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First Day Of Hell

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No. I would not be caught dead in this. So, sure as hell, I won't be caught alive in that. I rather have all my hair shaved off. No. This a joke. A fucking joke. It has got to be. I mean...look at it. It' and flowery. I can handle pink. I can handle flowery...just not in the same setting. I looked at my mother and shook my head.

"I'm not wearing this." She looked at me sternly,

"Raven Angela Sophia...this is your first day of school you want to make a good impression."

"Ya...that's true...but I don't want to look retarded." Her eyes opened wide as if I said Fuck in front of Jesus himself, "I'm still not wearing that."

"Then what will you wear?" I glared at her, and glowered.

"Jeans and a..."I pretend to gasp, "a t-shirt."

"All the girls in the magazines are wearing it." I my right eye twitched and pointed to myself.

"Do I look like the girls in the mags, Mom?"

"If you don't wear that to school..." she blinked looking around the room. Mom was never too bright at giving me punishments, "I'll take away your allowance."

"What allowance?" I put my hand on my hips and heard the bell.

"That's Gerard mom!" She shook her head and glared, "FINE!"

I opened the door and shook my head,

"Don't say a word if you value what life you have." He looked at me, his lips started to quiver and he laughed.

"You're....wearing....a..."He falls on his ass from laughing so hard, "skirt! have a bunch of flowery girly stuff." I kicked him in the head and stepped over him. I glared all the way to school. idea popped into my head.

"Gerard..." I called. He walked to me, rubbing his head.

"You shouldn't have kicked me."

"I told you not to say anything if you valued your life. You are pretty lucky. Most people I treat that aren't alive to tell the tale. I need those scissors that you keep in your bag." His brown eyes looked at me in fear.

"I'm sorry, Ras!" he cried. I sighed and looked at his pale form,

"I need them to cut up my outfit...oh, and those safety pins." He obliged, questioning me a bit with his eyes, "On the bus...just remember to sit in font of me."

"Bus? We walk to school." I stopped walking and shook my head. He's kidding. I started to smile. I mean...nobody in the 20th century walks to school right? God, please say he's kidding. He's not kidding.

"This isn't fucking funny." I whisper at him.

"Who are you telling?"

"GOD DAMMIT!" I screamed kicking the pavement. I handed him back his scissors and safety pins, shaking my head, "Stupid god damn New Jersey, stupid Belleville. Stupid mother fucks not wanting to spend a little extra money for a bus. Stupid mom for making me wear this stupid outfit. Stupid dad for moving out here to stupid New Jersey." Gerard smiled and laughed,

"Well...I'm glad that you like it here as much as I do." I glared at him and shook my head.

"I hate you." He smiled at me and shrugged,

"Meh, most people do."

Five minutes. Five more fucking minutes until this hellish of a day is over. Please, GOD, please. My foot was tapping like a mad man. My eyes were stinging, for the last ten minutes, I can't remember if I blinked or not. Four minutes. FOUR MINTUES! HURRY THE HELL UP!

"Ms.Wellington?" I looked at the teacher.

"Yes?" I nearly snapped at him,

"Is there a problem that I need to know about?"

"No. I'm just a bit antsy from my first day." I nodded and heard the whispers in the back row. Don't turn around. Don't turn around. It's just.

"Freak..." I turned around and glared at them. They laughed at me as if I was the funniest bit of amusement they had had in a while. Two minutes. Okay....I can handle it right? Two min-WHAT THE HELL? I turned around to see a paper wad on the ground. And the back row was laughing like hyenas. I glared at them and shook my head,

"You guys are hilarious! I mean..." I looked at them all and smiled sarcastically, " Will you guys teach me how to be a cold heartless bitch?" They just looked at me. It wasn't funny now huh? "I make it look fucking easy." Bell. I stood up and walked out of the school as fast a possible.

Once outside the doors I breathed a lot easier. I sat on a bench waiting for Gerard. I leaned back my head and closed my eyes.

"Rough day?" Gerard asked, I sat up and looked at him. My eyes widened looking at his face and hair,

"Are you okay?" He nodded once, smiling softly at me,

"Nothing but a swirly and a black eye."

"Who did this to you?" He shook his head and slung his backpack over his back. Then I thought about what he said, "This happens often?" He just looked at me,

"So...tonight, my place or you place? I've got some kick ass fireworks I've been meaning to shoot off." He kept walking, talking to me over his shoulder.

"Gerard." I sad softly.

"How about your place. We can order pizza, call Frank." I sighed and nodded.

"I'll let you change the subject for now." I walked next to him and put my arm around his shoulder, "Hey...Gerard,"


"Can I call you Ardy?" His eyes got wide and he shook his head, "Please..."




"Come on."
And we walked home like that. Ardy...and me.
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