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Chapter 5 - He's A Rockstar, She's a Fallen Star.

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How - exactly - are you meant to feel??

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"You had no right coming in this house!" He said angrily, Petra slowed her steps down the stairs and crouched slightly.

"No - I don't wanna hear it! I'm tired and I can't be doing with you getting all on my back - Katy listen to me-"

He stopped a she evidently was letting her thoughts be known.

Petra watched as he fisted his free hand against the wall of the kitchen.

"What do you mean you got nothing out of our relationship - what the f* did you want, a medal?"

Petra frowned, she wasn't happy at hearing him talk to her like that.

"You're such a hypocrite, I don't even wanna talk to you any more, just stay away from me." He said coldly ending the call.

Petra was confused, this wasn't making sense. He turned quickly and saw Petra standing at the bottom of the stairs, frozen, he saw the stitches covering her cut from the night before.

"You let her in?!" He said angrily.


"Katy - you let her in?!" he said, his eyebrows were raised, Petra stared at him blankly.

"Oh, cos I checked on the list of people you left me for who not to let in and she was straight off it." Petra said caustically.

"You don't let her in - you hear?"

"I hear you!" She snapped angrily.

"And stay out of my room!" He growled back, before stalking off.

"Hey!!" She said after him, following him through the house.

"Oi!!" He stopped suddenly, that perky voice would soon irritate the cells right out his brain if it continued.

His eyes fixed on her quickly and firmly.

"Don't - get..... shitty with me!" She said, as if he'd caught off guard with how she was defending herself.

"Then keep out my room!" he said.

"I'm sorry!!!" She shouted back. He was shocked, she bit back when she needed and he hated that in a woman, but it looked fantastic on her.

"What were you doing in there? Going through all my stuff?!" He asked, she looked away quickly.

"Sort of?"

He shook his head.

"I was just looking at your photographs....then I kind of got distracted and fell asleep." She said quickly.

His eyes studied her for a moment.


"Why what?" she asked

"Why were you looking at my photographs?"


He raised his eyebrow.

".....I'm a nosy cowbag?" she replied, her face screwing up slightly.

"Yeah you are." He said coolly.

"Ok we're done." He said, finished with being mad at her, it wasn't hard for her to reflect the sheepish body language.

He didn't see her for the rest of the day, she stayed up in her room, shy of the confrontation. Finally, starvation forced her out of her working pen and she quietly descended the stairs. Patrick turned upon hearing her, he was cooking something, she wasn't sure what.

"Hey." He said softly. She smiled weakly and moved to the cupboard opening it.

"You can have some of this if you want?" he said, the pan sizzled.
"What is it?" She asked,

" has like...onions and ...cheese!" he said,

"Sounds filling." She said. They both frowned as the smell of burning hit their nostrils.

"Oh shitters!" he growled, she rushed over and laughed hysterically at his black omelette. He haphazardly bundled the omelette into the bin and slammed the pan down.

"See, take away all this press coverage and visa rubbish - you do actually need a wife." She said smugly, taking out some fish from the fridge. He watched her as she calmly got out each ingredient.

"Patrick?" she asked,

"Uh huh?" he said, throwing a nut into his mouth.

Ask him about Katy, you know you want to - come on! Do it!

"You want salad or vegetables with it?"

"Salad." He said, throwing another nut. She kept silent, tying around her make shift apron and tucking it into her trousers.

There was the comfortably awkward silences again. She chopped up the salad and boiled the potatoes.

"How's your cut doing?" he asked finally.

"It's tender..." she nodded.

"Lemme see it." He said, standing up and approaching her.

"It's alright, don't worry."

"No, Pets, let me see it!"

She put the knife down and he peered carefully at it.

"We should clean it up, come here." He said, taking her wrist gently and sitting her down in the same stool as last night. He squeezed the antiseptic lotion onto the pad and pressed it gently against her brow, she winced and clenched her fingers around the stool quickly.

"OK?" he said in such a soft voice. She just nodded, keeping her eyes closed.

"Katy still loves you." She said succinctly.

"I know." He replied,

Petra's eyes stayed closed firmly.

"Why are you so brutal with her?" she asked, he stopped dabbing her wound.

"I resent her." He said factually.


"Is it any of your business?" he asked, she opened her eyes slowly and looked at him.

"Of course it is. I'm your wife."

Patrick's eyebrows raised.

"Yeah - it's only on paper." He retorted.

"You're done." He said, stepping away and packing up his first aid box again.

"Great." She chirped and hopped off the stool and out of the kitchen, throwing her apron on the floor as she did, ascending the stairs back up to her work pen.

"Petra!" Patrick called.

The door slammed.

Anger could only last for as long as the subject you were angry at , deemed so. She'd listened to his band's albums, over and over, trying her best to connect with someone who wasn't even singing his own words. She understood one thing though, she fully understood his musical ability and she treasured the detail of his compositions. Petra didn't know a great deal about music, just enough to get by.

Her anger blazed not on the inside or on the outside, but just somewhere in the middle. She was only angry at the fact she he seemed always so quick to put her back in her place as the anonymous role in his life. She always felt dismissed by him, sometimes, like she didn't even have a right to say the things she did to him.


The door creaked as she pushed it open gently, ever so slightly, her bare feet nimbly made contact with the carpet and she reached the hall way. She'd hadn't taken a risk like this in a long time. He was laid on the couch in the darkness listening to music on his laptop. He was married to that machine. He sat up quickly and stared at her in the doorway in her underwear.

"Petra?" he frowned, he gulped hard, she hid a very decent body under those jeans and t-shirts.

She slid on to his lap and he leaned back, his eyes wide in (sexual??) fear...

Her hand undid his jeans roughly and he took in a deep breath, wanting to not object at all.


"Shh!!!" She hushed firmly. He gasped hard as her fingers gripped him firmly and pleasured him for the first time in months.

Petra watched as his breathing became rapid in his chest and his eyes clenched shut tight. His fists balled up at his sides.

"Well that didn't take very long." Her husky voice said a short time after she'd attacked him. He was breathless and a soft moan fell out his mouth.

Patrick sat up quickly, he wasn't breathless, sweating or scared. Glancing down he let out a sigh. He awkwardly adjusted himself in his boxers and lay back down.

"I'm a rockstar this isn't supposed to happen..." he sighed to himself, refusing to attend to himself.


"Ethan?" she croaked, sitting up in bed.

"Ethan?" She asked again, straining her eyes in the dark.

"I'm here darling.." he said from the darkness, she could tell from the faint light he was taking off this shirt and hanging his suit up. He crawled on to the bed and swept her up into a long end of day kiss.

"How was your day?" she smiled, he kissed her again.
"Awful, I didn't have time to think of you!" he said, she giggled and pulled him down with her to the bed. She wrapped a leg around him to ensure he knew exactly what her motives where.

"Petra Fairfax..." he smirked, she giggled against his lips and pulled the covers over them both.

Petra sat up in her bed, she was breathing hard, she was covered in sweat and she was scared out of her wits. She rushed up to the bathroom and threw freezing water in her face, all the meantime, breathing hard, her chest tightening.

"No!" She scolded herself, gripping the sink in her fingers.

The next few minutes were critical in Petra Stump's cycle of those memories. Calm down, or get the bag.

"Don't make me get the bag!" she gasped, unevenly.

Patrick looked up to her room and listened carefully. It scared him, made him sweat a bit, took his breath a little. He made his way up the stairs to her room and he could hear clearly now, Petra struggling as he heard that loud wheeze.

He didn't knock. He only entered and stood still as his eyes fell upon Petra furiously raiding her drawers for her brown bags.

"Petra? What are you looking for, what's going on?" he asked. She could no longer talk through the hyperventilation.

"Bags!" She gasped and continued, he came to her aid and helped. She's lost the interest in hiding her personal memoirs from him, he could clearly see all her stuff, her photo's, her sentimental things. Lifting the photo album slightly, he spotted the brown items and grabbed one.

"Here!" He said quickly, she took it, immediately drawing her breaths from the bag, she slid down the wall and closed her eyes.

"Should I call for help?" He asked, kneeling down beside her, touching her shoulder softly. She shook her head for no.

"Can I do anything?" He asked. She shook her head again.

Petra closed her eyes hard and just breathed as steadily as she could into the bag, the only sound was it inflating and deflating with each of her breaths.

"Are you OK?" he asked, she opened eyes and looked at him. She nodded for yes.

Then he just stayed there beside her until she realised her breathing had levelled. He pulled the bag away and uncovered her mouth, her eyes made contact with him, she looked totally unnerved.

"You want me to call you Nurse?" She said weakly. He chuckled.

"Are you alright Petra?" he asked, his hand gently stroked hers. She pulled her hand away and swallowed, looking down at her lap.

Patrick wasn't quite sure what to do.

"I should go back to bed." She said gently.

"Ok!" he nodded and she slid back up the wall, he clambered up too and looked at her shaken up body. He took her waist and she moved away from him awkwardly.

"I'm honestly alright." She said, making sure he understood not to touch her.

"Alright." He said gently.

His eyes stayed awake, even though he dreamt deeply.

He dreamt of all the things that could make a woman act like Petra did.

There was no 'moment' when he was introduced to the witty English girl those months ago through Pete that made him feel a connection with her.

He wasn't attracted to her in 'that way' either, there was nothing, it was just pleasant.

Yes, Ok, they were now married and she was now his spouse but his feelings ( he thought...) were the same. Only now, he had contended with an embarrassing erotic dream that he just hoped, maybe, only if she wanted to, could come true.

Hell, if anyone wants to make it come true, that'd be great.... he said to himself.

In a flicker, those thoughts went and were replaced with the broken version of Petra he'd seen an hour earlier.

He was afraid of how willing he wanted to be a strong man for her at that moment and struck by his complete inability to do so. He'd wanted to imprison her in his arms for a moment and let her know that she was safe, but not because it was Petra, but because he would've done that for any woman who'd looked at him with those eyes.

Analyzing and quantifying his feelings for this paperwork wife, he summarised them just so:

I have no idea how or what I should feel for this woman.

Petra tossed and turned. She thumped her pillow angrily, becoming more and more distressed.

"Let me sleep - please!!!" She growled out.

She grabbed the other two pillows and folded them to a big mess beside her, enveloping her arms over it and burying her head on it. Like a mother scent to a baby, that feeling brought instant comfort.

Her eyes closed deeply as her face nuzzled into her makeshift bed buddy and she finally slipped away.

"Ethan...." She sighed as she went.

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