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Camryn and IT don't get along

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camryn is getting along well with the boys and later they watch a horror movie

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so obviously, things in the story are going to be different than in reality. i'll probably need gf's for PANIC! (minus ryan) and FOB. if you're interested, message me with you're name and any other info you think is important :)

Everything was going good so far. i seemed to really click with the Panic! boys. they were asking me questions about college like what i was going to major in and where i was going, my birthday. like a game of 20 questions but way more. i could already tell me and brendon were gonna be bffs. he was hyper just like me and we had a ton in common. we finished eating and decided to head to the venue so i could get settled into my home for the next 3 months. brendon asked me to ride with them so i told pete i would see him there. we got into their car. jon drove and spencer rode shotgun. so that meant me, brendon, and ryan in the back. which also meant i sat in the middle. we just talked the whole way there and when we finally arrived i jumped over brendon and yelled "thank god i'm away from them!" "hey, we're not that horrible are we" ryan asked. "haha no i was only kidding. i love you guys" and gave him a big hug. we hugged for what seemed like forever until i heard a coughing behind us. we jumped apart and i noticed he was blushing. the source of the sound was none other than pete. "come on cam, i'm gonna give you the grand tour. you want to come along ry" "umm.. no i'm just gonna go to our bus and relax. we should all try to hang out later when camryn is settled in" ryan said and walked onto his bus. "was is something i did" i asked and looked at pete. "no, he's just shy around pretty girls" he said. "i'm pretty?" "yes, you're gorgeous now come on so you can unpack. oh and did you know you're face totally looked like a tomato when i caught you two hugging" pete said and ran away before i could hit him. "i'll get you back for that pete!" i yelled and chased after him.

(3 1/2 hours later)

after the long tour (the venue was huuuuge!) and getting everything organized in my bunk it was around 10 pm. we decided to watch some horror movies. the venue had like a movie room so we decided to stay in there. we got blankets, pillows and lots of junk food. i laid on the floor next to brendon. spencer and jon were on the other side of him. pete, joe, and patrick were on the couch right behind us while andy and ryan sat in two seperate chairs. everyone had decided to watch 'IT' while i got my stuff. now you may think it's not that bad but i was deathly afraid of clowns. i used to have nightmares when i was younger about clowns eating me. pete started the movie and i snuggled in to brendon. it was about half way through the movie when i had to go to the bathroom. i got up and ran across the dark hallway to do my business. when i came out it was much darker than before. i ran into someone and thought it was brendon looking for me. "geez brendon! you gave me a freaking heart attack. lets just go finish watcing the movie" i started to go into the room when 'brendon' grabbed my arm and dragged me back into the hallway. "ow brendon that really hurt" i found a light switch and looked at the person who grabbed me. it was not brendon. it was someone dressed up as a clown and they had a knife. (totally cliche but oh well). i started to scream and kicked the person where the sun don't shine. the person doubled over in pain and everyone came running out of the room to see what was wrong. "it's just me camryn. i remembered how you were scared of clowns. it was just a joke" the person said. they took the mask off and revealed pete. "that was not funny" i said with tears in my eyes and ran outside. i slid down the wall and just sat there. i can't believe he would do that. he knew how scared of clowns i was. he used to torment me when i was younger too. but this time it was in front of someone i liked. i heard the door open and someone sat down next to me. "if you came out here to apologize i'm not going to forgive you that fast" i said without looking up. "i'm not pete. i came to see if you were ok" it was ryan. i wiped my eyes and looked at him. "oh yeah, of course i'm fine. i just really hate clowns" i said meekly and looked away. "yeah, i don't think 'IT' is a top favorite of mine either" ryan said and smiled at me. "how about we go to my bus and watch something less scary" he suggested. "if you think you're getting laid ross, you can think again" i laughed and ran to his bus. we started watching Hocus Pocus. i brought that with me from home and i loved that movie. i fell asleep way before it ended. i guess i was exhausted from all the excitement today.


we had just started watching Hocus Pocus when camryn fell asleep on me. she looked so cute when she slept. i turned the movie off and got us a blanket. i fell asleep with her in my arms. it can't get any better than this i thought.

ok well there's the second chapter. like it? love it? hate it? let me know :)
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