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The Deadly Dance

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I looked at Gerard. He looked back at me. His black hair had gotten longer and shaggier; it was falling into his eyes. He smiled at me and I blinked at him slowly. He nodded once. I shook my head and took a step back. He shook his head, playfully and took a step forward. I took another step back. We stood there in gym class doing the two step waltz.

"Stop it," I hissed at him, looking around. It was bad enough that people didn't like us already, but the fact that he wanted to this here. Now. I backed myself into bleachers, and sat down, crossing my legs. I turned my face from him; I'm going to ignore you.

"You can't ignore me, Ras." He said softly, He leaned down to whisper something my ear when, he turned around on his heals and walked away. I leaned back looking at the ceiling.

"Raven!" I stood up quickly, pulling down my shorts. The other "punkers", I liked to call them. They had all fallen out of the woodwork as soon as I walked into the halls. They had a little liking to my Ardy. I looked at their 'leader' Vanessa.

"Yes?" I said, sitting back down.

"What did Gerard want you to do?" I rolled my eyes and looked at the horde of black haired, black eyeliner, black nail polish girls and raised my eyebrows. I snickered a bit and hid it with a cough.

"Cookie cutter..." I muttered under my breath.

"What?" Vanessa said. Although the girl wanted to be apart of this scene like no other, that valley girl accent isn't going to help much. But...I'm not going to exclude her, or make fun of her to her face. I'll keep it all up here in my mind.

"Ras." I looked up and looked at Gerard again. The girls behind me, like a Greek chorus, smiled said,

"Here comes Gerard. Hi, Gerard." He raised his eyebrow and beckoned me over. I stood up and smiled at the girls,

"Well, I'll be right back." They nodded and talked into a little group. I walked over to him and crossed my arms tapping my foot on the ground.

"Please, Ras....please. I would thank you until the end of days."

"No. You know how I am with crowds."

"You wouldn't have to do much. I'm lead singer, Frank's Guitar, Mikey is bass. We need...a..."

"No, Gerard. I can't play drums. You know that." He rolled his eyes at me and tossed the ball at me. I caught it with a grunt, and looked at him. His eyes were clear and gazing into mine. That's when I hated him the most. When he would just look at you, with out any questions. It always seemed like he could every little thought, every little wrong doing in my past. And he always knew I gave in when he did that stare. Every time. So this time wasn't going to change.
I sighed and nodded twice, throwing the ball back at him. He smiled and hugged me tightly.

"Thank you so much! Thank you....thank you!"

"Yah...yah...don't get sappy on me?" He stepped back and smiled at me. The bell for gym rang and I ran into the locker room and turned around, looking at Gerard still standing there, "Get dressed. I'll take you out for horror."

The streets were clear, when we're walking home that December evening. Snow was just starting to fall and we were silent. Dead silent.

"Say something." I said to him.

"Thank you." He said back to me....I shook my head and sighed at him, laughing.

"Your going to have to teach me how to play you know."

"I know." I laughed at him and grabbed his binder.

"I wanna see what you've been drawing!" I ran up ahead quickly and to my house. I opened the door and dropped my book bag.

"Hello darling!" My mother called out to me.

"Hey ma! Gerard should be coming through the door soon."

"Really, is he staying over for dinner?"

"Donno yet..." I closed my door and looked at the drawings. My jaw dropped in awe. He was so fantastic. He was every aspect of the word artist. Gerard sings, plays an instrument and he draws. He draws fanatically. I was flipping to the next picture, when my door flung open, "Hey, Ardy." I said without looking up.

"How far did you get?"

"Not very far. They are so good." I was about to flip to the next one, when took it from me. His face had red tent in it, from the run or the embarrassment?

"You know how much I hate it when you take my drawings, Ras."
"I know, Ardy." He visibly cringed and shook his head. Gerard sat down and looked at me. I smiled and put my head on my shoulders.

"Hey!" he said, sniffing the air "Is your mom making casserole?" I shrugged and stood up off of my hardwood floors, opened the white door and screamed,

"Makin' casserole?"

"Yes." She answered, I looked at Gerard.

"I'M STAYING!" He screamed happily. I rolled my eyes and sat back down, looking at him.

"You are so weird."

" are too."

"Did you know that you are my best friend?" He smirked and nodded. I looked at his brown eyes and his hair and blushed hard. I cherish days like this. I hope he does too.
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