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Brendon and Vicky enjoy each other's company

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Oh my god, I would like to thank everyone who read the last chapter, and everyone who reviewed: I love you! They made me so unbelievably elated, so thanks! Special thanks go to Gangsta_Girl and meeniemoe; you are absolutely amazing! Everybody should go and read their stories, 'cause they are extremely good, if you haven't already! And Robyn: you rock!

Once Brendon and I were out of the shower and we had dressed each other, we went downstairs to get some food. Eating pasta, we were talking about what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.

"I dunno; what do you usually do?" Brendon asked me.

"Erm... watch TV, play on the computer, meet up with friends, shop, go on my dance mat; that's about it!" I concluded, laughing with him.

"Oooo, you have a dance mat?" Suddenly Brendon got very excited.

"Uhuh, why? Do you wanna play on it?"

"Hell yeah! They're always a good laugh."

After cleaning up the dishes (I was never one to like having dirty dishes piling up) I ran upstairs to retrieve my dance mat, since my mom had it in a cupboard to "keep the living room neat", as she claimed, so I could hook it up to our Xbox in the lounge.

"Do you want to go first? You are a guest," I offered, laughing at my cheesiness.

"Naa, you go first, I wanna see how bad I'm gonna look compared to you!" Brendon laughed.

"Can't you play very well?" he shook his head shyly. "Neither can I; I haven't had it for long." I was lying; I could easily beat anyone who played me, and I had had it for about a year now. I just didn't want him to feel like he was really bad, I guess.

I selected an easy track, and danced it awfully. I missed a load of the steps, so it wasn't surprising when it failed me half way through.

"Damn it! That was terrible!" I pretended to be angry at myself.

"Aww, babe, it's ok. You'll get better the more you practise. Now, I think I shall do the same dance; it looks like the easiest one on here."

He began dancing... brilliantly. He got every step right without fail. What a liar! Nobody just becomes that good! I was so annoyed and yet I was grinning at the same time: it was funny really. As soon as Brendon got off the mat, he had the cheesiest yet his most "innocent" look on his face, and he pretended to be surprised when he got an A.

"Oh, look at that! An A? I didn't do that well!" he laughed playfully.

"You lied to me! You told me that you weren't any good!" There was a hint of annoyance in my voice, but I was still amused.

"I know. It was hilarious!"

Instead of replying to him, I just got on the dance mat and chose a much harder song to dance to. "What are you doing?" Brendon asked, still laughing slightly. I kept my mouth shut as the steps raced up the screen with the high tempo music. This was one of my best dances, and despite one or two small flaws, it was perfect. I was very pleased with myself when the song was over, and so I glimpsed at Brendon before looking at my grade to see a bewildered but an entertained expression attached to his face.

"What the-? How did you?... That was really good!" he concluded.

"Thanks. I guess a year of practise makes perfect." He glowered at me sarcastically, very entertained, and I just smiled seductively, taking a seat on my cream sofa. Brendon sat right next to me and tickled me, causing me to reel over onto the floor.

I was giggling uncontrollably; I was so ticklish! "Bren... don... stop!" I choked out between more fits of laughter, but he didn't stop. He just ignored me until I ended up elbowing him in the stomach. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Bren! Are you ok?" I was still giggling but I had hit him pretty hard.

"Yeah, I'm alright," he said, bemused. I think I had winded him.

"See? That's what you get for tickling me!" I smiled.

"Well, it was worth it." Then he carried on tickling me until I had rolled onto my back, Brendon lying on top of me. Eventually he stopped, staring into my eyes, inches away from each other's lips, foreheads touching lightly. I held him close to me, with a tight grip around his waist as he squeezed mine. Brendon kissed me gently: gently, but passionately.

Pulling away, but still holding onto each other, I asked, "Do you want to carry on? On the dance mat, I mean."

"Not really; maybe another day," he smiled. "How about we... have a party! Yeah, invite your friends round and we could just listen to some music, eat some food, and maybe sing a little?"

"Oooo, yeah, that sounds good! Ok, I'll phone them up." I rolled out from under Brendon and grabbed my phone from the hallway.

"So, who are you thinking of inviting?" Brendon asked as I dialed a number.

"Erm, probably my closest friends, like Claire, Helen, Georgia, Mia, Ben and Josh. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, sure! What can I do?"

"At the moment? Sit down and look gorgeous for me!" I giggled. To my surprise though, he actually did! So I sat down next to him as I phoned all of my friends; they said they could all make it this evening, so I was happy.

"So what time are they coming then?" Brendon asked, his arm around my shoulders.

"About 8."

"We have 3 hours to kill then," Brendon stated.

"Yup. What do you want to do?"

Brendon contemplated for a few moments trying to think of what he might want to do.

"Do you want to go for a walk or something? It's quite a nice town, and there's the most beautiful park I can show you near the River Thames, if you want to."

He nodded at me briefly, smiling brilliantly. "Yeah, I'd love to." He held his hand out for me. I laughed. "What? Can't I be a gentleman?"

"Oh course you can. Let me just change into my corset, and we'll be off." He pulled an annoyed face at me, which only made me laugh more. "Oh I'm sorry, I was kidding! Come on," I said, holding my hand out for him to take.

"No, I don't want to now." Brendon went into a childish strop, pretending to be annoyed.

"God, we are so sarcastic!" I chuckled.

"You can say that again!" Brendon suddenly perked up, and just seeing him smile like that sent me into a dreamy frame of mind.

"Vicky? Are you there?" Brendon waved his hand in front of my face.

"Huh? Yeah..." I smiled distantly at him; I was still so lost in my thoughts. Everything about him gave me a bubbling sensation of excitement in my stomach: his beautiful eyes, his gorgeous smile, his signature pout, his hair, his scarf, the way he looked at me all the time, the way that he never lost eye contact...

"Let's go," I concluded, shaking myself from thoughts, earning a peculiar look from Brendon. "Come on!" I whined.


"Wow, this place really is beautiful," Brendon admired. We had walked to a very secluded area on the river. The scene was incredible: fields of green grass covered in colorful flowers stretching for miles, the fast flowing river and a warm, orange glow in the sky. Its beauty still perplexed me, and even more so since it was set in London.

"I know. I love coming here. It's so peaceful." Silently strolling along the bank of the river, our hands were loosely laced together. It was a comfortable silence. Like they say: the best way to tell if you are close to someone is if you can be around each other without talking. It felt as if our silence said more than words themselves.

"What are you thinking about?" Brendon asked, finally breaking our silence.


"Oh yeah? Well, what about me?"

"How you're so amazing and we can just be around each other without saying anything."

"Yeah, I do love that about us. You're really incredible, did you know that?" Brendon said casually, yet meaningfully, looking at me.

I blushed a very dark shade of pink, and stared at the ground, only to have Brendon lift my chin up and stand directly in front of me. "Hey, I meant it. I really do love you. You mean the world to me."

"I... I-I know you meant it... I love you... more than anything," I stuttered. He smiled at me sweetly and my lips broke into a smile too.

"Should we head back then?" Brendon checked his watch for the time.

"Yeah sure. We need to grab a few supplies on the way back though. Just some food and drinks and stuff," I replied, as we headed back towards the grocery store.


So, I didn't mean to wait this long before updating, but this chapter was kind of hard to write, and I didn't really like it. I still don't like it much, lol, so reviews would be great!
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