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Okay, as much as we all dreaded this...

This story is probably going to be ending relitivley soon...
let it all out now, before I continue, just let itall out.
rubs your back, and hands you tissues
I know, I know...let it ALL out.

back to buisness. I totally spelt that wrong...anyway...

Okay, after this bad boy ends, I'd say a few more good long chapters, i'll be focusing on the new story, and starting this other story, I've got raging ideas for, so I hope to make the newest one really good, and yes, it'll be a panic story, and i can also tell you that it's going to be a mostly brendon, and I'm going to try hard not to make it into a rydon, because honestly...when I first started this story, it wasn't intended as a rydon. yeah...

so alas, every great story must end, so enjoy while you can, then I'll grace you with more panicy goodness as this one comes to a close.

thank you so much for all your reveiws, seriously, I love you guys, a lot, and hope you'll all follow my new story once i start writing it, because i have some good ideas and such. =]

so yeah...=]=]=]
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