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Sane or Not!!

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This is for my girl...she knows who she is!! I miss her and need her!! Love ya babe!! ONE SHOT!

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Well, this Friday is the day that one year ago I found out my BEST Friend's dad pasted away. To me, he was like a second dad. I miss him, and I love her. That day last year, I was getting ready for my musical; it was a hard day for me and my friends. So in honor of my friend and her dad, here is a story.

Almost everyone was sitting in the room just looking at everyone else. All the girls had teddy bear with them and they were sitting with their boyfriends. There was Krystle and Spencer, Tricia and Brendon, Katie and Ryan, and Stephanie and Jon. They were sitting in the green room of their high school. It has been a year since Tricia's dad past away and everyone went back to the one place they knew they all loved. The stage.

The guys stayed in the green room allowing the girls to have the time they need to talk. So on the stage of the high school where they all met, they stood there looking out into the audience of empty chairs. They were all thinking of the same thing, that this night one year ago they, with out Tricia were getting ready for the opening number of Bye Bye Birdie. They were all hugging their bears who all had a meaning behind them. Tricia and Katie's bears were names after Tricia's dad (Ray). Katie's bear (a big pink one who is holding a pillow says Best Friends! and a small blanket) was given to her by Krystle and during this time she had it with her every where she went. Tricia's bear was given to her by her Aunt at Christmas and it was white and had a tie on it. Stephanie's bear did not have a name, but it was bear she had this time last year and it was brown and had a plaid tie. Krystle's bear was given to her Granny who had past 4 years ago, and it was white and had a pink top dress on. The reason they all had the teddy bears was that is what they did last year when it had happened.

After letting the girls have some quite time, the guys came in and they all sat on the stage in a circle, with every girlfriend sitting in between their boyfriends' legs, and leaning into them.

"Wow, I can't believe it has been a year ago today. It felt like just yesterday were were on this stage getting ready for Bye Bye Birdie, with crazy Stacy, who I miss." Krystle said.

"Yea, I really miss this stage." Tricia said.

"Me too." Katie agreed with her.

"I really don't miss it, because Krystle and I see it everyday." Stephanie said and everyone gave a little giggle.

"It seems like you three have a lot of memories on this stage." Ryan commented.

"Oh, you don't even know. We all have our own memories with each other, but I think the most we have together with all of us in it, is Bye Bye Birdie. We were all on the stage together, making jokes and things we will remember for the rest of our lives." Krystle said and she started to cry, being the first one of the night and she was being joined by the rest of them.

"Oh my gosh, do you remember how we had to lean how to fall during that musical and we kept falling into each other?" the girls laughed and nodded. Krystle went over to the side of the stage and stood there and then fell, she laid there not moving. All the girls started to laugh but Spencer ran over to make sure she was ok. She started to laugh.

"What was that for?" Spencer asked walking back to the group.

"That's what we did in one scene. Sorry." She smiled and then kissed him. Tricia then got up and when to the center of the stage and kept running around the stage and looking up and down and then she just stopped and fell. Brendon went over to her and helped her up and they kissed on the way back. But, then Katie and Stephanie got up and also went to the same side Krystle went to and started to scream and jump around and then stopped and fell. Again their boyfriends went over to help them up and kissing them too.

"So, yea I think you can say we have memories together." Stephanie said.

"We can see." Brendon said.

"Hey, you guys go sit in the audience and each of us will come up here and do something in honor of anyone. I will go first." Krystle said, she loved to do random things. So once everyone was seated she went to the center of the stage and she started to walk towards the pit, she was rubbing her hands.

"Out damn spot, out I say!" she screamed, making everyone jump. She stopped and then turned towards the side of the stage. "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?" she said in a soft yet mocking voice, she then stopped again and went into 'Can you feel the love tonight.' From the Lion King. Once she was done, she stopped jumped around a couple times and then bowed and ran off the gang way and into the lobby of the theather.

"Ok, that was different." Brendon said. But the girls were laughing, and after a minute of them all sitting them, they heard a yell from the balcony and laughing.

"HI!!" Krystle yelled and ran back to everyone. It was Tricia's turn now, she went up on stage and did a monologue a friend wore for her, it was from a story she wrote. And then once she was done she sang part of Girlfriend. She went and sat down, and now it was Katie's turn. She played a piece on her flute, and then went into 'We Love You Conrad' but instead of We Love you, she sang We hate you Conrad. Once she was done, she sat down and Stephanie went on stage and did some dance moves, and then ran around the stage screaming. Once she was done and sat down the four guys went up and did a acoustic version of "Build God Then We'll Talk"

Once they were all done singing, the girls got up and sat on the stage, just looking out, remembering this moment. The guys stood back and let them. Once they were done, each girl went to their boyfriends. Well, all except Krystle. She took off running saying that no one could catch her, so Spencer took of running. The other couples just kissed and walked off towards the couple running around yelling at each other. Krystle had tripped and fell and Spencer fell on her and the Brendon yelled 'DOG PILE!!' so they all piled on top of Spencer and Krystle. And right then they all knew that their new lives were great and they would always be there for each other, sane or not. Also, even if they don't talk about what happened, they know what happened and they try to think positive!
I hope you like it and makes you laugh!!

I miss him and you babe.
Love you for ever and ever!!

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