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Hey. Next chapter up hope you enjoy.... It's quite a long one.... But I think they might be a bit longer from now on.

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It was now Wednesday.

Well it was only the very beginning of Wednesday. Toni was getting ready for school. Dragging her fully clothed self down the corridor to the kitchen. Expecting to find another note on the fridge, she was surprised when she saw her uncle sitting at the kitchen with the newspaper in front of him.

'Hey.' He said unenthusiastically.

'Morning..... Not at work this morning?'

'No... I have today and tomorrow off. Um.... I was wondering if you wanted to do something tomorrow... after you get out of school. Y'know just hang out. It feels like forever since we talked properly.' He suggested with a slight hint of hope in his voice.

'Um... well... um.... I was going to go to the mall with Alicia and Mikey tomorrow afternoon.' She said slightly cowering behind the fridge door.

'Oh... That's how it is, is it? I take time off work to spend time with you but you would rather spend it with people who aren't even your family.' He spat it out like it was sour milk.

'Whatever.' Was Toni's only response to his foul mood before she made her way back through to her bed room to finish getting ready.

She brushed her hair. A shiver ran up her spine so she decided that she needed an extra layer. Wandering over to her closet she scanned the rail for a jumper or hoodie. That's when her eyes landed on the Black Flag hoodie that Frank had given her the night she went totally teenager on their asses.

She laughed slightly at the memory and pulled it off the rail and over her head. Satisfied with her choice of clothes she picked up her book bag, made her way to the front door and made sure to slam it behind her.

Brian had slightly hit a nerve there. When he said that Mikey and Alicia weren't even her family... Okay... so they weren't related. But they were more like family to her than anyone had been in her whole life... even her real parents. They cared about her and they showed that.

Once more she rounded the corner to see the same kids she had seen the past two mornings. Including Sam, who was leaning against the wall reading as usual. She walked over and stood beside him. It took him a few seconds to realise that it was Toni that had stood herself beside him.

'Oh hi!' He said in an overly cheery voice.

'Gawd... why are you so happy at this ungodly hour?' Toni asked half amused half annoyed.

' I've already had my caffeine dose.' Upon him saying this, Toni realised she hadn't had her morning coffee yet.

'Hey... you feelin' okay?' He asked in a slightly lower tone, the same one Donnie uses when he asks her that.

'Yeah... I'm fine... why wouldn't I be.'

'No... something's bothering you... spill!' He demanded.

It was weird. She had only known this kid for three days... but already they were pretty good friends, and already he could read her like the book his nose is stuck in every morning.

He reminded her a lot of Joey ... and Donnie... so he was like both of her favourite people rolled into one. Now if only he could play bass, sing like angel, play guitar like he was having an epileptic seizure, had a fro and a lip ring then he would be the most perfect person in the world.

Toni giggled into herself at that thought and climbed onto the bus that had just pulled up with Sam not too far behind.

They took their usual seat at the back of the bus and Sam was still staring at her waiting on a reply.

'Oh... um... it's just that me and my uncle had a stupid argument like two weeks ago and he's been a real bastard to me ever since... No biggie. I just get annoyed real easily.'


She giggled at his expression.

'Don't worry... I'll warn you if I'm in a bad mood... it'll give you some time to take cover.'

They both sat laughing. Then Sam looked down at her hoodie.

'Hey. I like the top... where'd you get it?' He asked pointing in her general direction.

' Erm... It was kinda a present.... From Frank.' She said slowly not knowing if he would catch on or not.

'Frank?.... Frank who?... what like.... Iero?' He asked not being too sure whether it was a stupid question. But I mean it was MCR that Donnie was working for... so he could be right.

' Um... yeah.'

' Wow... awesome... not many people can say they are wearing Frank Iero's clothing today.' Once again they were both giggling.

'Um.. Yeah.. He's a cool guy. We have the same birthday... which is pretty awesome.'

'Yeah I keep on forgetting that you like... lived... with MCR.' He chuckled at his dumbness.

'Yup... 4 whole months in a moving tin can with six of the untidiest people in the world. But they are all really awesome guys. They come home tomorrow.'

She thought through the silence for a while after that then snapped her head round to Sam.

'Hey... do you want to meat Mikey Way tomorrow?'

'Wow... that was kinda outta the blue. But yeah that would be awesome. But what are you like... planning on kidnapping him tomorrow or something? ' He giggled back at her excitement.

'No stupid... he's picking me up from school tomorrow and me him and his fiancé are going to the mall.'

'Ooo check you out... shopping with the stars.' He giggled taking the piss out of her a little.

' Yeah... well he's kinda like the big brother I never had.'

'Yeah... but I bet you've had my brother.' He laughed hiding behind his book bag knowing that there was a slap swiftly moving towards the back of his head.

'Actually speaking of my brother... how is he. He hasn't called or text me in over a week.' He complained sounding slightly hurt.

'Oh he's fine I was speaking to him on Monday night.' she said reassuring him.


Oh the joys of long division!.... NOT!

Toni was in eighth period math on Thursday. She hated Thursdays... the sucked. And to make it even better. She had officially made her first enemy of this hell hole.

The name was Adam Walton. What a name.. eh?

Well it all started at lunch. Her and Sam had the same lunch hour. And she had found out that Donnie had been right, Sam had been kicked out of his old school and had only been here for a month or so and didn't really have any friends. So they ate luck together outside.

Anyway... they were outside and Toni was putting her rubbish in the bin just at the front doors when some asshole shoved into her and threw his stuff in the bin first. The collision had made Toni drop some of her stuff... missing the bin completely.

'Hey! Watch where you're going asshole!' She shouted loud enough for his to hear as he walked away.

That was the mistake she made... she turned to walk back round the corner to where Sam was sat under the tree in the shade when she felt two hands grab her right arm and twirl her around roughly. She was slightly dizzy and when her vision focussed, she was met with two pissed off looking muddy brown excuses for eyes.

'Why don't you watch where YOU'RE going you little whore!' He said it just under his breath but loud enough for Toni to hear and loud enough to be slightly threatening.

Toni didn't buy it though a pushed him off with force. But he retaliated and gripped her shoulders roughly and full of aggression.

She frowned still looking at his eyes... at them... not in them. He smiled evilly and shoved her aggressively to the concrete and sauntered away. High fiving his buddies in the process.

What a loser.

Anyway... there was now exactly seven minuets until she was free for another day. Just to relive it all again the next.

She was excited about seeing Mikey again... she was excited about seeing Alicia again too. The last time she saw her was in the middle of September. She had kept in touch with her through text and e-mail though.


Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound that every student wished to hear from the moment they set foot in there in the morning.

She ran up to her locker to find Sam already standing there waiting on her.

'Hey... you ready to meet Mikey?'

'Yeah... awesome.'

They linked arms like two little kids and made their way out to the main entrance. She knew she was to look out for a dark maroon SUV. They stood by the curb outside the school gates and she looked both ways.

'There!' She said pointing to the SUV quite a bit down the sidewalk.
She practically ran to it... dragging poor Sam behind her.

She got to the driver's tinted window and tapped on it furiously. The door opened and out (literally) jumped Mikey.

He brought her into a bone crushing hug. Her shoulders hurt a bit from where Adam had grabbed her. There were now visible yellowish bruises forming on each of her upper arms. She winced slightly as she hugged Mikey back.

'Hey kiddo... Missed you... I've had no one to take care of for two weeks!!' He said in her ear.

'I've missed you too.' She giggled.

Mikey stood up straight from their embrace and looked at Sam.

'Who's your friend?' He asked politely

'This is Sam... remember... Donnie's brother.' She reminded him pulling Sam forward slightly.

' Hey it's really cool to meet you.' Sam said extending a hand towards Mikey. He shook it and said hi back.

'Hey Toni ... listen I gotta catch the bus. I'll see you tomorrow... Have fun at the mall.' He said while walking towards the line of buses pulling up.

'Bye see ya tomorrow.'

She turned back to face Mikey and gave him another hug.

'So we just have to go and pick Ali up from work and then... to the mall!' He said the last part in a deep voice making Toni laugh.

'Oh and I hope you don't mind... but I picked some tramp up off the street and told him he could come to the mall with us.'

A look of pure confusion washed over Toni's face as Mikey reached for the door handle to the back seat. Before she knew what was happening, Frank was standing in front of her grinning like a madman.

'Kept the hoodie I see.' He chuckled giving Toni an equally bone destroying hug as Mikey had given.

'Yup... hope you don't mind.'

'Not at all kiddo.'

They pilled back into the car, Toni calling shotgun and Frank cursing under his breath. On the way there they picked Alicia up from her office and made their way to the mall.


It was such a good way to end a day that had started off shitty.

She didn't buy much... but what she did buy, she was happy with. When they had dropped her off at Brian's complex they told her to call them if she needed anything or just wanted to hand out. Once again... she was totally going to take them up on that.

The ping of the elevator pulled her back from her thoughts and she made her way towards her uncle's apartment. With the door being unlocked she just made her way through the house and into her room to dump off her purchases.

She heard her name being called from the sitting room and when she went to investigate she found her uncle in the same state he had been in when this hell started.



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