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Standing in the Middle of the Street

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Its a story of a girl...who moved away and wondered if there was any point to live. Through friendship and heart ache, she faces the hardest part of her life with a bit of grace and understanding.

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Standing in the middle of the Street
There are times that I'm going to want to lay in the middle of the street. Times like that I wonder if anyone's going to conduct the traffic away from me. Depending on my mood sometimes, blissfully I say yes. Other times, dejectedly I say no. Right now, I'm saying no.

"Honey, New Jersey's going to great." My mom said to me, smiling widely. More so than ever I'm saying no, "You're going to make new friends."

"Mom...I never had friends in Illinois." Her face fell quickly, but she put that wal-mart smile back on quickly,

"School I bet will be fun."

"Mom, school wasn't fun in Illinois. Why do you think New Jersey will be any different?"

"Listen you," My father interjected angrily; "You are just going to have to live with this adjustment, just like everybody else. We are going to New Jersey because I'm going to have a bigger and better job. I'm going to make more money and you are going to get a bigger allowance for it."

"I could have stayed back home with grandma." I watched the Welcome to New Jersey sign pass, "But...did we have to drive?"

"RAE!" They both growled at me.
The rest of the car ride I did not say a word. They sang to songs on the radio. Houses upon houses flew by me. New Jersey, even saying it made me fell blah and boring. My eyes closed and I crossed my arms across my chest.

We left Illinois right before my freshman year, so that I could get a good fresh start in high school. I snorted at my parents at that thought. A good fresh start. Maybe they didn't know high school like I did. Maybe they didn't know that new people at high school spelled out 'let's annihilate them for entertainment, and then later...we'll get drunk.' God, I loved high school.

"We are here!" My mother said in her sing song voice. I stepped out of the car and narrowed my eyes at the house.

"It's...white...and suburban." I said looking at it.

"So much better than Chicago right?" My dad said happily. I looked at it all and shook my head.

"Get me back to Chicago right now."

"First, take your things inside." My mother handed me box full of clothes. I walked in the house and walked up the stairs. I walked to the closest room and decided that from then on, that room would be mind. I sat on the bed, looking at the white washed walls, the hardwood floor. It hit me. This was my parents dream. They always wanted to move us into to suburbia.

"BUT WHY NEW JERSEY!" I screamed, letting my head hit the pillow.

Over a period of four hours, hundreds, maybe thousands of boxes pulled into our house a few into my room. The others, they disappeared into the rest of the house. Once my parents were satisfied with the work, they called me down into the living room.

"Raven, please...I want you to have a good time here. Its only four years, and then you go off to college, okay." My father said to me,

"Ya, and then you can go back to Chicago. And nothing is stopping you from keeping in contact with them." My mother said. They must have been satisfied with my no answer, because they smiled at me.

"Now, I'm good and hungry. How about we go out to eat."

"That's okay. I still got stuff to unpack. You can bring me something though." I said walked up the stairs.

"Well what do you want?"

"Anything that's like Chicago Pizza." They groaned in response, and I sat down on my bed. I heard the car start up and my father sped away. It wasn't to dark outside, I mean a little walk around the neighbor hood couldn't do me too bad right?

I took a step outside and then heard the bang of a firework.

"HOLY SHIT!" Someone screamed, I looked to my next door neighbor's house and saw three boys, playing with fireworks. One was on his back with his feet in the air. The other two were laughing their asses off. I raised an eyebrow and closed the door, starting in the opposite way.

"Hey!" One of them screamed. I pretended not to hear them, except it was louder this time, "HEY!" I turned around and what seemed to be the youngest of the three, was walking towards me.

"What?" I said to him, "Don't you think people are trying to sleep." He pushed up his glasses and laughed at me.

"Sleep? People don't sleep in Belleville." I nodded and looked at him,

"Thanks for the info. I'll be on my walk now."

"Wait!" He said to me. He pointed at the house, "Did you just move there?"

"Yah...what's it to you?" The other two boys just looked at us, not really deciding to join the conversation or to ignore us.

"Just wondering, I'm Mikey. That's my brother Gerard, and our friend Frank." He said, making them join the conversation. They walked over sadly, I think it was because of the fact that Mikey dragged them away from their game of 'let's see who kill who first?' dejectedly.

"I'm Raven. My friends call me Ras."

"Cool!" Frank said. I raised my eyebrow and nodded,

"Well, it's nice to meet you three boys. But I'm going on a walk."

"It's dangerous out here at night." Gerard spoke up. I looked into his brown eyes and sighed, sitting down in the grass.

"Then what do you suppose I do. First night in a new city."

"You can hang with us." Frank said, looking down at the ground. He kicked a pebble close to his foot.

"And shoot off fireworks?" They all nodded, happily. I looked at them, "Seriously?"

"Yep. What other way would you spend a Friday night?" I looked at Gerard, and shrugged. I walked over to their patch of grass and nodded,

"Hand me a match."

There at times that I'm going to want to stand in the middle of the street and get hit by a truck. But right now, I think it's a possibility that somebody's going to conduct traffic for me.

"HOLY SHIT!" I screamed falling back on my ass. I coughed a bit of smoke. Nevermind...I know that somebody's going to conduct traffic for me.
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