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Chapter 25: Em's P.O.V.

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Nowhere to hide.

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We got back to the hotel room at 7. I lay out on my bed; resting my arms beneath my head. We had just gotten back from our first day of practice. After Pete left I decided to wait till the guys got back so we could finish the night off.

Luckily Pete did not come back with them, but Ryan did. I didn't say a word to him, afraid of what he thought. He barely acknowledged me until it was about it was time go. We were walking out the door. And by then I had given up on trying to get him to say something.
He stopped me right before we walked out. "Hey about earlier... Pete's my friend but I want you to know that if you ever need anyone... I'm here. I would like us to have that kind of friendship." Ryan shrugged, as he stuck his hands into his pockets.

I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Thanks Ryan. Yeah, I'm kind of sorry about earlier. I was trying to be mean or anything. I really did want to spend some time with you... It's just that me and Pete... well we were kind of..." I broke off not knowing how to explain our relationship.

"Em, it's ok. I understand that you guys have feelings for each other. I figured it out when you wanted to look at him while we were talking. It's alright, I'm not broken hearted. For such a skinny guy I'm amazingly strong, don't worry."

I flush. "Ryan, it's not like that anymore..."

He brushed a bang from my face. "Trust him Emily. He really is a good guy. And even though no one really knows it, his heart breaks fairly easily."

Was he saying that Pete had deep feelings for me?

I smiled half-heartedly quickly gripping him around the waist into a bear hug. Very awkwardly Ryan patted my back.

Thinking back on it, Ryan's reaction was hilarious. He didn't know if he should hug me back or try to pry me off of him, afraid for Pete to secretly showing up.

I sighed to myself as I nestled my head into the soft indention of my pillow. I watched as Denise carefully went through her bag to pick out what to wear. She was so picky. I smile wickedly knowing just what to say to irk her out of her little world.

"So are you going to stay at Patrick's house tonight? 'Cause let's face it Dee, I really don't want to hear you guys laughing and giggling as you... make out!"

Denise's mouth dropped in horror. "Emily seriously what would make you think that we would... that I would even think about that... that." She couldn't even say the rest.

"Denise seri-o-so here... that wasn't you and Patrick wrapped in each other's body heat last night? Come on we're not 16 and 18 again. We're both adults here... I know what happens in the bedroom." I wiggled my eyebrows at her; as I sat up on my elbows.

She glared at me as she walked to the bathroom. "Oh my God, Emily you are so horrible."

"What's horrible? The truth or that you want to get into Patrick's pants?"

I ducked as she threw one of my Converses at me.

"Hey! You can't damage this beautiful face! Then where would you be if
I couldn't sing for weeks, because poor old Emily would be on bed rest?"

Denise snorted. "Ok, whatever Emily!" She went off talking about me in Spanish... something about me being a bigheaded friend or something like that.

"Hey, Denise."
She stuck her head out of the bathroom, her long curly cascading around her face. "What now?"

"I hope he makes you happy; because if he does anything to hurt you I'll kick his ass."

Denise smiled. "Thanks Em."

"I smiled back. "Your welcome. Now get your butt in the shower. You stink!" I wrinkled my nose as she stuck her tongue out at me.

I sighed as the bathroom door shut; the sound of the shower water beating rhythmically against the shower wall making me feel drowsy. I closed my eyes, telling myself I would only rest for a couple minutes before I got up and worked on some ideas for new lyrics.

--- --- ---

I woke up to nothing but darkness. I sat up, my eyes searching for the clock. I pushed my hair out of my face as I read the red digits on the digital clock.

9:32 p.m.

Fuck! How long did I sleep?

I pushed myself off the bed rummaging on the carpeted floor for my discarded hoodie.
After finding a bulge of fabric I pulled it over my head hoping it was my coat.

I grabbed my ipod and phone stuffing them into my pocket as I stood up. I grabbed my key off the side table as I walked across the room. I stepped into the lobby bracing my eyes from the bright light. The automatic sliding doors opened me to the cold dark night.
Pulling my hood up I walked away from the hotel, hoping to find some bar or something.
For some odd reason I wanted to hear a band play. I wanted to get lost in the beat of a song I barely knew the words too.

I walked down the street passing the occasional couple hurrying down the walkway wrapped into each other's body heat for warmth. I rubbed my hands together as I looked up at the signs over the doors. I finally stopped at a blue neon light sign announcing House of Blues. I shrugged; deciding it was too cold to look for something more my type. Pulling the door open I squeezed myself in; bracing myself against the back walls.

Geez was it packed or what?I slide myself through huge groups of people. I look towards the stage just to see security guards ambling across to get in their stations.

"Excuse me." I slide around to guys laughing drunkenly about something that probably wasn't even funny.

I'm surprised no one stopped me at the door demanding to see my ticket or something.
I stood on the outskirts of the crowd packed around the stage. I wonder who's playing?

Suddenly the intermission music shut off. We all were standing in dark oblivion before four lone figures ambled their way on stage. People suddenly started screaming. Geez! They were only people.

"Hey guys! Where's my sexy ladies at?" OMG... no this was not Gym Class Heroes!

I stood up on the tips of my toes to get a better look.Yes it was. Jesus! Was this the best of luck or what? I smiled as he started singing the verse to Cupid's Chokehold.

"Take a look at my girlfriend. She's the only one I got. Not much of a girlfriend. I never seem a lot..."

I laughed as I watched him sway back and forth to his beat. I sang the words along with him as I watched people yell and scream to the beat. It was so funny.

This is what I call a good time! If only Dee was here...I sighed to myself as guys beside me started to try to lift each other up for a crowd serf. Unfortunately they needed someone else their size to help.

They bumped into me. "Sorry."
I smiled to the guy beside me not even bothering to reply cause I knew he wouldn't be able to hear over the speakers.

I laugh as I see someone jump off someone's shoulders trying to be caught in the crowd. It obviously didn't work because he was only half caught by his peers.I rocked back in forth to the beat as I mouthed the lyrics. They're something so unique about GCH songs; it just made you want to move.

I backed up a little, seeing that the people in front of me were trying to crowd serf to. I bumped into the person behind me. Turning around I tried to apologize, but he obviously thought I wanted something else. He immediately picked me up sliding my back across people's heads.

"Dude put me down." No one heard me. People touched me places that I never would have thought they would be able to touch and unfortunately they decided to crowd surf me all the way to the front just when the song was over and the lights came on at Travie's request.

"Please put me down, Please put me down." I squeezed my eyes shut as I watched Travie's eyes land on mine.

"So you want to get on stage huh... well I guess we could let her since she did crowd surf all they way up here just to see me!"

People laughed as he bent over and reached out his hand. "Here grab a hold of my hand."

I tightly gripped his fingers as he pulled me on stage. He wrapped his arm around my
waist bringing me closer in to him.

"So are you a big fan?"

I merely nodded. What else was I supposed to do? It wasn't as if I could open my mouth and say something... come on this was Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes.

He smiled. "What's your name, Sexy?"

He put the microphone up close to my face. "Emily." What else could I have said? I certainly wasn't going to freeze in front of all those people and say nothing.

He smiled before turning to face the audience again. "Well Em, I have a song for you."

I heard the first few notes played out on the guitar and knew immediately what song it was... Clothes Off!

I laughed to myself as the lights dimmed down once more and he started belting off lines like a pro. It was so cute. It was absolutely wild. Travie rapped to me and the guitar players kept coming up to me and picking notes while they tried to flirt. It was all very amusing. But I knew that it was kind of rehearsed like every other band's shows. They probably did this for one fan each show.

I shrugged to myself not caring. I sung off each line as if it was my own. In the middle of the song Travie wrapped his arms around my shoulders once more. It was the chorus and just for fun he held the microphone up to my lips waiting for me to sing Patrick's part.

"We have to take our clothes..." Travie's eyes widen admirably; I stopped. What? did I sing the wrong part? Shoot!

I look to the audience. Wondering where all the noise went. They were all quiet staring at me waiting for me to do something. What the hell did I do? Even the guitar players were staring at me.

"Hey keep going girl. Don't stop now."

I smiled at the crowd as everyone started cheering.

"Na na na na na... na na na... Hey hey."

Travie smiled bobbing back in forth on the beat. As soon as the song was over he laughed into the microphone. "Well the next band up you'll love to death or else..."

The lights darkened as the screams started. He steered me to the exit door for band members. We walked down a hallway before we walked into a dressing room. Travie walked past me picking up a plastic cup filled with a dark liquid. He leaned against a chair as his band members railed off to put their guitars away.

He looked up into my face a huge white smile spreading across his face. "Damn girl you blew those vocals like a pro." He whistled to himself before smiling yet again.

I shrugged.

"So Emily. Who are you with? I'll go get my security guard to go get them if you want."

I shook my head. "I'm with no one. I came by myself."

"Oh..." He pushed himself off the couch, resting his arms around my shoulders yet again.

"You blew me and half the crowd away out there. You're a natural. Ever thought about getting into the business?"

I opened my mouth but before I could tell him that I was already in the business he stopped, looking at someone behind me.

"Hey, come in here for a second Son. Dude, you should hear these girl's vocals. She's hot. In both ways if you get what I mean."
I smiled. His statement was so... well... Travie. He really didn't care.

"Oh yeah. Well, maybe she'll want me instead of you."

My heart stopped. That was not... no please let me be mistaken.

"Maybe." Travie smiled down at me.

"Hey, we'll let her decide. Everyone wants me over you, Travie. Come on I'm the Wentz."

I turned around in Travie's arms, facing the last person I wanted to see. "I'll pick Travie over you any day."

"Damn Son."

I shrugged out of Travie's arms, making my way out the door and past Pete. I hurried down the long hallway hoping there would be an exit up ahead.So, he was going to flirt with whomever he wanted, but get all pissed at me when I try to have a friendly lunch with someone? Hell no. I'm so glad I never got myself into a real situation with him.

I push open he exit door, walking out into the dark cold. I pull my hood up, barreling into the warmth of my own embarrassment.

I walked down a alley hoping that I would find a street I knew. Hearing distant footsteps behind me I quicken my pace, hoping that I wouldn't run into some crazy person. I walked a little faster getting more and more paranoid as he footsteps sounded closer and closer.

I look up from the ground to realize I was edging the opening out into the street.
I was almost there only a few more steps and I would be safe; just a few more.
I breathed easier with each new step I took.

Suddenly I was jerked around. I screamed at the top of my lungs; putting my hands up ready to defend myself.

"Emily, it's Pete. It's just Pete."

I stared up into his hooded face. "Fuck. That's even worse." I muttered out loud.
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