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The two main characters who are destined to eventually try to contend with the evils meet.

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Chapter I

'Am I going to die?' she thought as she sat inside her cage hanging from the ceiling. The cage slightly swayed with her weight. The walls around her were made of a dark blue stone, and the room was lit by torches. The girl looked only about 11 years old, and had brown hair that went down into a pony tail that went to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a bright shade of green. Her skin white, her body was slim, if she was standing straight up she would be 4'9". Though her most noticeable feature had to be that her nose was a beak that was a pale yellow. She wore a dark brown shirt that went down into a skirt that went just above her knees. There were tears in her clothes though. Her eyes were filled with an uncertain sadness. While the creatures below her growled and patrolled around her cage. All she could hope for was that her loving father would send someone to save her, or that they'd kill her swiftly.

The creatures below her were some savage monsters that had mouths filled with short sharp teeth and they stood about 6'1" and had strangely long arms. Most of them held spears or other pole arm weapons, but some had giant swords that looked like gravity could cause them to cut someone in two. They had wide eyes that had a strange dark yellow color to them. All of them were bald and had pointed ears like a half elves ears. They were the Narl, a savage creature that thirst only for blood. But at times they would either receive a sacrifice, or they'd take a sacrifice from a nearby kingdom. They would kill the captive so they could all feast on the remains and in doing so they believe they'd steal that person's strengths.

Tears dripped from the girl's cheeks as she sobbed silently. She had heard tales of the remains that had been recovered after the Narl had eaten every last bit, and the bones even had showed deep teeth marks like they gnawed every last bit off of it. She pulled her knees into her chest and sobbed into them. 'Mommy...' She thought mentally as she began to involuntarily sob a little louder. 'I'm never gonna see my mommy, never feel the love in my father's hugs, never feel the comforting warmth of the sun, or the gentle touch of grass.' She let out a loud sob and all of the creatures' movement suddenly stopped. She got scared as on of their heads peeked into the cage. Its wide yellow eyes almost burning a hole through her. It then went back down and she sighed. When one the spears suddenly shot into the cage and started to thrash around the tip of it inch's away from her. She screamed and curled up in the corner, as she heard monstrous laughter down below. She moved into the corner of the cage as the spear went back out of view.


The Narl's mouth opened and a hellish roar came out as the blade of a sword hacked its head away from its neck. The sword had a long double edged blade that reached about the length of 36 inches. Its hilt was a dark green and had two rubies in the middle of the guard, one on each side. A boy no that looked about only 12 stood catching his breath, now three Narl lay dead on the ground. He wore dark purple pants and a purple shirt; he wore a belt that was a strange bluish color that shimmered in the light. His hair was a Burgundy color that in the right lighting gave him an almost angelic look. He held his sword the Ozma sword. His eyes were a baby blue, and his build was slim, but slightly muscular. He stood about 4'11" and wore brown boots that had a steel toe on them.

"Hey Stratton shouldn't we get moving?" A voice said behind the boy, as he turned he looked to see a familiar that had a tiny body and a slightly dull neon pink colored fur. The little things right eye was a blue one, and the left one was a crimson color. It had small fluffy black wings on its back that were covered in a strange fur.

"I thought you were never gonna catch up Emy." He said with a smile to the small creature.

"Hey remember my feet aren't as long as yours! So you could have at least waited for me to catch up." She said and floated past him.

He just smiled and followed after her. He had been traveling with Emy since he was very young. His mother had created Emy so he would never be lonely. He smiled sadly. It had been three years since his mother had passed away. But every time he looked at Emy he could remember the happy memory's and forget the ones of watching her dying slowly. But why he was in this dungeon was for a different reason. He had been following a group of Narl that he suspected to have kidnapped somebody for one of their barbaric sacrifices.

He quickly moved further into the Dungeons labyrinthine to try and save the poor person they managed to kidnap this time. As he ran he held Ozma in his right hand. Ozma was a bastard sword and one that was handed down from his mother. Though he received it after she departed their world. As he followed the many tunnels in the place he began to start to lose a small amount of hope. He had already forgotten where exactly he went. As he moved on though a noise from ahead startled him. He quickly flattened himself to the wall as two Narl started past him. Stratton noticed that they where walking on a path it looked like they had gone many times from the foot prints on the dirt floor. He waited till they had gotten a little ahead of him and then started to follow them. Emy resting on his shoulder her head almost digging into his neck in fear.


Meanwhile on the floor of the room where the girl was in stood a tall muscular man with tan skin and a man who was shorter than him but still tall. The tall muscular man had short red hair that went down into small side burns. His face was slightly pointy and his eyes were a dark crimson color. He wore a decorative chest plate that had a duel engraved on it. He wore a dark shirt that had long sleeves that went to his hands. He wore black pants and had huge boots on his feet. He wore a red cape that went from his shoulders all the way to about four inches from the ground. The person stood about 6'8" and had a very scary presence to him.

The person next to him was a slim man with a silvery white colored hair. He had an almost girly looking face. Were most people could be convinced that he was a female when he was really male. He wore very loose clothes his shirt was a white silk shirt that had overly long sleeves that covered his hands. His pants were a silky puffed up look on them. His eyes where a light violet color, and He had a very skinny build, and beautiful pale skin. He also wore two finger armors on each hand. On his right he had one on his index and ring finger, and on his left he had one on his middle finger and his pinky. The one feature on him that is really strange is that on the front part of his hair he has three feathers that come out of his hair. He stands about 6'4". "So I take that everything is going as we had planned it would?" The man asked the larger man.

"Do not insult me you snake! Of course things are going as planned." Came the large ones response his voice so filled with evil the Narl in the room looked scared. "It was foretold that today would mark the beginning of my destiny. And it also marks the beginning of yours too. So relax, it won't be long until we have all the kingdom's crumbling at our combined might." With that the big guy smiled. "Well I think I'm gonna get moving, we can't let our presence be found out quite yet." The big guy started to move out a door in the back part of the room. The smaller guy smiled smugly and followed him.

"Kill any intruders." He said to the Narl as he left the room.


Stratton followed them till they stopped outside of a doorway and turned down an opposite way and started to walk. He quickly but quietly moved over to the door and cracked it open to have a peek inside. As he looked in he saw a door close on the far side of the room and a group of Narl all standing there facing the door. He pulled Ozma up and creaked the door open quietly and started to sneak over towards the nearest Narl. They seemed almost zoned out by whatever had been in the room before. He pulled Ozma back to stab the nearest one in the back. Right when he was about to do it. A shriek came from the door he came in from and the two Narl patrollers where standing there the other Narl turned and noticed him. He was outnumbered seven to one. Before he could react the Narl he was about to stab had turned and backhanded him to the ground. He noticed it had a spear pulled up and rolled to the side as it stabbed into the ground that he had just occupied. Emy had crawled her way into his pouch that he had on his side. He pulled up Ozma and slashed at the Narl and cut off both of its arms about mid way from his hands to his elbows. It screeched in pain and stumbled backwards.

Stratton did a tumble roll forwards and stabbed the creature in the gut. He turned to see the one of the ones with the gigantic swords was standing to his side and had the sword about half lifted up. He started to roll backwards as the sword started to come down and just missed it by inches. After he rolled back on his feet he stabbed the thing in the side and pushed it in deep. He ripped the sword out and charged another of the Narl that was standing in front of two of the other ones. He stopped when he noticed the three of them had spears. He then was moving side to side and parrying with his sword as the three of them jabbed at him. He managed to slap one of the spears away from him and he moved forwards fast so the spears heads couldn't get him easily. He then spun in between the spears and spun below them and slashed all the Narl on their knee caps making them collapse to the ground.

He looked to the last two Narl who snarled at him and ran off. He quickly looked around the room then saw the cage hanging from the ceiling. "Hey are you alright up there?" He yelled up.

"Huh?" The girl's eyes appeared by the cage. "Oh my Gods! Please help me." She begged him.

"Alright just hold on." He pulled out his metal boomerang and took careful aim. "Prepare yourself for an impact." He yelled to her and then threw the Boomerang and it cut the chain holding up the cage. The cage dropped and smashed into the ground. Suddenly Emy's head popped out of the little pouch.

"What's going on?" She asked with a yawn.

"Not now Em." He said quickly and ran over to the cage. The door had popped open and he saw the girl standing there looking dizzy. "Wow!" He said loudly and went over and grabbed her hand. And she started to recover. When he noticed she gave him a questioning look at his staring. "Sorry I just wasn't expecting a Birdling." He said slightly blushing. And Emy just got a grin while her head was sticking out of the pouch.

She looked at him. "What's your name?" She asked sounding embarrassed.

"Oh my names Stratton and this is my partner Emy." He said patting Emy's head.

"Mines, Karina..." She said as she was being taken along the different tunnels. She followed him without question but for some reason felt like something was fluttering in her stomach. He suddenly stopped and she ran a little ahead of him and almost dropped into a huge pit.

"Damn it! We can't get passed this." He noticed that the rope bridge that had been there had been cut down. "We'll just have to find another route." He took her hand and started to move back the way they came. He turned down another path and stopped as he saw a room filled of Narl's turned around. As one shrieked he turned around and ran out of the place and found the door leading into the cage room, and remembered the other door. He pulled her into the room and shut the door and put the plank of wood over the door to lock it. "Come on we have to hurry!" he said and picked her up. "We'll be able to go faster if I just carry you."

With that he quickly went over to the door and opened it and ran along the long corridors. As he was running he noticed how soft Karina's hand was. He blushed slightly and noticed that he could see light. He ran quickly towards it and noticed that he was on a hillside that overlooked a meadow and a small river. The two of them looked on in amazement and didn't realize they were still holding hands.

"So that's "the great hero"?" The smaller guy said with a grin as him and the large guy looked at the two people at the entrance of the dungeon. "Well now we know that Sage was crazy."

The big guy chuckled. "You know it's funny. He's not even worth killing." The large guy turned and began to walk away. "Our Destiny's have arrived."
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