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The First Meeting

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this is a DarrenXEvra story.i just randomly thought of this in my study hall so i don't care if you don't like cause it was made out of pure boredom.i might have the 2nd chapter up tomorrow but din...

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-Darren's P.O.V.-

It was my first night at the Cirque Du Freak. I wandered around the camp trying to find my tent. I finally found it and I realized it was distant from the others. I opened the flap and entered the tent. I could see a figure fast asleep. Then I felt something wrap around my leg

"What the hell is that" I thought

It crawled up even more but it stopped at my stomach. I made a small squeking sound. Then the figure stirred and woke up.

-Evra's P.O.V.-

I heard someone make a small squeking sound. I looked around and saw my snake coiled around someone.

"This must be Mr.Crepsley's new assisant" I thought

"He's kinda cute" I thought

He had dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a funeral suit. He also had 10 scars on his fingertips.

"What am I thinking I'm a guy,I can't say things like that about other guys"

I walked up to him and uncoiled my snake.

-Darren's P.O.V.-

I could see him a lot more clearly. He had greenish-yellow hair and yellow eyes. His whole skin was full of scales. Yellow,green and a few multicolor ones.The only thing he was wearing was shorts.

"Hes cute" I thought

"Wait what did I just say I thought

-Evra's P.O.V.-

" Sorry about that my snake sleep crawls" I said

I went to uncoil my snake,when my hand brushed against his skin.

" His skin feels so soft" I thought

I mentaly slapped myself.

"Get a hold of yourself Evra" I screamed at myself

"Thanks"he said in a soft voice

I noticed him blushing.

" Yes I think he likes me"

I started cursing to myself.

" Goddamit,Why can't i get him out of my head"

-Darren's P.O.V.-

I felt his hand brush against my skin. I tensed up and I noticed my blood rushing to my face.

"Damn,Why do I feel this way?"

He saw me blushing and I tensed up even more.

"My names Darren Shan"I said breaking the silence

-Evra's P.O.V.-

" My names Evra Von" I said

"Evra Von what?"Darren asked

"Just Plain Von"I said

"So your Creepy Crepsleys new assistant"I asked

-Darren's P.O.V.-

"Creepy Crepsley?"I asked raising my eyebrow

"It's a long story,I'll explain later" He said

-End Of Chapter 1-(please R+R)
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