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Chapter 26: Em's P.O.V.

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Pete = Drama. Enough said.

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A/N: Yes, it's a little long, but I didn't feel like putting it all into seperate chapters.'s been a long wait, huh? My friend took forever to do her part. Denise's P.O.V. (aka mine) will be up soon! Enjoy lovelies.

Pete ignored me. "What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean 'what am I doing here?' Shouldn't the correct question be 'what are you doing here?'"

Pete rolled his eyes. "Don't play games with me Emily. I'm tired of them already. I want to know how'd you know that I would be hanging out with GCH? I didn't tell anyone where I was going to be."

"What makes you think I came to the show to see you? 'Cause the last time I thought about it we," I pointed to him and me, "weren't talking!"

Pete lifted an eyebrow; sticking his hands into his back pockets as he rocked on his heels. "Well of course to come apologize for trying to hook up with Ryan."

I laughed. It wasn't that it was funny, it was just that I couldn't believe that he actually thought I would come begging for him back. Ha!

"See that's where your huge ego comes into play. Come on Pete, I don't want you back. Not even close. I came to see some local bands and it so happens that we were at the same show." I smirked. Take that and chew on it, bitch!

"Okay Em, this has got to stop. Right now! We are acting like children-"
I interrupted him. "Speak for yourself. I wasn't the one who got all worked up over a lunch with Ryan."

"Oh my fucking god Emily. Maybe if you weren't so eagerly pushing yourself at him I wouldn't have said something. You are being really dumb about all this." Pete stepped closer to me. I felt his breath run across my cheek.
Shivering I looked up into his eyes, looking for even an ounce of compassion for our situation. I found none. "Do you really think I would push myself at some one else Pete? Could you see me feeling for another guy when the one I want is standing right in front of me?"

Pete reached out his hand trying to touch me, trying to comfort me. It wasn't going to work.

I shook my head backing up. "No Pete. I don't want you to touch me right now."

Pete's hand curled into a fist. He stared into my eyes waiting for an easy answer to the situation. "Ok I see how it is... I can't touch you... the person you oh so claim to have feelings for. But a complete stranger like Travie can put his arms around you. It's alright for him but not me?"

No. I want you only to touch me. "Yes, it is alright Pete. 'Cause he didn't hurt me like you did."

"What the fuck did I do Emily? You don't want to be with me because of bad publicity. Would you rather seeing me in the papers with someone else? Is that it? I don't give a shit about the cameras, the reporters; the gossip columns... let them have a go at us. I won't let it affect us. The only thing I really give a shit about is... you. Just you!"

He pressed me into his chest. His arms wrapping around my spine as he pressed his forehead against mine. "I only need you Em. And if you would let it all play out; you would see that no one really cares."

I closed my eyes. I had such mixed feelings. I didn't know what to do. Should I just forget about everyone else and let my real feelings show? Or should I leave it all alone?

I sighed. Bringing my head up I look into his eyes. "Alright Pete I'll give it a try, but if I don't like having our relationship out in he open that's it. No more."

Pete smiled; his eyes lighting up with amusement. "I don't believe that anything about me would displease you."

I quickly look down in emphasis. "If you really think that then okay."

Pete pressed himself against me. Leaning over he pressed his mouth against my ear. "I think you'll like EVERYTHING I have to offer."

I laughed pushing against his chest. "Pete! Geez... I swear as soon as we just get back together you stat insinuating about sex like a teenage boy."

I wrapped my arms around his head; his smile huge with amusement. "Hey, I can't help that you want me for my bod."

I laughed, shaking my head. "Oh my god, what did I get myself into?"

Pete's hands ran down my back until they slipped into my back pockets. He pulled me closer to him, if that was possible.

"Well not me yet... Oh, wait! I think it's the other way around!" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Ugh!" I pulled away from him. "Okay, now it's freezing. I want to go back to the hotel."

"Alright, we'll head to my car." Pete grabbed my hand and started off in the direction of the gap in the alley way.

"How far is your car from here?"

Pete turned to look at me. "A few blocks. I park in a secret place so I can get out of the show quickly before all the fans run out!"

I smile. We walked past the House of Blues, a tattoo shop and a restaurant before we finally turned into another alley.

I peer into the darkness as Pete knowingly swerved dumpsters and crates. "I don't see your car Pete!"

Pete nodded toward a huge black shadow. "There it is."

I let go of his hand as I ran to the passenger side. I shivered for about two minutes as Pete tried to find the right key. When he finally unlocked the car I hurriedly jumped in and rubbed my hands together hoping the friction would do them good.

Pete put the keys into the ignition, rubbing his own hands together. "Got to let it warm up before the heat can come on."

I merely nodded as I stared at his figure. He was still hot! I turned my eyes away from his figure when I found he was smiling quite devilishly.

'Hey Em." I look at him. "We didn't have a make up kiss!"

"Oh, and we're we supposed to have one?" I question as I see him slide in my direction.

He wrapped his arms around my figure, bringing my waist onto the seat as he slid his body atop of mine.

His lips were a breath away from mine before he answered. "Yes!"

Then he dove in, opening my mouth with his tongue. I moaned. Oh Jesus! His mouth moved away from mine. I groaned in protest.
He laughed. "Its alright, I'm not going anywhere." He pressed small kisses along my jaw before he began to kiss my neck. His tongue swirled n circles before he started to suck at the piece of skin below my ear as if it was all for him.

I pushed against his chest, as was my hands were trapped between us.

"Pete, you're going to give me a hickey."

Pete moved his head up. "Oh yeah." He wiggled his eyebrows up and down before he went back to work.

I sighed. Oh well! I slid my hands down until my cold fingertips pressed against his bare sides.
His head came whipping up. "Jesus Emily! Your hands are cold."

I shrugged, looking into his eyes as I played with the front of his pants against his abdomen. I smiled as he shuddered in pleasure. "Well I guess I should stop then."

He reached down and grabbed a hold of my hands so quickly I didn't even have time to think. "Don't you dare stop now."

I pressed my lips against his. "Don't worry I won't!"

He lifted his body off mine; his hands running down my front. "Good God, Emily. We better stop making up. I think I'm going to break with all this teasing."

I grabbed his waist and pulled it back on mine. I whispered against his ear. "Not yet."

I took his mouth with mine. Wanting to give it everything I had. He moved his hands moved down the my sides pulling up my shirt and jacket as his fingers traced my ribs..

...Think of you did and how I hoped to God he was worth it. When the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch your skin. I got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you'll ever meet. Sweetie, you had me. Girl, I was it. Look past the sweat. A better love deserving of exchanging body heat in the passenger seat. No, no, no. You know it will always just be me..."

I bumped my head against Pete's as I heard Panic! At the Disco blaring through the speakers above my head. "Shit... whats that?"

Pete scrambled up and turned off the radio that was blasting. "Fuck! And when we just got it going."

My hands shook as I pulled my clothes down. It was happening again. I was beginning to want to do more and more with him. Oh god!

I closed my eyes and a I settled back against the seat. Pete leaned over and switched on the heat. I looked up to him.

"So, what do you want to do Em?"

I stared down at my knees as I traced an outline of a hole. "I think I better just get back to the Hotel. Denise might wonder where I am."

"Alright." He said it so distantly. Without saying anything else he buckled his seat belt. I put my hand on his right before he was about to shift gears.

"What do you want to do Pete?"

Pete shrugged. "Well I just thought maybe we could go rent a movie or something and go back to my mom's place."

His mom's place? That was the last thing I figured he'd say. "Uh I guess that's alright. Are you sure it'll be okay with her?"

Pete shrugged; putting the car in gear. "She wouldn't care as long as I didn't wake her up. She has school tomorrow."

I exhale. "Okay. But first we have to find a video hut or something."

Pete nodded. "I know where one is." He backed out and I stared out the window.
I didn't understand how our relationship was moving. Were we dating or were we just seeing each other for friends with "benefits". But not the benefits people usually think of when you say that. I mean, like, just to kiss and hold each other close and do a little foreplay but nothing more. I didn't know when I would be ready for "more".

I watched the street lights change colors as we drove. I didn't know where we were, nor did I really care. As long as I didn't have to be bored. "So what did you say to Travie after I took off."

Pete glanced at me as he took a right hand turn. "Well, he questioned me what you were to me."


"And I sort of... well I kind of told him that we were seeing each other and we were fighting."

My eyes widened. "You did what? Pete, we never had really any relationship."

Pete nodded. "I know, but I certainly couldn't tell him that you didn't want to be with me. Geez Emily, I'm a guy. I have a huge ego."

I rolled my eyes as I leaned my head against the seat. "That still doesn't give you the right to say that, when at that moment we weren't."

We stopped at a intersection. Pete looked over to me, a solemn expression on his face. "I felt weird without talking to you for the past couple of days. I didn't like us not being to together, even as friends. I had to say it- just so I could lie to myself about us."

Pete turned into a whole different person at that moment. I didn't know how, or why. But he touched me with those half thought out words. The only thing that mattered to me at that moment was that he said in some form of a way that he cared. No one had ever said that to me.

Pete shrugged, as if he was nervous. He turned away from me, pressing the gas as the light turned green. I reached over and grabbed his right hand off of the steering wheel. Thankfully, he had both on there before and managed not to swerve in surprise.
He glanced quickly at me. I smiled before I turned to watch the houses pass by. His fingers tightened around mine as I rested our hands in my lap.

About 5 minutes later he pulled into a movie gallery. As he parked the car I let go of his hand, my hand reaching into my pockets for my wallet. Shit. I didn't bring one.

I stepped out of the car. Pete had come around to my side to wait for me. As soon as I closed the door he grabbed my hand and started for the entrance. I smiled to myself. He obviously liked having my hand in his.

The door bell rang announcing our presence. There was one lone girl sitting behind the cash register, swirling on her stool in boredom. She looked over to us with mild annoyance. Pete did a little wave before he stated for the back.

We stopped in the romance section. Pete drew my hand into his pocket with his. How cute!
He stood as if posing for a photo shoot. His hood up over his head, his head cocked back and set to a certain angle to give him a "I'm bored" look.

He glanced over at me. "Pick one." He nudged my side.

I shook my head. "No, you pick one. I don't have any money, besides it was your idea."

"Well, then it was also my idea that you should pick. Unless you want me to pick Star Wars or something."

I shook my head. Oh no. Emily did not do Star Wars; It was too nerdy. I said the same thought aloud.

"Sorry, Pete." I said as I just realized I called him a nerd. I turn to gaze at the movies. I scanned over titles I didn't know until I landed on my favorite love story. I moved forward and grabbed the last copy off the shelf. I turned and handed it to Pete.

"Pretty Woman?" Pete said In disgust. He brought my hand out of his pocket and let my hand go. He looked at me like I was a alien. "Are you serious?"

I smiled. "Yep. You said it was my pick and this is what I want to watch. Deal with it."

I grabbed the movie out of his hand and headed over to the desk. I placed the movie on top of the counter and spotted a huge bag of pixie sticks. I grabbed two bags off the shelf and laid them on top of the movie. Pete raised an eyebrow.

"I'll pay you back later." I gave him kudos when he managed not to say anything in return.

He pulled out his wallet and laid his license on to the counter. The girl scanned the movies and pixie sticks and set them into a bag by the exit door.

I smiled at Pete as she handed his license back to him. Sizing him up when she said the total. I smiled at her, giving her a knowing wink as she handed Pete the receipt. She grinned in return and during this whole silent convo Pete didn't notice a thing. Guys.

I grabbed the bag and held the door as Pete walked into the freezing cold. "Jesus." I shivered and wrapped myself in Pete's arms for warmth.

He unlocked the car, and I quickly settled myself in the barely warm seat. Pete didn't say a word as he started the car. I watched the buildings go by as he turned The Academy Is... on the CD player.
--- --- ---
A little while later we pulled into his parent's house. Everything was so dark and quiet. As we got out of the car I waited for Pete to start up the driveway. He took my hand and went around the back of the house.

"Pete where are we going? We just passed the back door." I whispered as we went around some hedges.

"We're going into another back entrance."

I circled my mouth into a silent oh as we stepped up to a screened door. He bent over grabbing something from beneath a potted plant.

I was guessing it was a key, because he stuck it into the bolt and there was an immediate click. He turned around putting his finger over his mouth to warn me to be quiet.

I nodded and glanced down a flight of stairs. I immediately recognize where the stairs lead to, even if it was dark. I watched Bedussey. I knew the whole routine. I smiled to myself careful not to laugh as I picture Pete calling Patrick a "pretty boy".

We walked straight into his room. Switching on the light he unzipped his jacket and threw it on the bed. I set the bag down onto a side table beside the door before unzipping my own jacket.

I look to Pete as I remember the last incident that had happened here. Pete looked to me at the same instant. By his look he remembered too. I looked down, blushing with embarrassment.

"Hey." I look up. "We could... tonight... no one would know." He wiggled his eyebrows.

I laughed. "OMG Pete." I took off my coat and put it on top of the side table. Picking up the bag I brought my pixie Sticks.

"Where's your DVD player?" He pointed to it beside the TV. I pressed the 'on' button as I opened the case. Glancing down I spotted "My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue" I laughed to myself before turning to look at Pete. His back was turned to me and I could see his muscles moving in his shoulder blades.

I put Pretty Woman down and picked up the FOB movie, slipping it into the dvd player.

"Hey, I'm going to get us drinks."
I nodded as he left the room. Picking up the remote I settled on the bed closest to the TV. The main menu came on and I clicked the 'extra' button.

Pete walked into the room as it showed a toilet and his "cosmetics" on the counter. "Uh, this isn't Pretty Woman."
I looked up as he sat beside me. "I know."

"It's a three or four hour processs..."
I laughed as it showed Pete in a pub stash.

Pete groaned. "Do we have to watch this? It's really embarrassing."

I nodded. "Oh yeah, baby. This is going to be sweet." I felt the bed move as Pete slid up and settled against the pillows.
He popped open a Dr. Pepper as I scooted up beside him, lying against him. He wrapped his arms around mine me as he brought the drink to his mouth for a sip. I took the soda out of his hand when he was done and I brought it up to my mouth to take a drink.

"Hey! I brought you one."
I nodded as I took a sip anyway. Swallowing, I look up. "I'm not going to drink the whole thing though." Pete gave me a look. "I won't." He shook his head, turning his attention back to the video.

I laughed as I watched Pete pee into a trashcan. "This is how our time is spent... in the Fall Out Boy mansion. Please... send us money for a real job."

I look up to Pete as he smiled. "Dude, you seriously need help."

Pete looked at me "Hey, I was bored and we needed some footage." He said in defense.
I shook my head turning back to the movie.

"Lets watch the Cutting Room Floor." Pete said. I pushed it back to the main menu, clicking the 'over' button before pressing 'enter'.

Pete laid his hand on my stomach rubbing back and forth. I reach over and pick up the bag of pixie sticks I forgot about. Opening a purple one I leaned my head back as the powder slid into my mouth. Laughing, I balled up the paper and set it on Pete.

Picking it up Pete looked at me. "What's this for?"

I shrugged. "I needed to throw it away."

"Oh and I'm the trash can?"
Smirking I nodded. I ducked as he threw it at me. "Pete, watch the video! Geez, you're such a kid." I shake my head opening a green one.

Pete eyed me as I tipped my head back. Smiling, I crumpled the paper up into my hand. Pete's gaze moved to my fist. "Pete..." He looked up. "I'd die for Fall Out boy." I mimicked the video and he laughed.

Moving his shoulders he rolled his eyes. "Just watch."

My attention returned back to the movie. "OMG! I can't believe you peed on him!"

Pete laughed. "Hey, I really had to go!"

"Hey, I think that lady wanted you." I said as we I watched the lady accuse him of getting her "titties".

"No dude, we were unloading the van and she just came up to us. It was bizarre."

I giggled. "No Pete, I think she came up to you because she wanted everyone to know you wanted her. I saw the way you looked at her."


I laughed again elbowing his side. "Pete, I'm kidding."

He nodded. I threw the wrapper at him. "Oh, stop being a baby Pete." I turned to the movie again, ignoring Pete. I laughed as soon as I see Pete and Patrick talking about where they played.

"What so funny?" He questioned.

I shook my head. As soon as my favorite part came up I repeated it. "Its quality not quantity... you said it backwards." I look to Pete. Raising my eyebrows I finish. "I don't want you to look like a dumbass... on film."

Pete laughed. "Jesus, you're a geek Emily."

I shook my head. "Pete, don't criticize a good video."

Pete raised an eyebrow. "Em, I'm in this video." He said pointedly.

"And obviously Patrick makes this whole video. He is so sexy." I return my gaze to the screen, but not before watching Pete's mouth drop open.

I shook my head as I watch Patrick dip his head into the pool. "That's hot as shit."

"Geez, did I want to get in his pants then."

"What?!" Pete said incredulously, nearly falling off his side of the bed. "You what?!"

I started laughing uncontrollably, tears forming in my eyes. " I'm... jo-king... I'm joking." I wrap my arms around Pete's head.

"Dude. That's Patrick. Patrick."

"Yes, I know who it is."

Pete's eyes were still wide with horror.

"Pete, it was a joke."

He gave me a disgruntled look. Before wrapping his arms around my back and pulling me against him. "It better be or I'll mutilate him."

I give Pete a dumb look. "Ok..." I exaggerate. I laid my head against his chest and rubbing my hand up and down his shirt. I yawned to myself as I settled closer into Pete's body heat. "Ughhh... I'm so tired."

Pete picked up the remote himself, turning the T.V. off. "I should probably take us back to the hotel."

I shook my head.

"No? You want to stay here?" He questioned as he looked into my eyes.

"Yeah, unless you're going to try to take pictures of yourself in the bathroom again. Then NO."

Pete smiled. "Nah. I wouldn't need to. The person I would want to show my peen to is right here." He patted my hip.

I shook my head. "Oh no, Pete. Now I'm just going to make sure I don't step into your bathroom."

Pete merely smiled, crossing his legs as he pulled off his shoes and kicked them off the bed.

"Hey we didn't watch you lie to that girl about you being in New Found Glory."

"Oh God! How many times did you watch this?"

"A lot."

"Oh, that's good."

"Of course I saw Release of the Bats also."

Pete groaned.
I laughed. "Hey, it was funny. It was entertainment for me and Denise when we were bored."

"Denise watched it too?"

"Uh yeah... Actually she watched it before me." I sat up sliding off the bed.
"Where are you going?"

"I believe I'm going to have to step into your bathroom unfortunately."

Pete smirked.
"Shut up!" I say as I come around the bed. Before I enter his bathroom I pop my head back into the room. "Hey Pete, do you have any clothes I can sleep in?"

Pete smiled. "Well no...I was hoping we could sleep BUCK NAKED!" He said this so loudly I turned expecting his mom to come through the door.

"I'm not going to sleep naked, Pete. Come on do you or don't you?"

Pete nodded, getting off the bed and slipping into his closet. "Unfortunately I do."

He handed me some Mr. Bubbles sleeping pants and a white shirt.

I look up. "Mr. Bubbles?"

"Hey, my mom bought those for me!"

I smiled. "Okay Pete, whatever you say!"

"She did!"

I closed the door. Making sure he heard the lock. Shaking my head I looked up to the Morrissey poster. "All for you buddy."
I shrugged off my shirt and jeans and pulled on Pete's nightclothes. I looked into the mirror. "Perfect fit." I muttered to myself shaking my head. Unlocking the door, I peeped out. "Hey Pete, do you have an extra..."

I trailed off as catch Pete in the middle of taking off his pants. He had on blue Hanes boxers that fit snugly right around his...Oh nice! He glanced up,not even miffed at my mouth hanging open. "Huh?"

I swallowed quickly hoping that my voice wouldn't sound to scratchy from my throat going dry. "Uh do you have an extra pe... I mean toothbrush?"

Pete smiled. "Yeah. In the top drawer of the sink to the right."

I nodded, barely moving.

Pete grinned. "Want to come help?"

I shook my head quickly, backing up and closing the door with a bang. I hear Pete chuckle. I sighed leaning my head against the door. Good God he was sexy!

I move and open the drawer. Finding a green toothbrush I bring it out and inspect it. It certainly looked new. I pick up the Crest toothpaste, squirting some on the bristles.
I wonder how many other girls stayed over just like me? I shook my head spitting in the sink. They probably brought their own clothes in an overnight bag. I set the toothbrush on the side of the sink.
Opening the door I quickly look out to see if Pete was still dressing. He wasn't. Oh no. But that didn't mean that he decided to get dressed either. He was still in is boxers. He was pushing the beds together.

"Pete don't you think you should get dressed?"

Pete turned and smiled. "No, but if you want I could get undressed." He brought his hands down to grasp the elastic. I held out my hand.
"NO! No! Don't."

Pete shrugged. "Ok..."

"Why did you push the beds together?"

"Well, cause I move around a lot at night and I fall off the bed when its just a twin."

"Pete, You would still fall off because I'll be taking up space."

Pete grinned. "But you could back me if I wanted to roll that way. I could just spoon with you all night."

I shook my head. "Oh no."

"Come on Em. I won't do anything scouts honor."

"Pete, Scouts use two fingers not three."

"Oh." He brought down his ring finger.

"Uh... I guess I'll go sleep on the floor."

Pete scrambled over to me. Wrapping his arms around my waist before I could walkout of the room. "Please?" He said as he pressed a kiss against my ear.

I sighed giving in. "Okay Pete, but if you try anything I swear I will un-man you."

Pete winced. "Okay." He held out his hand as if to shake in agreement.

I ignore his hand and head to the bed. Lifting the covers I slid in.

Pete smiled. After shutting off the light he went to the other side. As the bed dipped, I felt him pull me into his embrace.

"I'm not going to do anything... unless you want me too."

I rolled my eyes, wrapping my arms around his that were holding me. "Good night Pete."

"Good night Emily."

I closed my eyes, settling into the softness of the pillow.

"Hey Emily?"



I turn to face him. "For what?"

"For giving me a second chance." He whispered before lightly kissing the tip of my nose and settling into his pillow.

I stared at him for quite awhile digesting his last words. His breathing broke even, as he fell into deep sleep.

"No, Pete. Thank you." I whispered before lightly kissing his cheek. I closed my eyes waiting for sleep to come. Which it did.

I woke up to an empty bed. Sitting up I look to my right, expecting to find Pete. He wasn't there. His pillow was dented but the sheets were cold. Telling me that he had been gone for quite a while.

I slipped out of the bed., picking up the clothes I had worn last night. I wonder where he had gone? I spotted my phone on the table where I had discarded last night.

2 new voicemails.

From who? I flipped open my phone, calling my voicemail.

"Hey Emily. It's Eric. I was just calling to tell you that I'll be coming up to Chicago tomorrow... maybe we can start where we have left off? Well, I'll see you soon."

What?! Oh no. Eric had been a friend. I thought I left him back home. Obviously he thought we had something more.

"Em are you there? It's Sam. Dude, where the fuck are you? Eric's here telling me you're expecting him. Dude, seriously, I thought you gave up that fucking loser. Get back to the hotel. I don't think I can take his shit. I'll see you later."

"Shit." The last person Eric should see was Sam. I knew Sam didn't like him, God knew why. He just didn't. "Fuck." I ran into the bathroom, slipping on my clothes.

"Hey, I brought you a donut." I look up to Pete as he stood in the threshold with a bag of donuts.

"Thanks Pete, but I really have to get back to the hotel."

"Oh. All right. Something go wrong?" Pete looked crestfallen.

"Uh, no. Just one of my old friends showed up this morning."

"Oh. Well are you ready?"

"Yeah." I walked out of the bathroom behind Pete, grabbing my jacket from the table.

We showed up at the Hotel about 20 minutes later. The ride had been uneventful, neither of us really speaking of the night before.

Walking into the lobby I immediately spot Eric talking to Sam and Sam looking as if he would strangle him at any moment. I smile to myself, knowing how much patience it took for him to not carry out that act.

"Hey guys." I made my way over to them as Pete followed behind.

"Fitz. What's up? Eric came to visit." Sam said as he gave me a murdering look.

"Yeah, I see. Hey Eric." I smile at him as Pete ran his eyes over my friend.

"Hey gorgeous. I thought you were expecting me. Obviously you didn't get my message last night." He smiled.

"I guess I didn't." I take in his bleach blonde hair and his Armani suit. "So you have a client here in Chicago?"

"Yeah, I had to do a case in court this morning and I got finished. Decided to drop by before I left. Catch up on some things?" He smiled, his teeth gleaming white.

"Yeah..." I smiled back, uncertain of what to say next. I watch as Eric's gaze move to Pete, taking him in. "Oh. Sorry Eric. This is Pete Wentz, my record label executive." What else did you call him? "Pete this is Eric Foreman, a lawyer and a friend."

"Nice to meet you." Pete extended his hand.

"And you." They shook hands before Pete let go, backing up behind me.

I felt the tension run between them.

"So I heard you got a record label." He steered me away from Pete and Sam. I look back to see Sam shake his head before leaving with Pete just standing there.

I twisted out of Eric's hold. "Pete, you can come with us." It was a plea, hoping that Pete would see over Eric's arrogance and get past his own.

"No. I have some interviews I have to do today. Why don't you just go along with your friend? I need to stop by some places today anyway." He dug his keys out of his pocket before flipping his hood up and putting his Clandestine shades on. "Oh yeah and remember to be at the studio at one. Patrick will be there."

"Oh... well I'll just see you there, we need to talk about some stuff."

Pete shook his head. "No, I have some things to do. You can talk to me later when you're not busy. See ya." He gave a slight salute as he starts to walk away.

"Pete I..." I stop as Pete walks by me without turning back.

"Don't worry about him babe, I'm here. So have you already signed with them or what?" Eric slid his arm around my shoulder.
I turn away, facing him. "What are you doing here Eric? I thought I told you we were over."

"Yeah, but we are friends." He smiled like everything was okay.

"Yes, I did say that, but I also remember distinctly telling you that we were distant friends. Friends who just don't pop up quite suddenly and demand a visit like they have the right."

"Emily. Seriously it's me, Eric. Come on babe you know you liked it when we were together. We could start over again." He stepped closer, I stepped back.

"No, Eric." I said shaking my head. "Nothing will ever be the same You cheated. It's over. I would be happy with a friendship if I were you 'cause if I was someone else I probably wouldn't have offered you that kindness. I would have offered you my fist. Go home Eric. Please."I turned away considering our conversation done. He didn't.
He pulled me back around his hand gripping my wrist. "No. What the hell does he have that I don't? Balls, I know that's not it. I have plenty and you know it."

I looked down to my wrist, where he was gripping it harder. "Let go of me Eric. Now." I said it mildly, to my surprise as my body tensed in anger.

Eric let go slowly before backing up. He smiled as if the last minute or so didn't happen.
"Well, give me a ring when you're tired of having a second rate boy fuck you. Then maybe I'll show you what a real man feels like." And with that he left.
My body shook with fury. No one had ever dared to touch me like he had just done. "He was just an asshole," I reminded myself as I took the elevator up to my room.
I peer into the room hoping that Denise was there. Obviously she didn't come back last night because her bed was still neatly made. I sighed to myself slipping off my clothes as I headed over to the bathroom. What I needed was a long shower.

Turning on the water I stepped in to let the hot water hit my back. Good god, I needed someone to talk to. What the hell is happening to me? Everything had happened so fast, that it felt like we've been together forever. I poured some Fructise into my palm, before lathering it into my hair. This is all too much.
I was just supposed to come to Chicago to sign a record deal, then see if we can some recording time. Not form a relationship with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. This did not happen like a usual occurrence.

I stepped out of the shower, wiping the droplets of water from my body. Wrapping the towel around my middle, I grabbed another to dry my damp hair.

I stood in front of a mirror, looking at someone who had faced too many things in her life to be just 20. This shit is getting old Em.
My gaze moves to my wrist where bruises began to form. "Fuck!" How was I going to cover that up? I sighed to myself, as I picked up my toothbrush. "I guess I better get ready."
My phone started ringing as I pulled on a hoodie. "Hello."

"Hey chica. It's Denise."

"Hey. What are you doing?"

"Well I was calling to tell we had a rehearsal and everyone's here. We're just waiting for you."

"Oh, I didn't realize everyone was already there. I'll be there in ten. Okay?"

"You're fine Em. We just decided to start it early because Pete wants to take us out later."

"Oh." I slipped my black studded belt into my loops. "Like to go eat or something?"

"Yeah. He said that he was bringing someone who wanted to meet us."

"Okay. Well, I'll be there in a few."




I picked up my black Hurley hoodie, slipping my keys and wallet into my pocket and heading out of the hotel room.

I wonder who Pete was bringing with him. Was it one of his friends? I hope he isn't mad and will let me try to explain to him about what happened earlier. He probably took Eric to be my boyfriend. He wasn't even close to being my boyfriend, not after what happened this afternoon.
I pulled into the studio parking lot. Ugh... this is going to be a long rehearsal.

I walked into the studio to find Denise and Sam arguing, Chad standing on the other side of the room talking on his cell (probably to his girlfriend) and Patrick fiddling with some beats in the control room.

"Well here's the star of the show. We can start now."

Denise rolled her eyes as she picked up her bass, slinging the strap around her shoulder.
"Oh yeah... attention people! Emily has just stepped into the building. Lets all NOT go and ask for autographs at once."

I laugh before placing a kiss on her cheek. "Oh, I love your sense of humor."

"Who said it was humor?" Denise muttered.

"Me." I slide in front of the microphone, placing the headphones over my head. "Patrick I'm ready. What do you want me to sing?"

"Well warm-up just for now, then we'll work on Imperfect by Reputation. I have a few ideas about the bass and drum lines."

"Alright."I looked towards Denise who was making sure her chords were on the right note. "Hey Dee, what do you want me to sing."

'I don't know. Whatever you want."

I smiled. "Okay."

I started singing the beginning of Let's Get it on. Denise immediately stopped, her face raised in horror. I wink at her before I turn to face the glass window.

Patrick was staring at me like I just admitted to a murder. Was I that bad? I stopped.

"Keep going Em." Patrick said over the intercom.

"Uh... no. I'll just sing another song."

"No, please sing that one."

"Okay..." I start where I had left off finishing the song through. I look up, braced for the disgust over how badly I sung the song.

"That was good. Dude, that was better than me."

I hear Denise snort.
I turn and stick my tongue out at her, where Patrick couldn't see my childish act, before replying. "Thank you. You know you sound amazing too."

Patrick pulled his hat lower over his eyes. "Uh, thanks."

"You're very welcome."

I turned around to see Sam ready at his drums, and Chad with his guitar tuning it. "Okay, I think I'm ready to start."

"Alright lets start on the chorus..."

We went off to work. I think we spent 6 hours on just perfecting the Chorus. Of course if Denise hadn't protested so much about everything Patrick said, than it would have been only 4 hours. Finally they came to an agreement. Deciding to intermix ideas. Geez, were they both picky. It looked as if they both enjoyed arguing too. Little buttheads.

"That's a wrap for today." I sighed to myself as I hung the headphones onto the microphone.

"Finally." Sam threw his drumsticks into the air before turning around and catching them behind his back.

I hooked my arm around Sam's waist before picking up my stuff and following Chad and Denise out of the room. Sam slid his am around my shoulders. I looked up and smiled, winking.
He followed a woman walk down the hall with his eyes. I hit him in his stomach.
"Ow what was that for?"

"Sam! I can't believe you would want to look at some other girl while I'm on your arm."

"Geez! was that it? You're not that impor- ouch!"

I hit him again. Chad turned around and smiled. Sam gave me a disgruntled look. "Well I guess I can be devoted eye candy... for now."

I laughed. That was so like Sam. In about another minute he would be scoring a glance at another girl.
I shook my head, slipping away from Sam and catching up to Denise and Patrick who were talking."So where are we gong?"

"Oh Pete, wanted to go to this club/restaurant."

"So we'll be taking my car or your car?"

"Well, I can fit up to four people in mine, but Joe and Andy are coming by to pick up Sam and Chad. They don't want to go so they're going to go do something else."

'Oh... well just tell us where it is and I'll follow behind you."

"Okay." He gave me the directions before we went out into the blistering cold.

"I'll see you there. I have to stop by the gas station and get some gas." I told Denise and Patrick. "Hey Denise are you going with Patrick?"

"Uh..." She glanced at Patrick, who shrugged. "Yeah, why not?

"Well I'll see you in a little bit." I smiled at them as they walked off in the direction of Patrick's car. Sam and Chad immediately headed off into the other direction of the parking lot.

"Hey! I thought you guys were going with Andy and Joe."

Chad turned around. "We are. They're over there." He pointed to a black car in the back of the parking lot.

I formed my mouth into a silent 'O'. "Well, be good. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"When do we ever Fitz?" Sam said before running to the car. Chad followed behind.

"Always." I muttered before shaking my head and before digging into my jacket for the keys to the car.
--- --- ---

Getting in I start the car, turning the heat on high. Cold air blasted through the vents before it turned warm.

I pulled into the nearest gas station. It was deserted except for a lone Mini Van. Everyone probably decided to stay inside out of the cold. I leaned against the side of my car as I watched a huge SUV pull into the last as pump.

A girl with short blonde hair with black underneath showing quite clearly stepped out of the passenger seat. I couldn't see who was driving, probably her poor boyfriend. She was wearing nothing but a short black skirt and a gray and black stripped long sleeve shirt. I shook my head. The lengths girls go to get attention from men.
I watch as she runs cross the parking lot inside the store to pre-pay for the gas. My pump clicks, notifying me I was full. I unhook the pump, putting it back into the slot. I screw in the lid before glancing up.

I see the girl knock on the driver's side window. The door opened before the girl laughed at something her companion said. I watched as she latched herself into his arms. You could tell it was a guy, because of the full length of tattoos going down both arms as they wrapped around her figure. I watch as her head dips into a kiss.
Okay why the hell am I watching this girl make out with her boyfriend? Just because I missed Pete doesn't mean that I had to watch someone else be happy.
I look down as he lifted his head up from the kiss. I jerked my head up as I realize it was Pete.
Why the fuck is Pete making out with some girl at a gas station? Weren't we together? OMFG!

My hand slips as I was closing the lid over the gasoline tank. "Fuck!" I gasp as the lid closed on part of my finger. I must have said it very loudly, because I looked up to see Pete gazing at me in horror.

I couldn't stand there another minute longer. I slid into the driver's seat as I heard Pete call my name.

I always get myself into these situations. I pull out of the station as fast as I could without tempting to get a ticket.
First it was Eric cheating on me, now it was Pete. At least Eric had the decency of not having me see him cheat. One of my old friends told me. I blow out a breath on the verge of tears. How the heck was I going to face him now?
If only I hadn't signed onto Decaydance Records. It was the worst mistake of my life after meeting Pete Wentz. That had been my first mistake... hopefully it would also be my last.

"Shit! Shit! SHIT!" I pounded my hands onto the steering wheel as I stopped at a red light. A tear escaped from my eye as the light turned green. At that moment I couldn't take a second more, I pulled off the road to cry until my tears were gone. A little later when I had better control of myself I wiped my eyes and planned to stop and tell Denise and Patrick that I really didn't feel like eating with them. I couldn't just ditch them just because Pete had decided to do the one thing in life I couldn't possibly forgive!

I pulled into the parking lot. Shutting off the engine. I looked into the mirror, making sure my eyes weren't red. No, but you could definitely tell I was crying. I closed it, not caring. I wasn't even going to stay anyways. I would just have to tell Denise and Patrick that I got sick or something.

Walking in I spot them across the room, laughing about something with four people who had their backs to me. Oh well, let's get this over with.

I started over. Denise saw me first. 'Hey Emily come join- what happened?" She stood up as she saw that my face was red from crying.

"Nothing. I... uh just decided to go back to the hotel instead. I don't feel very good."

"Hey Emily." I look down to gaze in the face of Travie.

"Oh. Hey, I didn't even recognize you."

"How could you not?" He stood up and hugged me.

"Yeah. Your so tall." Patrick said.

Denise looked from me to Travie. "How do you know each other?"

I duck my head down. I just remembered I hadn't told her about the club/concert. I hadn't really told her about anything much of late. "It's a long story."

"Come join us, Sexy." Travie said as he pulled me over to the table and pushed me down into a chair.

"I don't think-"

"Hey Pete! we're over here"

I froze. I didn't want to be there when Pete arrived. I had hoped I would be gone by then.

"Hey, where's Emily?"

I stood up turning around. I faced Pete taking in the image of him and the girl at his side. She wasn't even pretty. Not to me. She had her arms linked around Pete's waist as if she possessed him.
She smiled at me. "Hi. I'm Jeanae. Pete's told me so much about you. He talks about your voice non-stop."

I opened my mouth to say something, anything. Nothing would come out. I didn't want to say anything to her. In all honesty, I really wanted to pull her hair out. That was very childish. Come on you can do better than that. Okay maybe give her my fist in her face. Now that's like it.

"Thanks. Excuse me." I said before going around them and heading to the door.

"Em, wait..."

I ignored Pete as he called my name.

I walked out to the car, fumbling with my keys to open the car. I look up to see Pete run out of the restaurant, looking for me. Come on! Open up. I finally opened my door as Pete ran up to the car. It was too late.
Pete grabbed the door out of my hands. "Emily we have to talk about this."

I shook my head. "No, I don't want to listen. I won't."

"Well, your going to." He shut the car door before I could get around him.

"Pete! I'm not dealing with this right now."

"Then you can listen." He pushed me against the car, trapping me with his body from walking away from him. "What you saw-"

"-What I saw was you kissing some girl at a gas station." I interrupted, not letting Pete explain. "Pete, I thought you were better than that."

Pete shook his head. "No. Can't you see? Jeanae and me... we aren't together anymore. She wants us to be... But I don't."

"Right Pete. And her putting her tongue all in your mouth and you wrapping your hands around her is telling her 'no'?"

Pete pushed his hand through his hair. "I was trying to get her off of me." He grabbed my hands, trying to make me see.

"Oh yeah, Pete and I saw a whole lot of resistance from you. And to think that I felt bad because one of my ex-boyfriends showed up and totally blew you off. What a dumbass I've been."

"So you're saying you want him back?" I see the jealousy light up in his brown eyes. "You're going to blow me over for a lawyer?"

"YES! Yes, Pete. Why not? I bet if he cheated on me again he would have enough decency to not flaunt it in public."

Pete gripped my wrist. I gasped as he pressed down on my bruise.

"What the..." He lifted my sleeve to reveal my black and blue bruise. "How the fuck did this happen?" He lifted his eyes to me.

I snatched my hand out of his clutches. "Nothing. It's nothing."

"Did that pussy ass punk do that to you? Did he put his hands on you?!"

I didn't answer. I just looked down at the ground.

"FUCK!" He slammed his hand on the hood of my car. I jumped. "You want that kind of guy over me?" Pete asked as he grabbed me. "How the fuck would you let that fucking bitch do that to you?"

I shook my head, tears falling down my cheeks.

"Emily." He stopped as soon as he saw the tears. He pulled me to him, gripping me in a hug as if he would never let me go. "I'll fucking find his ass and Pete him to a fucking pulp. No one's going to hurt you."

I pushed out of Pete's embrace. "Except you?"


"You won't let anyone hurt me except you?"

"Emily..." Pete said stepping towards me.

"Pete, everyone's waiting for you." I looked up to see Jeanae standing by the door. I laughed with disgust. "Don't expect me to answer my phone if you call. Save yourself the trouble. I don't want anything to do with you."

I opened my door, shutting it before Pete could stop me. I drove away as Pete let out a sentence full of profanity.

This was it.

--- --- ---

I walked into my room hours later, throwing my stuff onto the bed.
After leaving the restaurant I went to Baskin Robins, got a hot fudge sundae, drove to a park and stared out towards the scenery for an hour, thinking about what I was going to do.

I sighed pulling off my clothes and slipping into my plaid lounge pants and a white tank.
Sitting on the bed, I flipped through my phone as the door opened. Denise walked in.

"Hey, Em." She placed her stuff on her bed then came over to my side and sitting beside me and hugging me.

"What was that for?" I asked as soon as she let go.

Denise shrugged. "I thought you needed it."


"You know Em, if you want to talk I'm here for you."

I looked down to my nails, picking off my black nail polish. "I know, but I don't know if I should tell you."

"Why?" Denise's eyebrows furrowed.

"Well... because you might think I'm lame!"

"I really doubt that Emily. You can't get any more lame."
I glared at her.
Denise laughed, "I was kidding. Come on."

"Well its kind of long."

Denise nodded. "Mmhmm..."

I sighed, leaning back against the bed. "Well, you probably already know this but I like Pete and we've been kind of involved since we've gotten here."

Denise's eyes widened.

"Not like that Dee. Come on this is Emily. Anyways, I decided to end it when it was getting a little too serious because I didn't want rumors to go around about us."

Denise rolled her eyes. "Yeah Em, like anyone cares. Well, except for the little 13-year- olds that are, like, in love with him and shit."

"I know. Pete made me realize that after I met up with him at the Gym Class concert..."
I told her everything, even what had happened in his car, to where I had met up with Eric.

Denise's eyes widened. "What?"

"It was a disaster. Pete left mad because he thought I was with Eric. Eric made a complete ass of himself trying to get me back and I made him leave."

"He's a jerk."

"Yeah, I know. Well, I expected to go to dinner tonight and try to have a talk with him, but I had to stop and get gas. And what do I find? Pete and Jeanae... kissing in the parking lot. Pete's arms were wrapped around her."

"That mother fucker! So is that why Pete came back into the restaurant looking all pissed?"

"Uh huh. I told him that we were over and he was a mistake."

Denise shook her head before reaching over and hugging me. "I'm so sorry Em. I never would have thought Pete could be an asshole like that."

"Yeah," I sighed sitting up. "...I still have feelings for him you know. I just wish he wasn't such a dumbass."

"What did he say when you told him you saw him?"

I rolled my eyes. "He told me that she was his ex and she came onto him. He pushed her away when I happened to glance at him. It's a bunch of BS."

Denise shook her head standing up. "I don't know Emily. Pete just doesn't seem like the guy who would cheat. Maybe that's what really happened?"

I glanced up at Denise. "You're going to side with him?"

"I think so, Emily. You just should have seen how depressed he looked at dinner. He pretty much bit Jeanae's head off everytime she tried to talk to him. He snapped at practically everyone now that I think about it. We all just let tried to ignore it and let him blow his steam off.

I shrugged. "He probably was mad because I had caught him."

"I don't know Em. I just can't see it."

I shook my head.

"Well I got to go down to Patrick's room. We were going to work on the album a little."

I looked up. "And flirt."

Denise smirked. "Yeah... and flirt." She headed over to the door opening it. "Do you want anything before I leave?"

"Turn off the light please. I think I'm going to take some headache medicine and go to sleep. I don't feel like staying up and feeling sorry for myself."

Denise sighed before turning off the light and shutting the door.
I ambled my way over to the bathroom. Grabbing some pills out of my purse before grabbing a water bottle and popping them back. I made my way back to the bed, lifting up the covers and sliding beneath them. I sighed turning on my side. Closing my eyes.

--- --- --- ---

A warm hand moved down my side until it reached the edge of my pants. A finger slipped in and traced my abdomen. I sighed rolling more into the heated touch. I snuggled into my pillow as a breath splayed over the exposed part of my throat. I shivered as a wet kiss was imprinted against the skin. This was a very realistic dream.
I whimpered a little as a hand slid up my body until it traced the outlining of my bra. I moaned as kisses were pressed against my throat, chest, and collarbone. I rolled over lifting my arms as they wrapped around the figure that stood above me. I groaned to myself as he placed a kiss on my lips, his hands doing unspeakable things underneath my shirt.

I slid my hands down his arms, tracing his biceps. He felt a lot like Pete. Maybe it was just my imagination running away with me.

"Emily, forgive me please?" I jerked my eyes open to reveal Pete above me. It wasn't me dreaming after all! I tried scrambling back from beneath him. He caught my waist. "Em..."

"How'd you get in here?" I gasped as I pushed his hands off of me. Sitting up on the bed away from him.

"I kind of took Denise's key."

"What? Pete get the fuck out! I don't want you here."

Pete stood up on the other side of the bed. His eyes surveying me as I brought my legs up, covering my arms with them.

"You didn't want me to leave when you were moaning under me." He put his hands into his pockets before trying move to my side of the bed.

I shook my head before moving to the other side of the bed. "No, Pete! Don't."

"Emily, let me explain. Good fucking God! What you saw was not how it seemed."

I raised my eyebrow as I slid off the bed. "Oh really? You didn't have your hands around her? Your mouth wasn't pressed against hers."

Pete opened his mouth as he moved towards me. "Pete... I'm warning you stay away from me."

Pete shook his head quickening his pace as he headed towards me.

"Pete..." I tried scooting over the bed to the other side as he got closer. Pete contemplated my action and caught me before I could get my feet to touch the floor.

"Pete!" I pushed against him as he pressed me against the bed, spreading my arms out so I couldn't move.
His breath came out in rushes. "We need to talk Em."

"No we don't! Get off Pete!" I said as I tried to slip my arms from his grasp.

"Not until you listen to me!" His bangs flew into his face.

"No!" I struggled even harder.

Pete's grip tightened until I yelped in pain, tears coming to my eyes. He immediately let go. His eyes moved to my wrist, darkening as he saw my bruise.

"That fucking hurt." I rubbed my wrist as I tried to keep the tears from pouring from my eyes.

His gaze moved back to mine. His eyes glistening as he saw my tears. "I'm sorry, baby." He leaned down as if to kiss me. I turned my cheek. But instead of his lips hitting mine he moved his course to my wrist, kissing my bruise. That's when the tears started to travel down my cheeks.
His eyes reached mine again. "Baby," He said softly as he lifted himself off of me, pulling me into his arms as he leaned against the bedpost behind him.

I pressed my face into his neck. His hand moved mechanically up and down my back. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Please don't cry. I can't stand tears."

I pressed my face more into his shirt as I gripped his jacket.

"Emily please?" I shook my head pulling away. Not wanting to take comfort from the person who hurt me.

I wiped my tears. "Pete, leave."

Pete shook his head. "No Emily. I'm not leaving until we talk. I'm going to stay right here." I nodded as his face relaxed. "Finally..."

I interrupted him, getting off the bed. "Then I'll leave." I turned around just to be brought back into Pete's arms. "Stop, Pete!"

"We can do this all night until you decide to just give in and let me talk."

I jerked out of his grasp. Finding myself giving in. "Fine Pete. You have five minutes... then you leave." I moved to the middle of the bed.

Pete sighed, standing up. "I don't know where to start."

"How about you tackle the 'other' girl subject."

"First of all there isn't an 'other' girl. Jeanae and I aren't together anymore. I was headed back to my mom's house after dropping you off with that son of a-"

I held up my hand stopping him. "Don't Pete. I don't want to hear about what you think he is. You don't know him."

Pete gave me a demeaning look. "I know that he is a no good ass hole that hurts women."

I shrug. "You and him have something in common then."

"Emily, I didn't mean to hurt you. I really didn't. I hate myself for even making you cry." Pete took a step towards me.

"Not as much I do, Pete."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly how I said Pete." I rubbed my legs as I braced myself against the bed rest.

"You don't mean that Emily. I know you don't."

I raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? Do you really believe that?"

Pete's eyebrows moved down in confusion. "Yeah. I have to Emily. I can't think that you hate me. I-I... I love you."

My eyes widened. Here was Pete Wentz standing in my hotel room, telling me that he loved me. Was this a trick? Was a magician going to pop out at any moment and go "Tah-dah!"? I shook my head not wanting to believe him.

Pete nodded, walking towards me. "Yes, Emily. I do love you. I don't know how or when I fell in love but I did. I had planned to tell you this morning, but you had to go back to the hotel and then I saw that guy put his arms around you and I thought to myself... Maybe you were already in a relationship and that's why you were holding back."

Pete shook his head. "I left angry only to come to realize that you weren't that type of person and I could actually trust you." He ran a hand through his hair, messing it up. "Damn it! For once in my life, Emily, I could actually trust a girl and that amazed me. I didn't know what to do, but my first priority was to let you know."

My eyes followed him as he paced the room. "Except you found me in a bad situation before we could even talk. I did not kiss Jeanae, Emily. I wouldn't want to ruin what we had over her. Not ever. I'm through with her." He slid onto the bed sitting down in front of me as he took my face in his hands. "Please, Emily. Forgive me? Tell me you love me too? Please don't blow me off. I'll make it up to you. I promise. Even if it takes the rest of my life to do it. Give me a second chance, please?"

I looked into his eyes as I covered his hands with mine. I couldn't seem to stay mad at Pete for long. Maybe this was one of my flaws. "What would you do to get me back Pete?"

Pete's face lit with hope then shattered with confusion. "I don't know."

I shook my head sliding Pete's hands from my face. "Then how am I supposed to give you a second chance?"

Pete shrugged. "I don't know. I've never really had to do anything to get past girlfriends to go back out with me."

I smirked. He was so arrogant. "Well I'll tell you right now that's not how it's going to be with me."

"I don't expect it to. I just... I need..." He couldn't finish.

I laughed frustratingly. I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to be with him, the other part kept telling me to leave him. "Here I have a proposition. How about we start all over." Pete looked at me questioningly. "You know, lets get to know each other first. I don't really believe we really knew each other before."

Pete nodded. "Yeah, I think that's a great idea." He leaned over as if to place a kiss on my lips.
I held a hand to his chest stopping him. "No."
He looked dumbfounded. "Wait what? Does this mean that we aren't in a relationship anymore?"

I shook my head. "No, it means to give a few days before you decide to kiss me."

Pete nodded understanding.

"Deal?" I asked holding out a hand.

Pete glanced down at my fingers. "Deal." He agreed shaking my hand. "How about we go take Denise's key back to her and then run to get some ice cream?"

I shrugged getting off the bed. "Sure, but let me get dressed first."

"Alright." Pete muttered as he watched me pick up my jeans. "Oh, Em?"

"Yeah?" I answered distractedly as I pulled my black belt out of one of my other jeans.

"I still love you." Pete whispered.

My gaze ran to his. "I know." I simply stated before walking into the bathroom to get dressed.
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