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Under the rain

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'Fuck you' he muttered. Only he couldn't and it made him even angrier

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Chapter 18
It was four in the morning and Alice was wide awake, showered and sitting in the living room's sofa on her light pink dress and jeans below, belly full of cereal and soy milk. She had her cell phone in hand and was trying to pay attention to the movie she was watching on HBO. She wasn't having much luck. It was too early too call Bert back and she didn't even wanted to talk to him anyway...
The movie didn't catch her attention so instead she decided to take a walk. Perhaps think about what Frank had told her yesterday.
Or not.
Frank also confused her.
Sometimes he seemed to like her as in a boy-girl like. But then he just seemed to like her as a best friend. It didn't bother her, it just seemed weird and added more to her already confused head. He did had a point, though. She needed to find out why Gerard hated her so much. On her own.
She walked the opposite direction Frank had lead her. She noticed the sky was looking a bit grey, but what the hell. She was thinking on visiting Hudson Lake. She wanted to look at it on her own. She asked around and finally got to it. She looked for the bridge that she had seen so many times on "Life on the Murder Scene". She sat on it and looked at the peaceful lake, surrounded by even more peaceful-looking trees. Except someone not so peaceful was in one of them looking at her.

Gerard's POV
I looked at her. She was so dim-witted that she didn't even notice her. Her thin legs were wrapped in her arms, she rested her chin on her knees and her hair fell into her back. She had black glasses covering her beautiful eyes. Shit. The glasses were just making him a favour. Wait, she took them off. What was left of the sun sparkled in them and he thought he saw small tears stream down her cheeks.
She was in pain. Gerard sighed and continued sketching her.

She heard a small scratching sound, as in pen to paper. From the corner of her eye she scanned the trees. On the nearest one on her right was someone. She tried to casually turn her head around. She took a good look and was proud of herself for recognizing /him/. He was sketching. She noticed he gazed her way every minute or so. He must be sketching her.
Okay, she needed to have the pluck to stand in front of him and ask him straightforward why the hell was he such an ass with her. She stood up violently and passed a leg on the bridge's veranda. She sat on the edge. She noticed how Gerard seemed to tense up.
"I'm doing half the job, now. Don't you want to finish it up?" She asked out loud, without taking her eyes off the sparkling water. Gerard froze. She waited a minute or so and ten stared directly to were he was sitting.
"Huh, Gerard?"
He scoffed and slid out of the tree's branches. She turned her head at him as he moved towards her in a quick strut. She was worried sick that he might actually take her words seriously but she didn't let it show on her features. She only showed the depression she felt, the emptiness.
He was inches from her face now, and had put both of his arms at her sides.
"You know I would"
They stared into each other's eyes.
There was silence.
"Why do you hate me?"
The question took him off guard.
"Because you're a slut"
"Aren't you going to flare up your nostrils and deny it?"
"I've learned that whatever I say won't change your mind. You've already set it up to hate me. There's nothing I can about it. I'm playing it Alessi now"
He didn't catch the reference, which was obvious considering she meant the main character of one of her favourite books, 'Halos'. It wasn't mainstream and not many people knew about it. Plus, it was a drama. Gerard was obviously not into romantic novels. The reference seemed to catch his attention, though.
When he asked that question an idea crawled her mind. It was a plan totally un-Alessi. She'd go for it nonetheless.
"You wouldn't know"
"Try me"
"What are you suggesting?" Alice said, raising an eyebrow.
"See, you are a slut."
She wrapped her legs around him and moved him closer. She batted her lashes in his face, touching his soft skin. She smiled seductively. He groaned and something inside him fired up. They were silent and then Gerard tilted his head to the side and was about to kiss her. Alice pushed him away and jumped back into the other side.
"You want me. That's why you hate me" Gerard stared at her in confusion, anger seeping through him.
"I was right, you're a total bitch. What a skank-"
"Gerard, I no longer give a shit of whichever insult you choose to shoot at me. I can see right through you now-"
She stopped and looked up, rain had started falling heavily, wetting her to the bone after only several seconds. It was her time to groan in anger, wrapping her arms around her. She glanced at Gerard who was staring at her furiously, his glance lingering from time to time on a different part of her body.
"You call me a slut, but you're just an angry horny boy"
"Stop it" He muttered.
"Why? Making you feel bad?" She asked sarcastically.
In a matter of seconds he shortened the space between her and pinned her to the floor. Her dress was covered in mud, as her hair. He stared into her eyes, he was in all fours, her thin body behind me.
"Oh right, raping me was out. You've got to have all of the possible ways to hurt me, right?"
"Shut up" he repeated, burying his lips into hers roughly. She bited his lip small bit of blood on her own, not returning the kiss. She pushed him away and swaggered back to the house. Gerard was left there, thrown in the floor. Kicking himself for having given in to her. Hating himself for letting his want show so much.
He hated her.
But now she knew better.
He had basically told her he didn't.
He wanted more and she wanted out.
She wanted to be out of his reach, of his touch, of his prescence and words.
"Fuck you. Fuck you" He muttered.
Only he couldn't.
And it made him even angrier.
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