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Conversations... of the disillusioned kind

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a convo between Toni and Brian

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Okay.... So this is just another filler. But I've done it in POVs. Sooo read and tell me what you think!



She tried her best to just ignore him. He was sat in his big, comfy looking armchair with the TV light illuminating his unshaven face and making his nose and lip ring shine. She turned to walk away.

'No no no!... I wanna talk to yoooo.' He slurred at her retreating form.

She turned, crossing her bruised arms over her chest.

' What is it?' She inquired trying not to sound as pissed off as she felt.

' Why are we fighting all the time... huh? I mean... what did I do? Was I such a shitty uncle that you hate me now?' His speech was still slightly slurred.

His head was bowed down a bit and his eyes were out of Toni's view. She couldn't help but feel a little bad for him. She let her arms fall to her sides and she slowly made her way over to where her uncle was sitting.

' I don't hate you.... It's just... well.... I guess we just don't ... understand each other sometimes.'

'Yeah.... But we always fight now.... Even when I try to be nice to you.... You bite my fucking head off.... What's that about?' He was slurring a bit more.

Clearly her uncle was the type to let his true colours show when he was drunk. Y'know... the kind of person that just says what they want to say without thinking about it?

' Well I don't mean to y'know. I hate not being able to talk with you properly and mess about like we used to. It's just... well now when we try to talk it ends up turning into an argument. And it kinda looks like this conversation is kinda heading that way now. So I'm gonna go to bed before anything starts.'

'Yeah... you do that.' He said under his breath, but Toni could still hear him.

'What's that supposed to mean?' She asked crossing her arms once more.

' Nothing... I.... urgh... I don't know why I bother with you sometimes. It's not worth it if all I'm gunna get in return is you hating me.'

' Like I said I don't hate you. But Yeah you're right why should you bother? Huh? I'm just a stupid kid. One more problem that you really don't need to deal with right?... But don't worry... another five weeks and you never have to see me again... How does that suit you.' She was a little taken back at what had just slipped out her mouth.

She had raised her voice towards the end of the sentence and there were salty tears stinging the rims of her eyes.

' Yeah... well that suits me just fine... Bitch.'

That hurt.

'I'm going to bed.'

She started to head towards her room.

'Yeah... whatever.' Was all Brian slurred in response.

She stopped in her tracks and turned around to face him once more. She took in a shaky breath.

' I love you Uncle Brian... I just thought you should know that.' She said softly in defeat and the carried on towards her room.

Brian's POV

Aww... shit!

Why'd I have to go and ruin another conversation between me and her. It was going okay... right?

But then I just had to say something stupid. I didn't mean it. I guess I'm a tad more drunk than I thought I was huh? But I don't want her to be mad at me. I love her. When she said she loved me... just there. My heart was ready to burst. I had just been a total shit to her, but she still found it in her to tell me that.

I don't really want her to go. I was mad the night I said that... That whole fight started because of me. I should've just left her in Donnie's van. Then all of this wouldn't have started. We'd be fine.

I bet she can't wait to get out of here. She must hate being with me, even if she did say she loved me.

BUT! ... I betcha' that was just a way to make me feel bad. Yeah. That must be it. She just wants me to feel sorry for her... ha! Well I'm not going to fall for it.

Aww... not I don't mean that... god I don't know what I mean. Maybe I should try to talk to her tomorrow before she goes to school? Nah... She'll still be pissed off then. It's better just to stay out of her way... yeah.

I'll just head into work early again tomorrow.... Yeah.

God... I wish her mother was here. She would know what to do. She always knew what to do.

Now... where'd that bottle go?

Toni's POV

Okay that's it settled.... He wants me gone.... Even if he was drunk just there. He made it pretty clear that he has had enough of me.

I'll just stay out of his way like I planned. Or maybe I'll try to talk to him tomorrow morning be fore I go to school.

Yeah?.....Mmm no... maybe not Toni.... Just stay out of the way.

The less he has to see of you the better.

Yeah... I know... It's short.

But it is just the beginning of an idea that popped into my head.

The next chapter will be way longer I promise. I might even bring Donnie back in the next 1. Sooo I guess you'll have to keep on reading to find out if I do huh?

Anyway... tell me what you think of this one cause it would be a REALLY great help!!!

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