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Paybacks A Bitch

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Morning After

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Sunlight streamed into the bus and I heard music blaring from the back. I opened my tired eyes and looked around. Pete wasn't there, but I could hear Joe slightly snoring from the bottom diagonal bunk.

Smirking, I jumped down and landed on my feet quietly. I slid the curtain back and climbed into Joe's area. I sat on his lap and began rubbing his chest. He was still sleeping, but I could feel the friction begin in his jeans. I ran my hands down his sides and started to undo his pants.

Dear Lord, what am I thinking? Oh that's right. I'M NOT!

After struggling with his pants, I remembered that the curtain was open, so I shut it. Then I grabbed him rough through his boxers. Joe's eyes flew open and he sat up quickly-to quickly and we bumped heads.

"OW!" we yelled. Then he looked at me.

"Sam? What are you doing playing with me?"

"Having a bit of fun is all." I pretended to look shy and innocent, and when he leaned towards me, I finished it and kissed him. This kiss was nothing like the one between me Andy and I.

It was slow, soft and sweet. I wasn't thinking at all, and I don't really remember what happened. Next thing I know, we're both naked and Joe is on top.

"Sam, I know you're a virgin and all, but we can stop right now."

"No." I was firm. If Andy wanted to not be with me, then I wouldn't care.

Joe gently pushed himself into me, and I gasped as pain coursed through my body. But after awhile, it didn't hurt anymore and it became more and more pleasurable. We were both sweaty and icky, but we didn't care. Joe climaxed first, and I followed soon after. It was the best thing I had ever done.

But what about Andy?

-He hurt you remember?


-You just had sex with Joe.

Yeah. And I don't regret it either.

I looked over at Joe. His eyes were wide and looking at the curtain. I glanced over and had to squint my eyes. The curtain was open and Andy was staring at us, wide-mouthed. There was hurt all over his face, and tears were forming in his eyes.


But he brushed me off and went back to the room where I was staying.

"Sam?" I turned back to Joe.


"Do you regret what we just did?" He looked kind of sad.

"The truth? No. I don't regret it." I kissed him, and he kissed back.

"But?" he asked smiling

"But I'd like to take a shower now. I don't so well with being icky for long periods of time."

He laughed. "Welcome to Band Life." We both got up, and took a shower together. No matter what I said and knew I felt, I had this tugging feeling in my stomach. Guilt? Probably. Realization? HOLY SHIT WE HAD SEX WITHOUT A CONDOM!

Great. No condom, and I don't have any pills on me. What's a girl to do now?

(A/N: Wow. She slept with Joe. Don't hurt me. REVIEW!)
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