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Jenna and Benji?!?!?

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I decided to write some more i know it took ages but here it is finally, please review should i carry on???

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It was now a year since Jenna had walked in on Joel cheating on her only to go over to Benji's house, the man who's she supposedly supposed to hate and find out that there really was a fine line between love and hate. Since that night Jenna and Benji had become a couple and where very much in love. She had never felt this way about anyone not even Joel the guy who she was supposed to be engaged to a year ago. Joel and Jenna where now back to being good friends like they where before they had got to together when she first moved to LA. Everyone said it was like fate that Jenna was always meant to be with Benji and just got the wrong twin; Benji bringing Tina into the equation helped fate out bringing Jenna and Benji together like it was meant to be. No one had seen or spoke to Tina since that night not that anyone had wanted to anyway. After Jenna had stormed out of Joel's house that night Joel had told her where to go. Over the past year Joel and Gabby had also gotten close after her brief relationship with Tony had gone down the drain to say the least. Gabby and Joel were taking in slowly gabby being aware of the fact Joel had cheated on Jenna and she didn't want that to happen to her. Though everyone knew it was just a stupid mistake a moment of weakness for Joel when he slept with Tina, Joel was not a cheater never was and never will be. He respects women and still counts loosing Jenna the biggest mistake of his life but he is coming to terms with the fact that maybe they just weren't meant to be together after seeing how good she and Benji are together.

Jenna was in the kitchen of Benji's house where she practically lived these days she spent more time in Benji's house than her own house next door. She was doing some dishes with Van waiting by her side patiently. Benji was out at a meeting for DCMA.
She heard the front door open and close signalling Benji coming home, Van jumped up running to greet Benji at the door. She heard them in the hall way then seconds later she felt his arms wrap around her waist from behind.

"Hey I'm home." He said quietly in her ear pressing a kiss to her neck.
"I see that." she smiled turning round in his arms to face him.
"I hope you haven't made any plans for tonight because I'm taking you out for dinner." He smiled.
"Oh really what's the special occasion?" she grinned knowing full well what the 'special occasion' was but in a way she didn't really see it as a special occasion equally.
"You know what the special occasion is." He grinned back placing a kiss to her forehead.
"No really enlighten me." she smiled sweetly back.
"Our anniversary. A year ago today we got together." he smiled proudly.
"Also a year ago today I found my so called fiancé' at the time cheating on me too." she said being the pessimist as always.
"Which made you realise the huge mistake you where making planning to marry the wrong guy then just happened to run straight into the arms of the right guy." He grinned cheesily
"Yeah and that guy just happens to be your brother." She laughed.
"Well yeah but still this is how things are supposed to be." He said confidently.
"You sound very sure of that." she smiled.
"I am I love you and always will. Nothing will ever change that." he said sincerely. They looked into each other eye for a second she lifted her hand to the side of his face running her thumb down his check as he kissed the palm of her hand.
"I love you too." she smiled and then leant forward to kiss him. They stayed in their embrace for a few seconds then pulled apart.
"So where are we going tonight?" she asked excitedly.
"Can't tell you that it's a secret, just be ready for seven ok." He said giving her a quick kiss then started heading for the front door again.
"Wait what a re you talking about where are you going?" she asked confused.
"Just follow the signs I promise everything will be fine." He smirked.
"I hate fucking surprises you'd better get your ass back here and explain yourself Benji Madden." She shouted after him but it was no use he was gone. She had no other option other than to get ready for seven o'clock like he had said and then wait for what ever was going on to happen.

It was a couple of minutes before Seven o'clock and Jenna had just finished getting ready. At exactly seven o'clock there was a knock at the door. She rushed to the door expecting it to be Benji but to her disappointment and confusion it wasn't, instead it was a limo driver.
"Jenna Sucre?" he asked with a smile.
"Yes." she replied unsurely.
"Limo for you. if you'd like to follow me?" he said leading the way to his limo.
"Erm where exactly are we going?" she asked once in the back of the limo with him.
"I've been given straight instructions not to tell you anything just to take you to the destination giving away nothing." He smiled. "All I can say is that you have someone really special that must really care about you." he smiled then put up the partition.

She sat back in the limo having no choice but to once again give Benji full control of what ever he had planned for her tonight. After about twenty minutes the limo can to a stop and her door was opened. Expecting to see the limo driver waiting for her to get out but to her surprise it was in fact Benji stood there all dressed up looking very charming. He offered her a hand to help her out of the limo which she took with a grin on her face.
"Well look at you." she smirked looking him up and down.
"I should be saying the same thing about you." he grinned back looking her up and down too.
"OK so are you going to tell me what's going on now or not?" she asked.
"Well maybe not just yet but you'll see for your self soon enough." He smiled.
"ok so now what do we do?" she sighed giving up knowing she wasn't going to get any hints out of him at all.
"Well seen as we just happen to be out side your favourite restaurant then maybe we should go get something to eat." He said as if it was coincidental but it had obviously been planned. She smiled giving out a little laugh.
"I guess so." She agreed. He took her arm in his and then lead her into the very expensive, very posh restaurant.

They had a lovely candle lit meal at the best table in the whole restaurant. They made normal conversation between to two of them every so often Jenna quizzing Benji about what he had planned but not getting anything out of him.
"Ok so we've finished this lovely meal so now what?" she smiled.
"We leave." He said simply with a smirk obviously having something else up his sleeve.

They walked out side where the limo from before was waiting for them. They both got in and Benji whispered something to the driver making sure Jenna didn't hear what he was planning. The journey was quiet; Benji and Jenna sat next to each other on the back seat him holding her hand in his lap. A little later the limo came to a stop and Benji got out.

"Come on where here." he grinned at her holding a hand out for her to take. Curious of what else he had planned for them she accepted his hand and got out of the limo too. When she got out and looked up at the huge, old beautiful building in front of her she didn't know what to think. She'd always wanted to go to the theatre and never got the chance to; what confused her was how Benji knew her secret wish no one really knew about it that she could think of. Benji smiled at the reaction on her face, like a little child on Christmas morning.
"So shall we go to the theatre." He grinned holding out his arm for her to take.
"Oh my god Benji." She breathed not quite believing it.
"I know you've always wanted to go so here we are." He grinned at her.
"Really how did you know?" she asked confused but still with a smile.
"I have me sources." He smirked not giving anything away.
"Well what ever they are there good ones, thank you." she smiled appreciatively and gave him a kiss on the check as they walked up the big steps to the front doors.

They had a really good time at the theatre; Benji had booked them one of the private top boxes. Jenna was in her element she couldn't stop smiling all the way through and even though Benji wasn't too keen on the theatre he still had a good time and seeing how happy Jenna was made I all worth it for him.
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