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9 months after Jenna and Joel first got engaged, Jenna was getting Joel and Benji's houses ready for then getting back from their two month tour. Jenna would usually go with them when ever they toured but with all the wedding plans she decide to stay home and look after the houses while doing some designing and wedding planning. She was also minding the dogs, Joel's dog easy and her own Great Dane called Van short for Van Helsing.

She had just finished getting the last of the things sorted in Joel's house the dogs following her everywhere. The dogs loved her when ever she was around they where loyal to her and only her they would only obey her much to Joel's annoyance as his dog took more notice of Jenna than him. She had just sat down on the sofa waiting for him to get in when she heard the door open. The dogs went running and barking at him to greet him. She followed him to greet Joel too. When she got to the door she noticed that Joel wasn't alone the other guys had came back too, Benji, Paul, Billy and their newest member Dean.

"Hey guys." She smiled helping Joel in with his many bags.
"Hey Babe." Joel smiled leaning in giving her a quick kiss.
"Is it possible that you got sexier since we left?" Paul smiled giving her a hug.
"Hey Jen." Billy smiled giving her a hug too.
"Hi, nice seeing you again." Dean said smiling at her.
"Oh look Joel there's a skank in your house." Benji spat. Joel glared at him.
"Joel your brothers an ass." she simple stated not even bothering to give Benji the satisfaction of starting an argument.
They all went into the living room the dogs still jumping all over them and barking excitedly.
"Easy, Van get down, basket." He commanded and they took no notice of him at all.
"Easy, Van basket now!" Jenna commanded and they obeyed.
"I hate that." Joel stated everyone laughed apart from him and obviously Benji who had a gob on.
"Anyone want a drink or anything?" Jenna asked.
"I'm fine thanks babe." Joel said.
"Paul?" she asked.
"Just a water if you don't mind."
"Water too please."
"I'm fine thank you."
"Ass hole?" she said turning to Benji.
"Fuck you bitch."
"No nothing ok then." She gave him a sarcastic smile then went and got Paul and Billy's water.

"Is that really necessary Benj?" Paul said looking at Benji.
"Yes." he grumbled.
"Oh this is them being nice to each other you should see them when they really go at it." Joel said.
"Benj what's your problem?" Billy asked.
"She is." He said pointing to Jenna who had just walked in with the waters.
"Bitching about me again are we." She glared at Benji.
"None of your fucking business." He grumbled.
"Fuck you."
"No thanks don't know what I'd catch of you."
"Excuse me." she said infuriated.
"You heard you dirty whore."
"Well if I'm a dirty whore I hate to think what that make you." she spat at him. "Joel I'm going to go home now I'm not liking the company in here. See you later babe." She said leaning over giving him a kiss.
"Don't go because of him." Joel said.
"No I need to go anyway, besides if I stay you may be a brother down by the end of today." She glared at Benji one last time before saying a 'goodbye' to Billy, Paul and Dean.

"Benj that was totally uncalled for, you two need to sort your shit out." Paul said when Jenna had left.
"Yeah Benji she's going to be your sister-in-law soon so your going to have to make things at least civil between you." Billy added.
"Shut up you don't know what you're talking about. She hates me and I hate her nothings ever going to change." Benji said before getting up and storming out back to his house.

Later that night Jenna went back over to Joel's and the two hung out together spending time just the two of them getting reacquainted after being apart. They watched TV, had dinner and talked about the wedding. Jenna noticed there was something a little different about Joel but she couldn't put her finger on it; he just seemed a little more distant and stand offish than usual. She put it down to him being tired from tour or maybe he was a little nervous about the wedding.

A week went by and thing where the same as usual Benji and Jenna at each others throats when ever around each other but at least Joel seemed more back to his normal self. Jenna was going shopping with some of the girls Gabby, Linzi, Kate Paul's girlfriend, Kayla Matt's girlfriend and Anna Dean's girlfriend. Jenna had to call at Joel's before she left as she had left her car keys at his house on the sofa last night.

"Joel babe I'm just going doing some shopping with the girls but I need my car..." she said walking straight into his house not expecting him to have anyone over. When she walked into the living room she walked in on Benji sat on the sofa with some slut all over him.
"Where's Joel?" she said simply giving Benji a dirty look.
"If you don't mind where in the middle of something here." Benji said rudely.
"Like hell you are this isn't your house." She said getting slightly angry. She walked over to the sofa. The girl hadn't stopped at all she carried on all over him kissing his neck. "Excuse me do you mind?" Jenna said tapping her on the back looking discussed. The girl finally got u off him giving Jenna a dirty look.
"Benji who's this." She said looking Jenna up and down.
"My brother's bitch." He spat.
"And who's this Benji? Your latest slut of the week." She spat back. "I don't have time for your shit I just need my key's I left them her last night." she said looking around the sofa for them. Then Joel walked up behind her handing her car keys.
"Looking for these." He smiled wrapping his arms around her from behind and kissing her neck.
"Yeah thanks babe I'm just going doing a bit of shopping with the girl I'll be back later." She said.
"Ok have fun I'll see you later then." He smiled giving me a kiss.
"And make sure you disinfect your sofa before I come back here." she said making Joel laugh.

"So how are the plans for the wedding going?" Linzi asked Jenna excitedly as all the girls sat eating lunch together.
"Alright there coming along slowly, I hate planning stuff like this so it's going to take awhile and don't get me started on Joel planning anything." She laughed.
"Why don't you get a wedding planner?" Kate suggested.
"We could but then it's not as special it's better to plan it your self then you get exactly what you want, but me and Joel aren't in a rush where fine just how we are."
"See here we go again Miss I don't do relationships and get too involved is coming back out." Gabby said knowing Jenna too well.
"No it's not that." Jenna smiled. Gabby gave her the look she knew her better. "Ok well maybe it is a little but I am serious about Joel's he's a good guy and he'll treat me right." she said.
"That doesn't sound too convincing." Gabby pointed out.
"It is just leaving me that's the way I am and always will be. You know the environment I grew up around which makes it hard for me to really trust any guy and give up my whole heart." She explained and Gabby nodded in agreement knowing it was a touchy subject.
"OK well just answer us one question... who's better in bed Benji or Joel?" Kayla giggled making the other girls laugh too at how straight out her question was.
"I can't answer that." Jenna said sounding shocked but still laughing. "Bedside's nothing ever happened between me and Benji apart from arguing." She lied trying to act innocent.
"Now we all know that's not true." Anna pointed out.
"Anna I'm shocked at you, you're supposed to be the nice one." Jenna said as Anna was usually the quieter one of the group.
"Well maybe we have once but I still can't answer because I was trashed when we did so I don't remember it." Jenna tried to lie again. Kate, Anna and Kayla seemed to accept that as they weren't as close to each other as Linzi, Gabby and Jenna where; Linzi, Jenna and Gabby talked about everything and I mean literally everything. Gabby and Linzi still gave Jenna the I know your lying look.
"Ok fine Joel." she said giving up but still lying.
"Really?" they all said sounding a little shocked.
"No Benji really but I have to say Joel anyway." She said. They all burst out laughing.
"I'd have thought Benji too." Gabby admitted.
"I don't know I just think there something about Joel." Linzi said.
"The only thing Benji is good at he's an ass the rest of the time." Jenna said.
"Yeah it's safe to say you two defiantly don't get along." Kate laughed.
"Nah it's probably just sexual tension" Gabby piped up making them laugh again.

That night after spending all day out with the girls Jenna went over to Joel's. When she got there Benji and Tony where over too.
"Oh look here's the bitch." Benji said spitefully when she walked into the living room with Joel. Jenna just gave him a dirty look.
"Benj." Joel warned.
"Hi gorgeous, how are you? Looking very sexy like always." Tony smiled going over to her giving her a hug ignoring Benji.
"I'm fine thanks, looking good yourself too." Jenna smiled looking him up and down.
"Not as good as you though Joel's still one of the luckiest bastards in the world for getting you."
"Or maybe the unluckiest." Benji muttered. Jenna flipped him off.
"Shut your face." Tony scoffed at him making Benji flip him off too.
They sat down talking.
"Oh yeah and one more thing don't ever talk to my girlfriend like you did this morning ever again, on second thoughts just don't speak to her at all." Benji lectured Jenna.
"Oh so that's what your calling her. She's just your fuck of the week until you find some one else, and I'll talk to her how and when I like. I'm not having you telling me what to do." She spat back.
"Ok so changing the subject, Jen are you coming my party tomorrow night?" Tony asked.
"What party?" She asked.
"I'm throwing a party tomorrow night at m house you wanna come?" he said.
"Yeah sure." she nodded.
"Great." Benji mumbled sarcastically.
"What is your fucking problem?" she said annoyed turning to him.
"You're my fucking problem." He spat back.
"Yeah well I have a problem with you too but you don't see me muttering comments about you or behind your back, if I have a problem at least I tell you to your face."
"Ok well what is your problem with me?"
"You an obnoxious asshole who thinks he's god's fucking gift."
"Well at least I'm not a cheep slut."
"The only cheep slut around is your so called girlfriend."
"Fuck you."
"You have at it was shit." Her quick come back shut him up and made him go slightly pinkish and Joel and Tony where trying to hide a laugh.
"Well... well you weren't so good either." he tried his best for a good come back not really getting one.
"Well you weren't complaining and I don't hear Joel complaining." Tony looked very amused, Benji was very pissed of and now Joel was turning slightly pinkish too.
"Joel honey I'm gonna go feed Van and then I'm going to have an early night. I'll see you tomorrow." She said standing and giving Joel a good bye kiss.
"Ok we'll leave here at six for the party." Joel said.
"Ok. Bye Tone nice seeing you again." She said giving Tony a hug.
"Always my pleasure seeing you. See ya tomorrow for the party." He smiled. Joel walked her out.

At five thirty Jenna was still at her house finishing off getting ready. she had her hair in loose curls, a denim mini skirt on showing off her long tanned legs and a white halter top on that showed off her good cleavage and some of her toned belly with Belly button piercing and tattoo of a panther on her right hip bone.
She heard her front door opening then someone come running up the stairs.

"Are you still getting ready?" Joel said walking into her room as she was putting the finishing touches to her make-up.
"Nope done now." She smiled turning round to face him. He grinned looking her up and down.
"I'll say you are, you look so fucking hot." He grinned.
"Thank you." she smirked. "Looking good yourself."
He stood there still staring at her, she walked towards the door.
"You coming or are you just going to stay there catching flies all night." she smirked smacking him on the ass on the way passed.
"I'm coming with you." he said snapping out of his daze then following her. As she got to the bottom of the stairs he ran passed her smacking her on the ass on the way passed. She ran after him, when she caught up to him she pushed him so his back was against the hall wall, her hands on his shoulder pinning him to the wall. They where both breathing heavily from running. The looked at each other grinning then going into a heavy make out session.
"J...Joel we need to go, we're going to be late for the party." She said trying to pull away from him. He nodded.
"Fine." He said unenthusiastically.
"We can carry on where we left of when we get back." She smirked.
"ok." He said with a huge grin on his face. "Come on then." He said smacking on her ass again then walking out to the car, she laughed and rolled her eyes then followed him.

When they got to the party it had already started and most people where already there. Tony came over to them.
"Hi sexy." He smiled at Jenna.
"Aw thanks tone you don't look so bad yourself." Joel laughed.
"I meant your stunning fiancé dumbass." Tony said sarcastically.
"Hi tone." Jenna smiled giving him a hug.
It wasn't long before Tony got distracted and disappeared of into the party. Joel and Jenna mingled together then they split up Joel going of chatting with some of his mates and Jenna went chatting with the girls.
"Wow Jen you look good." Linzi said.
"Thanks you look good your self." She smiled.
"Oh don't look now asshole alert." Gabby said pointing over to the direction Benji was entering the party from. "And he's got some dirty slut with him too." she said.
"Oh I know that you be his 'girlfriend'" Jenna said sarcastically. "Yeah I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting her yesterday, well what bit of her wasn't permanently glued to Benji." Jenna rolled her eyes.
The girls chatted for a little longer before each one disappeared off somewhere either to get more drinks or off dancing with their boyfriends etc. Jenna decided to go find Joel. As she was walking she got into her own little world. Not noticing someone was infornt of her in the doorway she walked right into them.
"Oh I'm sorry I ..." she stopped when she noticed it was Benji.
"Yeah you'd better be." He snapped but then looked her up and down and had a similar reaction to Joel or Tony's. She looked at him discussed.
"Get out of my way." she said pushing him slightly but he wouldn't move making her have to brush up close past him. He smirked at her.
"Fuck of Benj." She sighed rolling her eyes. As she walked away he starred at her ass and her leg legs on show with the very short and rather tight skirt.

"Hey you bitch." Jenna heard someone call from behind her, the next minute someone grabbed hold of her and spun her round. Jenna looked at who it was annoyed, it was Tina Benji's 'girlfriend'.
"Excuse me." Jenna said fuming.
"I know about yours and Benji's history and you'd better say away from him because he's with me now." She said trying to sound threatening but she didn't scare Jenna.
"Obviously you don't know much as we don't have a history." She said sarcastically.
"Just stay away form him." She said stepping closer to Jenna threateningly.
"You wanna get out of my face." Jenna said calmly but warningly.
"Make. Me." she said through gritted teeth which kind of made Jenna laugh because anyone could see she couldn't even hurt a fly. Jenna was getting really mad. Just then she saw Benji walking up behind her.
"Benj you'd better keep you Bitch away from me." she said to him holding her hands up to show she was backing away. Just then Joel came up Behind Jenna wrapping his arms around her.
"Problem babe." She said casually kissing her neck.
"No." Jenna said simply as Benji took hold of his sluts arm trying to move her away.
"Keep your fiancé away from my girlfriend Joel." Benji said giving him evils.
"No Benj it's the other way around keep her away from me for her own good that is." Jenna said.
The rest of the party was uneventful; Joel and Jenna had a good time dancing and chatting with everyone. While Benji sat at the side looking bored with Tina because she had a gob on.

The next two weeks went by very similar Benji was still with Tina, if you could call it that. It was obvious neither of then really liked each other, she was a slut and Benji just wanted her around so a quick fuck when ever he wanted. She was possibility the most annoying person in the world, no one could stand her and even Benji seemed to be getting tired of her. Jenna and Joel's relationship was good but still Jenna noticed a certain distance with Joel towards her and he was a little more snappy with the other guys too.
It was time for one of Jenna's family get together thingies again so she had to go back home for a week. She had just finished packing and went over to Joel's house.
"Joel honey just checking you do remember your taking me to the airport tomorrow because I've got that family thing." She said walking into the kitchen where he was making some lunch.
"Yeah of course I remember." He snapped.
"Sorry I was just checking." She said defensively.
"Sorry I didn't mean to..." he started to apologise, this happened frequently lately she'd ask or say something innocently and he'd snap at her then try to apologise.
"It's ok never mind." She said shacking her head sighing, it was getting old now.
"Come to think of it I've never met your family with the acceptation of two of your brothers." He said smiling at her.
"Trust me you don't want to." she said. She hated people meeting her family because they where so overprotective and embarrassing; they give anyone that she brings to meet them, no matter who they are, the third degree.
"No I really do want to."
"Well you will meet them at the wedding, that way it'll be to late to go back." She laughed lightly.
"So we're leaving here tomorrow at 10am?" he checked.
"Yep and I'll be gone a week." She said.
"Ok, I'll miss you." he said going over giving her a hug.
"I'll miss you too." she mumbled into his chest. He realised her a bit so they could kiss.
"Please, get a fucking room and get a life she's only going for a week unfortunately." Benji said bitterly.
"Don't you have some cheep slut to be fucking?" Jenna shot back at him.
"Just do us all a favour, fuck off home and don't come back."
"Keep pushing me and I might just do that, a life free from you sounds good to me."
"Good at least we agree on something." He said rolling his eyes and she flipped him off.

The next morning Joel took Jenna to the airport as planned and Jenna got her flight back home. Jenna's week went by quite dully with her family questioning her and bugging her about meeting Joel to see if they approved of him or not. She had a few good night's out with her brothers Bobby, Karl, Dan, Scott and Cal going inn order from oldest to youngest. Bobby and Karl where the most protective of her and more gangster/badass-ish, Dan and Scott the more mischievous ones getting into dodgy deals and Cal was the sweet one with the boy-ish charm but don't let looks fool you he could be just as badass and as mischievous if not more than all the others. While she was gone she only spoke to Joel a few times at the beginning of the week but he always seemed pissed off towards her or was snapping at her so she decide not to call if he wanted to talk to her he'd call her but he never did, which hurt her a little; she'd also spoke to Tony, Gabby and Linzi a few times too. They didn't know what was wrong with Joel but they did tell her that Joel and Benji had been arguing a lot lately and it wasn't just their normal twin banter. They also said that Benji and Tina where apparently still together but they where fighting and spending less and less time together. Tony also let it slip that Joel had been spending some time with Tina; they hadn't planned on telling Jenna so not to worry her but Tony just can't keep anything a secret and Jenna was glad of it this time. Jenna was very confused as to what was going on while she was away but tried not to let it bother her.

When it came time for Jenna to leave and go back to LA she was thankful as she was curious to find out what was happening while she was away and her family was really starting to annoy her in the usual way families do but ten times worse.

Joel was supposed to pick her up from the airport when she got back she'd told him when and where to pick her up but when she got there he was no where around. She waited for a while and tried ringing his phone but it was switched off. After an hour of waiting she was really pissed off and decides to call a taxi to take her home. When she got home she put her bags in her house then decided to go straight over to Joel's to see what was going on, she knew he was in because his car was there and Benji's was also outside his house too.

She let herself straight into Joel's like usually and went in. there wasn't anyone around down stairs so she decide to check upstairs. She went up stairs and walked into her room. When she walked in she didn't like what she saw Joel in bed with Tina of all people.

"You bastard." She said bitterly through gritted teeth. Joel turned to look at her not noticing her up till that point. She took her engagement ring off and threw it at him.
"You bitch." She said grabbing hold of Tina's arm and dragging her out of bed. "Maybe I should have been to one warning you off my guy but then again sluts sleep with anything don't they." She said furious then slapped Tine so hard she fell to the floor. By this time Joel had ran over to her and pulled Jenna back by her arm.
"Listen Jenna... let me explain, please." Joel said sounding flustered.
"No there's nothing to explain, now get the hell off me now." She shouted she was so angry she was shaking.
"But Jen... please." He begged still not letting go of her arm.
"Let go of my arm now." She said calmly but warningly.
"Jen, please." He said still not letting her go.
"Joel get the fuck of my arm now." She said staring holes out of him. He sighed and reluctantly let go of her arm knowing that was the end of his relationship with her; Jenna doesn't give second chances. A single tear fell down his face. He knew he'd hurt her so much and it made it worse for her as all the women in her family, their husbands cheat on them and leave them for another women. Now it's happened to her. True he didn't want to leave her he loved her he really did and he had no idea why he did that with Tina. He was just not really feeling himself lately and instead of talking to someone he ended up turning to Tina and well one thing just lead to another.

When Joel had released her arm she walked out of his house not looking back once. She went straight over to Benji's and let her self in. he was sat in darkness watching TV looking kind of depressive.
"What the fuck are you..." he started sounding mad that she'd just walked into his house with out being invited.
"Your girlfriends sheeting on you." she said walking past him to his kitchen she needed a strong drink or a cigarette. She knew she wouldn't find any alcohol in Benji's so she settled for a cigarette instead. She'd supposedly give up a year ago and was doing well but she didn't really care at the moment she needed one and she was having one.
"What?" Benji said confused following her into the kitchen.
"I said your skank ass of a girlfriend's if cheating on you..." she said walking into the darkened living room sitting on the huge leather sofa. Benji followed her and sat next to her on the sofa but with quite a big gap between them. "...with your brother." She said simply. He nodded slightly not getting the bit about brother then it hit him.
"Wait what?" he said shocked.
"Yeah I just walked in on them, I've been waiting at the airport for an hour for the bastard to pick me up but he never showed and his phone was off. So I got a taxi and when I walked in they where in bed together."
"Asshole." He said shaking his head.
"Yeah he's an asshole but I just told you your girlfriends cheating on you; you seem more bothered about Joel cheating on Me." she said confused.
"She'd never make a good girlfriend she was just something I kept around for a while cos I wasn't getting any as you may have noticed I was single for aw while after... you. I needed something." He admitted. She nodded and lit her cigarette and offered him one. He shook his head 'no'.
"I thought Joel said you gave up." he said.
"What Joel say's doesn't really count anymore more." She shrugged inhaling deeply. He nodded and they went silent for a while both thinking about what had just happened. Jenna started getting upset silent tears rolling down her face she really didn't want to get upset about this and she really, really didn't want to cry infornt of Benji of all people.
"Are you ok?" He asked worriedly noticing the tears.
"I'm fine, I should probably go now." She said sounding obviously not fine.
"Your not fine." He said moving closer to her on the sofa hesitating then putting an arm around her.
"Your right I'm not fine and I bet your loving this." She mumbled through sobs.
"No I'm not loving it believe it or not I do actually care." He said sounding truly sincere.
"No you don't care about me." she laughed wiping some tears.
"Yes I do." He smiled wiping some tears away for her and looking into her eyes she slowly looked up into his too. They held the gaze for a while.
"Look I know this isn't a good time to tell you this but if I don't do it now I probably never will confess."
"Confess what?" she said looking at him confused her sobs stopping but tears still falling.
"Well you see when we first met and we, you know had sex ever so often. I'd actually fallen for you but was too scared to tell you because I knew how you treaded guys that got in too deep. If I was to tell you I loved you I was scared you'd leave me; so I guessed casual sex was better than nothing but then you got with Joel and I'll admit , it killed me. Me being horrible to you was my way of trying to get over you but it never work and... and well I guess what I'm trying to say is, Jenna I love you." he said. She sat there looking stunned. There had always been a strong connection between them but she never thought he felt that way. And yes when she thought about it back then she did have feelings for him but ignored them because she 'didn't do relationships'.
"Please say something." He said she didn't notice that she hadn't said anything back.
"Erm, Benj this is kind of out of the blue, I mean I've spent the past few years thing you hated me."
"I know and I'm sorry but when you got engaged to Joel I had to do something to get you off my mind. I'm sorry for everything I really am." He said.
"Don't be sorry I wasn't exactly nice to you either." she smiled.
"I do love you though Jenna always have probably always will." He admitted. She went quiet again thinking about all the time she'd spent with Benji and how right it actually felt but she never really noticed as she was always ignoring all those type of feelings.
"Ok, I understand if you don't feel the same way and if it's a bad time with all the Joel shit right now but please say something." He said once again she snapped out of her daze. Before she realised what she was doing she let impulse take over her and kissed him. He was obviously shocked at first but then kissed her back
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