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Party time! WOOHOO!

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"Hey guys!" I squealed as I moved aside, allowing Claire and Mia into my house. Brendon stood behind me while I hugged both of my friends. "Brendon, this is Claire and Mia. Guys, meet Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco!"

Goofy smiles plastered their faces as they shook hands with my boyfriend.

"Nice to meet you, ladies," he smirked charmingly. That smirk of his was so contagious!

"Oh my god... wow..." Claire stuttered. Since Claire was usually comfortable talking to new people, I was surprised that she was so astounded to meet Brendon.

"He seems to have that effect on everyone," I laughed. "Sorry, I didn't tell you and warn you; I forgot to mention it."

"That's... not a problem..." Mia was also a little star struck. With long, dirty blonde hair, she was a pretty shy girl, especially compared with the rest of us. "It's nice to meet you too."

"Yeah, I like your music a lot," Claire replied to him.

"Well, you two are the first here, so come on inside, grab a drink and some snacks!" I ushered them into my living room, holding hands with Brendon. I already had Lostprophets playing in the background. We all sat around, chatting to pass the time whilst we waited for the others to arrive.

"So, how come you're here then Brendon?" Claire asked.

"Vicky invited me to stay really, and I couldn't refuse!"

"That's so sweet," Mia remarked, just as the doorbell rang.

"Hold that thought." I sprang up from my seat on the leather sofa to answer the door. All of the others - Helen, Georgia, Ben and Josh - had come together since they lived very near to eachother. They all stood in a huddle outside my door, bursting into choirs of 'Hi's as they entered.

"Come on inside!" Directing them into my living room with the others, I followed them in. However they all stopped when they saw Brendon standing casually, in mid-conversation with Mia and Claire, since they all knew who he was. "Everyone, I would like you to meet Brendon Urie... my boyfriend," I announced shyly, causing their eyes to widen.

"Boyfriend?" Claire repeated incredulously.

"Yeah, I'm dating Vicky," Brendon said proudly, placing his hand on my lower back and kissing my cheek, making me giggle shyly.

"Oh my god, you're dating Brendon Urie?" Helen asked, a tall, skinny girl with curly or straight brown hair, still not believing what she saw.

"Uhuh, yeah..." I replied.

Sensing the awkward situation at hand, Brendon stepped in: "Look, before we spend the entire evening standing here, as much fun as it is, I love Vicky. We had a great time in Vegas and she invited me to stay here for a few days. If that's gonna be too awkward, I'll just go..." I gave him an appreciative and loving smile. I love him so much...

"No! No, it's fine!" Everyone suddenly found their voices. "It's just we were kinda shocked, that's all," Ben explained.

"It's ok. Brendon isn't, like, a rockstar. He's just a normal guy, honestly," I smiled.

"Well, it's great to meet you... Mr. Urie," Ben finished. Why did he just call Brendon 'Mr. Urie'?

"Call me Brendon. That's too weird," Brendon insisted. We all laughed.

Figuring that everyone was more comfortable now, I urged my friends to eat and get a drink. "Since my parents aren't here, I only bought a small amount of alcohol, so sorry. Get high on sugar instead!"


We were all seated in the living room again, having retrieved an assortment of drinks, mostly alcohol, except for Mia who hated alcohol.

"So, if I may ask, how did you two start dating then?" Claire asked excitedly. "I mean, it's not everyday now that a guy like Brendon Urie falls for a girl like Victoria Alben."

"Erm... well, I dunno really..." I looked at Brendon with a blank expression.

"I think it had been going on since we first met really. We had both just broken up with our girlfriend and boyfriend, so we talked a lot then. And then the day after, we spent the whole day together alone, since all the other guys were with their own girlfriends. So when we got back in the evening, it only felt right to kiss her," Brendon reminisced.

All of the girls broke into a choir of "aww"s; my heart melted just hearing him say that, and from thinking about it.

"So, are you two really in love?" Josh asked dreamily. He was always a little more sensitive than most guys.

"Yeah, we are," we both replied, looking at eachother lovingly.

But Georgia's voice broke through our short moment. "Oh my god, have you two had sex?!" Georgia exclaimed.

"What?" I asked harshly, Brendon shaking his head.

"Oh my god, you have!" Claire screamed.

"Wh- I- Why does everyone do that?!" I cried, laughing all the same. "How can you tell so easily?"

"'Cause of the way you deny it, and the way you look at eachother," Claire answered matter-of-factly.

"I can't believe you two had sex!" Helen said, the others agreeing. I felt like crawling into a hole to hide: I was so embarrassed! I could never deal with embarrassment well at all.

I felt Brendon's hand on mine and he squeezed it gently; he felt uneasy too. "Hey, can we just drop this?"

"Ok, but I still can't believe that you, Vicky, had sex with a guy. More importantly: Brendon Urie." Ben said.

"Look, it just felt right! I love him, and I don't care about what you might say about me being the first and Brendon being famous, 'cause I don't look at him that way anymore, ok?" I concluded forcefully. Perhaps a little too forcefully. "I did what I did with Brendon because I wanted to, and just for the record? He was bloody amazing," I smiled.

They all laughed at this remark. "So were you," Brendon said in a deep, husky voice.

"Can I date you?! Or just have sex, whatever works!" Claire giggled sarcastically.

"Hey, keep your hands off my man!" I laughed.

"Can we listen to that song?" Georgia asked.

"Yeah sure, I've got it on my iPod, just put it on." I said. Keep your hands off my girl by Good Charlotte began playing as a sly grin engulfed my face. "In light of recent events, I feel a game of Truth or Dare coming on!" Brendon and I laughed together.

"Did I miss something here?" Mia asked, confusion written all over everyone's face.

Giggling, I explained, "Jon dared me to kiss Brendon when we played before." But then I blurted out, "And Ryan kissed Brendon!"

"What?!" everyone screamed simultaneously.

"Oh yeah, it was so friekin' hot!"

"Come on, it was only a dare!" Brendon tried to defend himself.

"Are you bisexual?" Ben asked bluntly.

"Dude! You can't ask Brendon Urie, otherwise known as /my boyfriend/, if he's bi!" I laughed.

"Why not?"

"'Cause you can't, you idiot!" I slapped him around the head.

"And 'cause I'm not bisexual!" Brendon cried. "Or gay for that matter!"

"Well Brendon, if you ever want a change, just give me a call," Josh said casually.

Brendon looked like he had almost been hit by a bus. "Er... thanks... I'll keep that in mind..." I buried my head in his shoulder, laughing uncontrollably in silent fits now.

"Can I just say," Helen started, "If we play Truth or Dare, no guys kissing guys or girls kissing girls, ok?"

"Thankyou!" Mia agreed, throwing her hands up in the air.

"Aww! The difference is that would actually be hot to see you girls kiss!" Brendon chimed in, smiling smugly.

Slapping his leg, I pouted at him sternly. "No way dude."

"You saw me kiss one of my best friends! You owe me girl!" Josh and Ben were cheering Brendon on now.

I scoffed at him, then I whispered in his ear, "I thought I had already made it up to you... twice."

"It's not the same," Brendon said openly.

I contemplated for a moment. "Fine, dares can involve anyone kissing anyone here." I announced finally. If I got to dare any of the guys, I was going to make Brendon kiss either of the other two guys! I smiled to myself.

The girls tried to protest, but I said that it was only a dare. "You got an empty bottle?"


Claire was spinning the bottle now, after the game had begun, and it landed on Georgia.

"Hmmm... Truth."

"If you had to, would you have sex with me?"

"What the fuck?!"

"Just answer the question! If someone was going to shoot you if you didn't, would you have sex with me?"

"Hey, you know I would, baby." Georgia winked and Claire returned the gesture. We all laughed at that, a little scared all the same.

Next the bottle landed on me. "Dare."

"Ok... pour this water on Brendon's head."

"Hey, that's just being mean! That's not a dare!"

"Do it missy, you asked for a dare!" Georgia insisted.

Reluctantly, I picked up the glass of cold water sitting on the table and I moved over to Brendon. "I'm sorry," I said, before tipping the water onto his head.

Water dripping from his once perfectly styled hair as I apologized again, Brendon huffed. All the while, everyone else cheered since they found it so funny.

"Thanks for that," Brendon said sarcastically.

I giggle before spinning the bottle. It landed on... Ben. Yes! I smiled evily at him, creeping him out.

"Ok... that's not strange... Dare."

"Oh yes. Ben? Kiss Brendon!"

"What?!" both guys exclaimed.

"You heard!"

"Babe, first you soak me with water, and now this?" Brendon pouted at me sadly.

"I'm sorry, but I really wanted to make you kiss one of these guys! You're lucky it wasn't Josh! He'd actually enjoy it!"

"Hey!" Josh said defensively.

"What? It's true."

He nodded admittedly. "Yeah..."

Brendon, however, shook his head as Ben prepared himself mentally. "I am so gonna make you pay tonight..." Brendon said.

"I don't doubt that for a minute, but be careful I don't end up elbowing you again!" I laughed. Georgia held her hand up for a high-five, grinning manically.

We were all in hysterics as we watched Ben hesitantly edged towards Brendon. Eventually their lips touched for a split second before Ben pulled away faster than you can even say his name.

"Woo!!!" we all cheered them.

"I can't believe you just made me kiss Brendon Urie. I guess of all the guys I could have had to kiss, he's one of the better ones," Ben admitted, laughing it off, even though he was extremely red in the face.

"Well, what can I say?" Brendon shrugged cockily. "But this stays between us, ok? Please, I don't need this going public or whatever."

Everyone swore never to tell anyone else, about Brendon's kiss with Ben or Ryan. It was about 10 o' clock now, and the sound of Time to Dance began blaring from my phone.

"Sorry, hang on, I just need to take this," I apologised, getting up and sliding up my phone after checking the Caller ID. "Hey mom."

"Hey, you alright?"

"Yeah, Brendon and I are fine. Are you on your way home then?"

"No, actually, that's what I wanted to say. Our meeting was delayed, so it only finished a while ago. We were just thinking that we would stay here tonight, in a hotel or something, 'cause we've already had a bit to drink."

"Oh, ok," I replied. I was quite happy that they wouldn't be returning home tonight. I'll get some peace and quite with Brendon.

"So, I don't expect that we will be home before 12 tomorrow, and we'll pick Darren up on the way back. Are you and Brendon going to be alright till then?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine, don't worry about us. So have fun!"

"You too. See you tomorrow!"

"Bye." I hung up the phone and turned back to everyone else, taking my seat in the circle. "It was my mom, just saying that they aren't coming back tonight! They're staying in Liverpool, so you can stay a little longer!"

"Really? Cool!" Ben said.

"Yay! But I won't be able to stay too long. Parents said I had to be home by 1," Georgia groaned.

"Yeah, same here," Helen nodded.

"Ok, that's fine. Are you all taking a taxi back then or something?" I asked.

"Yeah, me and Claire are going back together, and the others, I think, are going back together too," Mia explained.

"Cool. Do you want to order one now? Save any hassle then." I suggested.

"Oh, that's a good idea," Claire agreed. "I'll phone to have a couple at about... 12?"

"That sounds good," Mia said. After Claire had phoned the taxi company, Mia asked, "Shall we continue then?"

"Hell yeah," Brendon smiled. "Ben, it's your go."

Ben spun the bottle, it landing on himself, so he span it again. This time it landed on Brendon.

"Truth, I'm not doing a dare," he laughed.

"Ok... do you like all of the attention you get as a celebrity? Like from the girls?"

"Er... well, I guess so, I dunno. It's weird and a little creepy sometimes, but I can't say that I hate it. There are some very creepy fangirls out there though, I have to admit." He shook his head slowly at the mere thought, but after shaking it off, he span the bottle.


About an hour later after we had played enough Truth or Dare for one day, we decided to just dance around and party. Blaring through the speakers was Paolo Nutini's New Shoes since I loved it so much and it was a great song to just dance to randomly!

"Man, I love this song!" I screamed, singing along.

"We know you do! You were talking to me the other day on MSN and you listened to it for, like, 12 times, didn't you?" Mia replied.

I blushed a bit. "What? I like the song!" I carried on dancing around, everyone else giving me strange looks. Brendon, however, danced along with me. Apparently he didn't mind my craziness. "Thankyou for dancing with me!"

"No problem babe! It's so much fun to just dance around with you!" Brendon smirked. "And plus it gives me a chance to do this, since I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms."

"And what might that be, Mr. Urie?" I asked seductively.

"This," he said simply, before leaning in to kiss me sweetly, holding my waist firmly in his hands.

When we finally broke apart, I caught my breath and said, "I think I was having withdrawal symptoms too."

"What, you guys can't go 2 hours without kissing eachother?!" Ben commented, disgusted and annoyed, not moving from his spot on the sofa along with Josh, but all the girls had started dancing around.

"Aww, is Ben feeling left out?" I mocked in a baby voice. "Come here then, you can dance with me now. You don't mind, do you Brendon?" I turned to ask him.

"No, go ahead," he shrugged, letting go of me and walking over to Georgia, Claire, Helen, Mia and Josh to dance to Fedde Le Grand.

Ben came over and I moved towards him a little and we danced together. "Are you happy now?" I asked him lazily, but still entertained.

"Yes, this is a better song anyways," Ben replied. He held my hands and started to wave them around to the beat, taking baby steps closer while he danced, swaying side to side.

"I miss just hanging around with my friends," I said loudly; the music was seemed to have gotten louder and I raised my voice to be heard.

"Remember... kitchen... your mom," was all I heard of his next speech.

"What? I didn't hear you. All I heard was something about a kitchen and my mom," I laughed apologetically.

Rather than shouting, he leaned in closer to my ear and repeated what he had just said; "Remember when you and I were making cakes and we got stuff all over your kitchen? And then your mom was really annoyed so we had to clean it all up!"

I laughed loudly. "Oh yeah! That was so funny!" We carried on giggling for some unknown reason: I just couldn't stop!

"What's so funny?" Helen asked, giving us an odd look.

Finally calming down, I was able to reply. "Oh, just thinking about the time that we made some cakes."

"Huh?" Josh asked, screwing up his forehead in confusion.

Ignoring his expression, I looked around the room, realizing that Brendon wasn't there. "Hey, where's Brendon?"

"Er, I think he went to the bathroom," Georgia replied. I nodded, shrugging it off, and I continued to mill around until he returned. Brendon seemed a little distant and strange around me when he came back, but I decided not to press the topic until later, when everyone had gone.

We didn't do much else after that, other than simply talking to eachother, sharing gossip and messing around. Their taxis came to pick them at 12 o' clock, like Claire had organized, so we said our goodbyes and they were gone, giving me the opportunity to talk to Brendon.

"Hey," I said warmly, moving towards him in the living room.

"Hi," he replied simply, getting up from his seat.

I decided to try again. Maybe it's just me and my imagination. "Do you want to go up to bed?" I asked, clearly insinuating more than sleep.

"I'm kind of tired actually, I think I might just go straight to bed." Brendon said dully. He walked over to the door casually, which I was standing in front of, and he made to go past me, but I stopped him.

"Bren, what's wrong?" I asked him sincerely.

"Nothing," he shrugged.

"Brendon, please, just tell me," I begged him.

"There's nothing wrong!" he said, beginning to raise his voice in frustration.

"Then why are you acting so strange with me?!" I asked, speaking as loudly as he was.

"I'm not!" he shouted, still trying to dodge me and get out of the room.

"Did I do something?"

"No, you didn't do anything. Can you just let me go to bed?"

"Not until you talk to me! You've never hidden anything from me, or lied to me. Please, just tell me."

"What was up with you and Ben before? Why did you want to dance with him?" Brendon finally said.

"Ben? I just thought I would dance with him for a little while, that's all. It didn't mean anything."

"Well then, why was he laughing and whispering stuff to you?"

"I couldn't hear him over the music. He just remembered about the time that he came over and we made these cakes, but we made a mess and my mom got really annoyed about it. I think I was a bit hyper from dancing with you 'cause I couldn't stop laughing about it, even though it isn't even funny. I'm sorry."

His expression softened. "Look, it's not your fault, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have overreacted like that."

"It was only natural for you to react like that. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to leave you like that."

"He's your friend. Don't worry about it."

"I am going to worry about it! He is my friend, and only my friend. I love you; no one else." I looked at him now with sincerity and passion.

"I love you too..." he spoke sweetly, before giving me a loving, reassuring kiss. We broke apart momentarily for air, but as I leaned in again, he leaned back to speak. "How stupid are we? We fight over a tiny little thing, then we won't let the other one take the blame!"

"I think it's what people call love, Bren," I smiled.

"In that case, I must be madly in love with you," he grinned to me.

"But the difference is that I love you more," I smirked, raising my eyebrows.

"Oh, you think so?" he asked smugly.

"Oh yeah..."

"You want to continue this fight upstairs?"

"I like the way you think, baby," I replied, leading Brendon to my room for the second time that day. I closed the door behind me before launching myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him; he fell backwards onto the bed, crawling up the bed as I straddled his hips. He moaned softly as I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed my way down his chest, until I was able to pull it down his arms and drop it onto the floor beside the bed.

As I was about to undo his belt, he stopped me and rolled us over speedily. "Hey, now that's not how we play. You're wearing more than I am." He grinned cheekily. He played with my shirt for a while, slipping his hand underneath and allowing his fingers to lightly brush across my skin, before pulling it off entirely.

"Is that more fair?" I laughed as he kissed around my neck and chest.

"Uhuh," he mumbled softly.

Needless to say, that night we made love to eachother... 3 times. It was... incredible.

"I am... so... tired," I said between deep breaths.

"God, I know..." Brendon panted. "I love you, babe."

"I love you too, sweetie," I replied. I rested my head on his chest and I wrapped my arms around him, Brendon doing the same, as we fell asleep.


I would like to take this time to say:

a) I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a few days, and that the last chapter was so short, but you have a super long chapter to compensate :D (My longest one ever actually!)

b) I thank everyone who has reviewed, 'cause they make me so happy!!!! I give you all Easter Eggs!! Or chocolate, if you don't celebrate Easter, lol.

c) I've had the main plot of this story for months now, so I would just like to say that I haven't stolen anyone's ideas, they just read my mind and adapted it a bit :D (All will make sense as the story progresses...)

Reviews are definitely appreciated and well received, and I always reply!
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