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Epilogue: The Awakened Evils

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Two Mysterious evils have appeared and a Prophecy is made.

Category: Fantasy - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2005-10-17 - Updated: 2005-10-17 - 324 words

The Awakened Evil's

"Yes, I can see you now." Said the sage while looking into a small pond that fog floated over. She had long white hair and wrinkled old skin. Behind her stood two tall men.

"Tell me sage, what do you see?" The tallest almost demanded of her.
"Yes I too am curious to what it is you see." The smaller one said and flicked his hair with his right arm.

"There are many paths you two can take at this moment in time. Yet I see that both of you seek to taste pure raw power. And if this is the path you want to take then your destinies will soon be at hand. Though I warn in taking this path your new course will impede other's paths. And there will be one that is destined to be a great hero, and he will kill you both."

The two men began to laugh. "You think your tales scare us Sage? We have survived through many hardships and with the power we will gain; nothing will be safe from our wrath!" The tallest one said and punched the water making a wave that made almost all the water pours out of the pond and onto the grass. "We no longer require your services." He said and began to walk away.

The smaller one walked over to her. "Tell me Sage. Did you not see this coming?" He asked as he walked up next to her. "Could you not see that you're going to die?" He started to smile. "Or are you just so ignorant that you thought you could save yourself?!" He yelled at her, but she just stood still and silent. He just chuckled and put up his hand. "Oh well." And a purple energy shot out of his hand and tore through the old woman. The guy turned around and started to walk in the direction his partner went.
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