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Sunglasses and Corridors

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Is it only God who chokes in these situations?

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Good things come to those who wait...and to those who ask. So, hopefully this is good! :D

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4 weeks earlier

Ryan stepped off the tour bus and squinted into the bright sun. He blindly reached into his hoodie's pouch and discovered that his sunglasses were missing.

He looked behind him and sure enough, there was Brendon.

Messy hair. Faint eyeliner.


Ryan was not in the mood for this. It was 7:00 in the morning, he had to sit through interviews all day and Brendon had stolen his fucking sunglasses.

The younger boy turned to him and smiled.

"Beautiful day, don't you think?"

"Stop being cute with me and give me my goddamn sunglasses."

"But they look good on me."

"I don't care if they make you look like fucking Brad Pitt. They're mine."

"That time of the month, eh, Ross?"

Brendon took off the glasses and handed them to Ryan with a sarcastic grin. Ryan snatched the glasses and put them on, turning to Brendon.

"Fuck you."

"Really? You want to?"

Ryan honestly wondered if Brendon was kidding.

"God, I hate you."

"He is quite the nasty fucker."

Ryan shook his head at Brendon and took off the glasses as they walked into the building alongside Spencer and Jon. They found the room with their names on the door and saw a spacious leather couch with a note on top of it.

"Sorry guys. I'm running late. We'll get the interview off the ground as soon as possible. Jane."

The four of them shrugged and sat down...well, the three of them. Brendon, well, he sprawled on top of Ryan, his legs barely extending to the ground.

No concept of personal space whatsoever.

"Get off me, you ass."

Ryan lightly shoved Brendon, and he landed on the ground with a small thud. Jon chuckled and helped him back up on the couch.

"Watch it, Ryan. You don't want to ruin our money maker."

Jon and Brendon laughed, but Ryan just glared.

"I'm the money maker. I write the songs."

Brendon moved his hand to Ryan's thigh and began tracing small circles on the fabric and replying.

"I write the sins."

Spencer shut his cell phone and looked over, seeing Brendon making the invisible shapes that inched closer and closer to driving Ryan absolutely crazy. (But not with anger.)

"Brendon, can't you keep your hands off Ryan for five seconds?"

Brendon moved his hand off of Ryan's leg and Ryan released an involuntary gasp at the instant lack of connection. Brendon began to count, "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi..." before Ryan interrupted.

"I need a snack. I'm gonna go see if they have any vending machines."

Spencer wasn't going to let his best friend walk out of there just because Brendon was horny. Brendon was always fucking horny and Ryan was just going to have to deal with it.

"Ryan, the woman should be here any minute."

"She can wait two minutes, Spencer! We've waited this long!"

He stood up and walked out of the room, trying to shake off the irritated feeling created by being up this early in the morning. He walked a little farther until he reached a small, dimly lit corridor and realized that it wasn't the morning that was making him this way.

It was Brendon.

And he wasn't feeling annoyed at all.

He was feeling so incredibly disheveled.

He sat down against the wall with his head in his hands, trying to catch his breath. As much as he knew Brendon was his friend, these seconds apart would be bliss.

But then, he heard footsteps. And he refused to look up because it could only be one person.

"You really meant it, didn't you?"

Ryan looked up and saw Brendon hovering over him.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Brendon?"

"When you said "fuck you", you wanted to."

Ryan stood up and looked Brendon straight in the eye. The other boy had a questioning look in his eye which made Ryan nervous and excited at the same time. Ryan smirked.

"You wish."

Brendon responded by reaching out and touching Ryan's shoulders, pushing them against the cold, concrete wall. Ryan barely had time to blink before he felt Brendon's lips crash into his and before he let out an unexpected sigh. Ryan reached out for Brendon's hips and pulled them towards his own, causing a hot, fast, arousing friction between the two boys. Brendon could feel Ryan's tongue on his lips, waiting patiently for entrance. But this time, Brendon smirked and moved so that he and Ryan were just inches apart, Ryan's hands still gripping his waist.

He wanted to be in control, but he didn't want to intimidate the older, yet slightly smaller male. Ryan let out a small whimper and only realized that he had been craving Brendon's touch after he had lost it. He tried to catch his breath and whispered.

"We've got to get back."

"They've been waiting this long."

Ryan looked straight at Brendon and shook his head.

"We can't..."

"Who says?"

Brendon raised his eyebrows and looked back at Ryan, waiting for an answer. A forceful shove of his hips and a slip of his tongue through soft, inviting lips was exactly the response Brendon was searching for.

And that was exactly the response Ryan gave.

And that was exactly the response that Melody Porter was the only witness to.
All right, all right. I wasn't going to write any more to this story, but I changed my mind because I got some divine inspiration. So, there'll be a few more chapters I suppose ;)
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