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Out Through The Curtain

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Dana and Anna get surprises of two different sorts.

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Author's Note : OMG! 20th Chapter! I had a sudden burst of inspiration this weekend because my sister decided to become a poser. This pissed me off really bad... so here comes my anger... Please Review!

I woke up on the couch alone to the sound of muffled screaming from the backyard. I shuffled aimlessly to peer out the window to see what was going on. To my extreme horror I saw Pete, his arm bleeding insanely. I didn't know what to do. As I ran outside to his aid I frantically whipped out my cell and dialed 911.

"Hello, what is your emergency?" I heard the operator say.
"My boyfriend is bleeding. It looks like he has been attacked." I stated frightened. I then proceeded to give her more information as I fled to the back door. She said that she would send help straight away. I couldn't have ever expected what I had in front of me next.

Brendon had someone held down to the floor. He was trying to keep her from moving. He had apparently tackled her down. I saw a huge kitchen knife lying nearby covered in Pete's blood. Pete, who was now grabbing his arm in pain, was sitting down on the grass next to Anna who was trying to make a bandage from some towels left behind by some of the party crashers from beforehand. I ran over to Pete's side and grabbed his hands.

"Pete," I said breathlessly, "Sweetie, are you okay?"
"What do you think?" he said with a slight laugh.
"What happened?" I asked concerned.
"Well," he said agitated and glancing over to the attacker who I had not seen yet, "Your sister, if you still want to call her that, just came and attacked me with a kitchen knife."
"ALICIA?!" I yelped. I stormed over to where Brendon had her in a fettle position.

"Like I said bitch, YOU always get everything!" She snapped back spitting on my feet.
"You little whore!" I screamed, kicking dirt into her face.

"Hey, watch it!" Brendon warned. I had accidentally gotten some dirt on his new blazer.
"Sorry Brendon." I quickly apologized.
"That's quite alright." He said laughing, brushing off his jacket while still managing a tight hold on Alicia.

I just couldn't gain the strength to talk to Alicia the whole rest of the time we were waiting for the paramedics and the police. I stayed by Pete's side during the wait, holding his hand to help him through the pain. When they finally arrived I took the ambulance to the hospital with Pete so that he could get stitches and Brendon and Anna went with the Police with Alicia to answer some questions. While Pete and I waited for a doctor he told me the entire story.

"When I was sitting with you on the couch," He explained, "I heard a crash from outside so I went to investigate. Alicia was standing there; she looked innocent at this point. She started yelling at me about how she is never the lucky one and about how she wanted me to dump you and date her instead. When I told her that I loved you and that I thought she had snapped she tore out her knife and started to chase me. That's when Brendon came running outside and apprehended her. If it wasn't for his quick reflex I think Alicia would have succeeded in killing me."

I couldn't fully absorb what was going on. It just wasn't sinking in. How come I never had any feeling that she would ever do this? Was there ever any kind of a warning? Alicia literally must have snapped. I started to cry. Pete comforted me as much as he could with his one healthy arm until he had to go and get his stitches. I firmly held his hand as they did so. After the hospital released us we took a police escort down to the station for questioning. Pete told them the entire story. They had evidently put Alicia into a mental care facility to evaluate her metal health. Pete refused to press any charges so after Alicia was questioned they sent her home to my parents. Pete was forced to put a restriction order against her, so now neither Pete nor I could see her for a very long time. Not that I minded much though.

After a long day Pete and I ventured home to see that Brendon and Anna were sitting on the couch next to each other staring blankly at an object in Anna's hands. They looked completely beside themselves. I wasn't quite sure if it was with joy or with complete horror. Anna turned to me teary eyed. I walked slowly over to her and sat next to her on her free side.

"What's the matter sweetie-pie?" I asked stroking her hair.

She held up a pregnancy test. "It's positive." She said.

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