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Haven't You Heard?

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This is gonna get messy.

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Amanda's Note: Last Chapter, like, ever. Yeah, I know I said a few more, but I really couldn't think of anything. Maybe in the near future I'll do a sequel, if we get a good number of reviews asking for one, then we can. But anyway, enjoy the last of this amazing story, yeah it really hurts me to end this, because I loved it too, and it was really fun to write. Hmm, well. Here goes nothing.

"Ry, would you PLEASE come flip these pancakes, the bottoms will burn." Brendon screamed from the hallway of his house.

Ryan scurried down the hallway.

"Shit, my pancakes!" he said, as he picked up a spatula, and flipped the two round circles over, reveiling their slightly brown bottoms.

"Uhhhhh" he whined, when he saw the bottoms. Brendon walked up to him, and kissed his cheek.

"It's gonna be okay, Ry" Brendon says, smiling. Ryan bit his lip, and said in a squeaky voice.

"No its not. pancakes." with a grin.

Brendon rolled his eyes, and kissed him.

"Good god I love my husband!" Brendon screamed through the house.

"Be quiet, you're gonna wake the neighbors." Ryan said.

"Taylor! This is your wake up call!" Brendon screamed. Ryan rolled his eyes.

"So, are we recording any today?" Brendon asked, after quieting himself.

"Yes, yes we are. We're going to try to finish up." Ryan said. He always got exited when they talked about the new CD.

"Okay, sounds like a plan." Brendon said, stretching his arms over his head.

"Plan? Bren, we have too." Ryan said, with a smirk.

"In a field outside of town, we could always be aloneee." Brendon sang, as he looked out of the window.

"Carry a blanket, maybe a baskettt" Ryan added, working on his pancakes.

"And that's it." Brendon sang, soaking in the sun that ran through the window.

He sniffed the air, "Ah, I love spring." he said.

Ryan just nodded, humming the rest of "We intertwined"

"Ry, we have to leave like, right after breakfast." Brendon said, looking out the window. He was actually planning on getting it off his chest, and telling him. YES, today. He was going to tell him. He wouldn't be mad, not at all, it happened so long ago, anyway.

Soon, Ryan finished the pancakes, and they ate. Something in Brendon told him he shouldn't tell, and keep it in the past, but it ate at him, that Ryan was always clueless. It wasn't going to affect anything, Pete knew, he tried to see past it, but he knew. Taylor and Brendon had found out a while back, and Pete took it fine. He lived with it, and still acted the same, even if he hadn't known.

They got in the car, and drove to the studio. The recording went great, and they were able to finish most of the CD, only a couple more tracks remained.

"Hey guys, wanna go out for dinner tonight?" Spencer asked. "Sure!" everyone but Brendon agreed, he needed Ryan alone, to talk to him. This was a big thing, and he still wasn't sure how Ryan would take it.

They all drove to a nice restaurant, and took their seats, ordering, and sending the waitress off to get their food. "SO! Are we all exited as hell for the summer tour?" Spencer said, breaking the awkward silence. "Exited as hell!" Jon said. "Hell yes!" Ryan added, Brendon yet again, stayed quiet.

After a while, Ryan turned to Brendon.

"Hun, what's eating you?" he said.

"Say what?" Brendon asked.

"It means, what's the matter?" Ryan said.

"Uh, Ryan, can we talk, over near the bathrooms for a second?" Brendon said.

Ryan suddenly grew a worried face. "Yeh, sure." Ryan said, getting up.

"We're just going to the bathrooms" Brendon informed the rest of the guys. They nodded.

When they reached the bathrooms, Ryan looked up.

"Brendon, you haven't acted this awkward in so long, what's the matter? Are...are you breaking up with me?" Ryan asked, tears starting to fill his eyes.

"No! No, of course not honey!" Brendon said, wiping the tears.

"But...there is something I need to tell you." he said.

"Wh..what?" Ryan said, catching his breath after the first "wh"

"Listen, you know, uh...Taylor and Pete's uh..." Brendon said.

"Baby? Yeah, Taylor's starting to get big, its pretty funny actually, seeing little Taylor so, round." Ryan said.

Brendon gulped.

"Ryan...the babies not Pete's" Brendon said.

"Oh! Poor Pete! Whose is it? Did Taylor tell you this?" Ryan said, clueless of the seriousness of this.

"Its..." Brendon started.

"Does Pete know?" Ryan interrupted.

"Yes." Brendon said, out stretching his neck with annoyance.

"Is he mad?" Ryan asked.

"No." Brendon said through his teeth.

"By the way, have they found out if it's a boy or a girl yet?" Ryan asked.

"No." Brendon said, again through his teeth.

"So, why are you telling me this?" Ryan asked, by now annoying the shit out of the stressed Brendon.

"God dammit Ryan, Taylor's baby is mine!" Brendon yelled, tears starting to fall.

Ryan backed away, and gulped, choking back tears.

"What?" He said, a tear sliding down his cheek.

"Months ago, when you went to Chicago, me and Taylor hooked up, and I got her pregnant. Okay? It was before us, I swear." Brendon sobbed.

Ryan just shook his head. Tears streaming down his face.

"Ryan...say something." Brendon said, now shaking.

He just nodded his head.

"God dammit Ryan! Say something!" Brendon screamed, a rage over coming him, starting to make a scene in the busy restaurant.

"I have to go." He said, turning around.

"NO!" Brendon said, grabbing his arm. .

"Brendon" Ryan said, shaking Brendon's grip off.

"I said, I have to go." He said, running out of the restaurant, leaving Brendon crying, filled with regret, hate, and extreme rage.

wow, that was depressing, aye? Maybe I will do a sequel. Reviews anyone? Enough of those suckers would call for a sequel, which I already have ideas for.

or is it? its all in your hands
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