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Mr.Tiny Pays A Visit

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sorry for the long wait heres chapter 2.

Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Darren Shan, Evra Von, Mr. Tiny - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-08 - Updated: 2007-04-09 - 439 words

-Darrens P.O.V.-

The sun shined brightly through the thin tent material.I put the blankets over my eye to block out the suns rays.When my eyes adjusted to the blinding light i rolled over and sat up.I looked around and noticed that the hammock next to me was empty.

"I better go find Evra"i thought

I put the blazer on the blazer of my funeral suite and walked out of the tent to find Evra.

-Evras P.O.V.-

"I hope Darrens not mad that i left so sudden this morning"I thought

"The last thing i need is Darren to be mad at me"i thought with sadness

I stared off into the distance when i noticed something weird.

"That better not be who i think it is..."i thought confused

-Darrens P.O.V-

After about and hour of searching I finally found Evra.

"why did you leave so sudden?"I asked

"SHHH"he said urgently
"Why?"i asked
"I think someone very bad is coming"he said
"Evra what are you talking about?"i asked suprised
"You don't wan't to know,trust me"he said seriously
"But..."i said without finishing

A Small man was walking towards us.He had white hair,a yellow suit and green rainboots.behind him were 5 figures dressed in blue robes.The small man gave a small,polite wave and me being the polite person i am waved back,Evra just stood there.When the small man was out of sight i turned to Evra.

"Well that was nice."i said in an annoyed tone"
"Do you even know who that is?"Evra yelled
"well oviously no"i said getting very annoyed
"that was Mr.Tiny"Evra practically yelled
"well i could have guessed that"i thought"What makes him so threatning,you could go up to him and kick him like a football"i said(A/n:i've always wanted to do that)

-Evras P.O.V.-

I'm getting very pissed off at Darren right now and at the same time i'm worried for him.He has NO idea what Mr.Tiny is like.

"Darren this is serious,you have no idea what your saying"i said worried
"you know what lets just forget about this"he suggested
"ok"i said quitely
"So why did you leave so sudden?"he asked
"I was.........thinking of someone"i said embarresed
"Who?"he asked
"uuum"i said with worry

haha i had to do a cliff that school is winding down i will be able to update a lot more,so please R+R thanks.

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