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Ashly just wants a normal relationship with her brother, but he seems to forget about importaint stuff. And she also finds herself falling for her best friend. What will happen? man i suck at summa...

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Dear reader,
I AM SO SORRY IT HAS TAKEN ME THIS LONG TO UPDATE! I have (stupidly) started a new story (bad, bad MV! bad!). I am trying and failing. Please forgive me!
P.s. There is IM in this (I hate it!) I just thought it would be helpful to tell you the names now.
Ryan: RyRo
Spencer: Spenceratthedisco
And a few cameos from friends. (none of these names are actual names used in IMing. If I actually new the bands names I would not share them with you. I use this format as a way to excape the proper use of the English language. You have been warned.)
P.s.s Happy Platypus!
Chapter 5

~!~ The year is....200.........6~!~

'I'd chime in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"' Brendon's voice poured threw the speakers of my bed room stereo. As much as Brendon detests it I am a big fan of P!ATD. I laid on my bed staring up at the dark GREEN ceiling. 'Give us this day our daily dose of faux affliction' the song changed and I reached for my stereos remote control. I grabbed it and pressed the necessary buttons to get to my favorite panic song ever: Time to Dance.

(a/n: Time to dance is really my favorite panic song. I have no life.)

I soon grew tired off staring at my wall and decided to go on AIM. Because I have no life at all (a/n: I hate IMing.)

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ has joined the room

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: hello people.

RyRo: Ashly?

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: So we meet at last...


MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: idk. i have no life.

RyRo: i miss u Ash


Spenceratthedisco: don't get all gross on me

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: i luv u 2 spence

Lucasluvsu: what no1 says hi to me?

RyRo: HI LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucasluvsu: hi ry. hows touring?

RyRo is typing

RyRo: good. hows sitting at home on your ass eating cheetos and playing video games going?

Lucasluvsu: good

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: it works for me 2

G_I_R has joined the room
Spenceratthedisco has left the room

Lucasluvsu: why did spence leave?

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: he don't like jess

G_I_R: oh i feel the luv!

RyRo: u should

RyRo: so jessie how ya been?

G_I_R: good how bout u?

RyRo: fantastically horrible

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: oh RyRy whats wrong?

RyRo: i want 2 go home

Lucasluvsu: HE LUVS US!

RyRo: no its just ashly i luv


G_I_R: fine then be like that

RyRo: okay

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: i still luv u luke

Lucasluvsu is typing

Lucasluvsu: so jessie how does it feel 2 be the most hated person in the room?

G_I_R: gir


Lucasluvsu: yo i g2g

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: bye luke call me!

RyRo: bye

G_I_R: ttyl

Lucasluvsu has left the room


RyRo: ?


G_I_R: oky then.

G_I_R has left the room

RyRo: bitch

MOTHMAN VASQUEZ: its just us

RyRo: just u and me


MOTHMAN VASQUEZ has left the room

RyRo: Sigh

RyRo has left the room

Okay just incase some of you are illiterate in IM I shall now state all the terms I used and tell you what they mean:

idk: i don't know
g2g: got to go
ttyl: talk to you later
this chapters english was purposly messed up because it had am IMing format so don't give me a bad rating for this horrible part please.
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