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Chapter 19
She entered the house quickly, it was six thirty already. Someone might be up. Surely enough, Brian raised his head from the sofa and raised his eyebrows at her. She smiled at him, "I'm going to shower". She was about to run up the stairs when he talked, making her halt.
"Where were you?" He asked softly.
"Taking a walk."
"What happened?" He said, turning completely around to face her.
"Come on, Alice"
"Mild discussion. I was just putting Gerard into place"
He furrowed his brow instantly, "I thought you were smart enough to know not to mess with him."
"So you're going to start insulting me, too? Fine, just dandy." She stomped her feet and went to straight to the bathroom. She needed a hot shower and hot clothes. She was freezing and Brian wasn't helping, either.

Bert was heading out of his meeting with his lawyer and manager. The rest of the guys were waiting for him in the rented SUV. As soon as he opened the door and slid in Quinn bombarded him with questions about what had happened.
"First off, they think it's better if I don't see least by now. They're going to make a DNA test just in case, to have the authorities know for sure it's mine. When they've got that in hand they'll talk to Kate's mom. If she keeps denying the kid from me then they'll sue her."
"But are you keeping the child or what?"
"No. I was firm on that. Kate's mom is good lady, she can take care of him. My life's not appropriate for the kid, I'll just fuck him over. But I do want to be involved in his life. Somehow."
The rest of them nodded. They were relieved Bert was being so.../grown up/ about this.
"I need to call Alice" he stated and grabbed his phone, pushing speed dial. Jepha started the car as they headed for the nearest restaurant.
Bert waited as the line ringed. And ringed. And ringed.
"Hey! I'm off somewhere...probably writing or eating. Leave a message. This is Alice-" BEEP.
"Hey Alice. Where the fuck are you? I've been calling since yesterday, wonderland. Pick the damn phone"

Alice left the shower and changed into a pair of black sweats and a gigantic navy blue autographed The Used shirt. She picked up the phone and noticed there was a new voice mail. She heard it and groaned, speed dialling Bert.
"Hey...sorry" She greeted him.
"Thank God you picked up," Bert sighed and told her everything about the meeting.

Gerard was wet from head to toe and all of his back was covered with mud. He entered the house and his mother almost fainted at the sight of so much mud on him. "What happened sweety?" She asked, putting a hand to his face.
"I was in a tree at the Hudson when the rain poured in. I slipped and fell into the mud. Sorry for the mess"
"Don't worry, just go get changed."
Gerard stepped into Frank's foot as he left the bathroom.
"Sorry." Gerard muttered absentmindedly.
"Huh?" Frank gasped, "No 'you deserve it fuck face, get out of my way?"
Gerard looked at him in confusion as he closed the door behind him. Frank stared at him. Had Alice talked to him? Perhaps she had.
The scent of rain was still thick in the hair, taking into account that it hadn't stopped raining. Alice looked throughout the window at the falling rain from the bed. She was listening to 'Noise and Kisses' and humming it as she lost herself in the melody. The festival was going to be cancelled due to the weather reports of hard rain falling throughout the week. Apparently, none of the organizers had foreshadowed that. It sucked, but they couldn't return home either. The skies were too disturbed to fly as the lady from the airport told them.
Alice sighed heavily. That meant she would be staying. That meant having Gerard as a front neighbour.
Her clock read twelve. She was starting to feel slightly sick and decided to sleep some. She ducked under the mattress and dug out one of the containers she had hidden there as soon as they had gotten there. She took out four blue pills and instantly felt their effects on her.
As her eyes closed she pictured Frank and Gerard. She remembered when she was fucking Ben...he was so naïve and hurt. And had nice hair...but Gerard's is nicer. Ben has a sweet smile, Gerard doesn't smile for her.
Ben was there for her.
Gerard made her feel like shit.
And then it clicked to her.
Gerard made her have strong feelings.
Ben only produced her depression and pity.
Shit, maybe the drugs were a bit too strong for her.

"Alice..." someone shook her shoulder. She opened her eyes and stared at Ben's. "We're going to a gig, wanna come with?"
She looked at her clock. It read nine thirty pm. Shit, time flew by.
"for sure" She agreed, changing her oversized The Used shirt for longish white shirt with a pair of jeans right there bang in front of Ben. His eyes lingered slightly on her black lace underwear. She was still a bit stoned. She changed quickly, stepped in the black converse and redid her makeup. She was ready in five minutes and looked absolutely stunning.
"Ready" She announced to Ben, which was pointless since he had seen her change.
"Okay...just don't drink, ok?"
"Why?" She asked in a childish way, flattening her bangs.
"'cause you're too high already"
She shrugged as they entered the van were the rest of the guys were waiting with Barrios.
"I forgot you were here!" Alice shrieked, hugging Barrios over Ben.
"none of us has seen her much, I can assure you that" Brian stated over the wheel.
"Hey!" Barrios moaned.
"It is true, though" Jess agreed, "And I don't complain, I can tell you that"
"Thanks for the information..."
They drove to some house. There were a lot of people outside. They left the car and Alice went to the nearest person she found which happened to be a girl with a mini skirt and a 'Last Word Uttered' shirt on, "Do you know what bands are playing?"
The girl shrieked in recognition, and asked Alice to take a picture. The rest of the guys and Barrios were already inside so she hadn't spot them yet. Alice agreed and asked once more, "so...what are the bands?"
"Mmm some small bands and My chemical Romance!" She shrieked once more. Damn, that girl could even beat Barrios.
"Excuse me, My Chemical Romance?"
"Yeah...fantastic" Alice said under her breath as she nodded and went inside. Gerard was already onstage and spotted her as she entered the place. They both groaned.
Alice hated her luck.
Hated it.
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