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Introduction to Jenna

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Sorry it's a sucky title i couldn't really think of one, if you can think of a better one let me know. here's the first part intorducing you to the main character, let me now what you think.

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Jenna Sucre was the kind of girl all the guys wanted to date and all the girls wanted to be.

Here's some back ground info about her:

Jenna was part of a large Latin-American family. She had four older brothers and one younger.
Her father left them and their mother for a younger woman when Jenna was six.
It seemed to be a family course for all the women in the family that their husband leave them for a younger woman as this had also happened to all the women in her family; Jenna's grandmother and Aunties husband had left them and her other aunty and cousin's husband weren't far from walking out of their family.
The family was very strict about their heritage and the family loyalty.
They all stuck together and if you picked a fight with one you picked a fight with all of them.
The men's role in the family was the 'money makers' and the women once they leave school are supposed to go and find a 'suitable' husband one approved by the family, get married, start a family and stay at home taking care of their husband and children.
Jenna's family owned a chain of restaurants that her great, great grandfather had built from nothing and now earned the family a good deal of money.
The men in the family where all sent to work in the family business while the women stayed at home looking after the men.
The men in the Sucre family where the gangster, mobbish type that everyone knew not to mess with.
Jenna's brothers where quite possibly the worst for getting into dodgy deals and fights. Deep down they really where good guys with hearts of gold.
As Jenna was the only girl in her family her brothers where very overprotective of her. She wasn't allowed to date until she turned 18 not that that stopped her she just kept it a secret from anyone. If she ever did take a guy home or was seen with a guy the poor guy would get interrogated and more often than not a slight beating from her brothers, usually under the command of her mother, to give him a taste of what would happen if he hurt their 'baby sister'.
All the over protectiveness drove her crazy and with the rest of her family picking out the perfect husband for her to settle down with the minute she left school was what drove her away.
She 'loved' her family; she just didn't 'like' them, simply because of their rules and traditions. She respected them it's just that she didn't want it for herself. That was why she decided to get away then she could live her own life.
Jenna hated the tradition and vowed the minute she left school she was leaving the family and it's traditions behind.
Jenna was always the rebel of the family and barely made it through school although the one thing that kept her on the straight and narrow was her designing.
She was really creative and imaginative.
When Jenna left the family and broke the traditions they where all mad at her and threatened to kick her out of the family but none of them could actually bring themselves to do it as everyone loved her too much.
After a lot of arguments and drama they managed to agree to let Jenna do her own thing as long as she kept in touch. The time she spent away from her family made her respect the traditions a little more but she still didn't want to become a housewife at such a young age.

When she left school she managed to get into a university far away from 'home' to eventually become a designer.
That she did; with in a few years she had become one of the top designers and a favourite for the celebrities making her some what famous herself.
She still kept in touch with her family and still saw them over holidays and family get together etc.
Jenna left home for university at 18 and left university at 20. She worked on building up her reputation as a designer till 22 and at 22 she moved out to LA being one of the best designers around.


Jenna from quite a young age lost a lot of respect for men in general. After seeing how her dad, granddad, uncle's and cousin's treated their wives along with the constant pressure to find a husband and start a family put Jenna right of relationships. She still wanted guys for the good stuff e.g. sex and dates but she was never interested in serious relationships. After seeing how hurt and distraught her mom and all the other female in her family where with the way their husbands treated them she decide to protect her self and not to make her self vulnerable to that heart break by not getting too close or getting serous with any guy.

Through school she messed around experimenting with a few guys but it was hard as her brother where always around keeping an eye on her and if she was caught with a guy she'd get the third degree from them and her mother and basically anyone else from the family and the poor guy would get interrogated and often a beating.

When she left school that's when the real fun began as she was not constantly being watched by her family she dated guy after guy never getting too close to them. She'd have her fun with them then when it was over she'd move on. She often went of dates with up to three different guys in one week. Jenna was always able to 'pull' any guy she wanted to with her stunning good looks, her amazing body and great personality. Everyone seemed drawn to her; she also made lots of friends easily too. but with the ups came the downs Jenna as well as meeting a lot of good guys she met a lot of bad guys too that put her trough her fair share of shit.

When she moved to LA between the Madden's houses she got a room mate and her new best friend Gabby (Tony's girlfriend). When she moved to LA she hit it of with Joel straight away and they became good friends instantly. Benji on the other hand, Jenna and Benji had a 'fiery' relationship. If they weren't constantly arguing or fighting they would be having the most amazing sex ever. Yes that's right one thing that Benji and Jenna could agree with was that they both loved having pure no stings attached meaningless sex. When ever either of them where going through a hard time, where pissed of at something or just needed sex they'd go to the other and they knew exactly what the other wanted. They kept their little 'antics' a secret as best as they could but close friends did have ideas of what was going on but never really brought it up.

The whole serial dating thing and the occasional casual sex with Benji thing went on for about 18 months but then Jenna and Joel started getting closer and more than friends. The more time she spent hanging out with Joel and not dating as many different guys she realised it was time for her to actually start to think about settling down a little. Her time away from her family had given her time to think and appreciate her heritage and traditions. 6 months later she and Joel made themselves an official exclusive couple.

Jenna also obviously ended her casual sex with Benji; the thing that Jenna didn't know was that all this time Benji had actually started falling for her. He kept quite and didn't tell her because he knew if she found out he had feelings for her she would cut him out of her life like she does with all the other guys. As she 'doesn't do relationships' and get rid of the guy when she thinks he's getting too close or involved. He decided it would be best to keep quite because then she would still keep coming back for the casual sex that was better than nothing he thought. He also thought that he could deal with just sex but as time went on he couldn't.

1 year later Joel and Jenna got engaged which broke Benji's heart but no knew the only person that did know was Tony. Benji and Jenna's relationship after she had stopped the casual sex visits went to just arguing or fighting when ever they where in the same room as each other.

So that's the main part of Jenna Sucre's busy life.
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