it a try" He hugged her goodnight and she kissed her lips lightly.
She muttered.
She watched Frank go and thought she saw someone staring throughout the kitchen window. I could and couldn't be Gerard.
She turned on her heels and locked the door.
She had a lot of thinking to do.
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