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Pregnacy problems and possible touring?

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Author's Note : Man do I feel better about writing that last chapter. I have a lot to work from now. Let's just see how things unfold. Please Review!

"You're, you're, /pregnant/?" I stammered to Anna.
"That's what the test says." She said staring blankly at the test in her hands.
"What the f*ck is wrong with you?!" Pete yelled slapping Brendon upside the head.
"It was an accident!" He yelled back in defense, "We used protection! I swear!"
"Anna, I thought you said you didn't do anything that night in Vegas." I said.
"I lied." She said ashamed.
"How could you do this?" I said calmly.
"I don't know, it, it just, happened"She said teary eyed.
"What are you going to do now Brendon, huh!?" Pete raised his voice. "You're just on the verge of twenty and now you have a kid on the way! How could you be so senseless!?"

"Look," Brendon replied shaking, "I'll, we'll, Anna and I will make it through this. We'll even get married if we have to. I love her anyways."
I heard Anna squeal with excitement. "You love me?" She asked him.
"With all my heart, more than anything." He said kissing her passionately.
"No way are you getting all the fun!" Pete yelled as he ran over and kissed me too. It was a crazy love fest. I didn't know that a moment of such doubt and worry could become such a joyous one. Both boys backed away and they started to smile.

"We're going to be the Godparents of course right?" Pete and I said simultaneously. It creeps me out so bad when we do that.
"Of course." Anna said reassuringly as Brendon laid his hand upon her not yet showing pregnant tummy. She smiled bigger than I have ever seen her smile before. I just hoped that at that moment Pete and I would be just as happy like that someday.

Since Pete's arm was still in pain we took the day off from unpacking and surfed the net for baby names. We also called Anna parents and the Panic! boys to give them the heads up. The boys were overjoyed, yet a little agitated. What were they to do if Brendon backed out on them? I was sure he wouldn't. Her parents on the other hand weren't as accepting. It took about two hours talking to make them comfortable with what was going on. Pete made a joke to them that seemed to persuade them into thinking the situation okay:

"Hey, if he breaks up with her think of how much child support Anna would get." Let's just say that Anna would be one rich mama. That won her parents over for sure.

The next day Andy, Joe and Patrick came over to see how Pete was handling his injuries.

"Will you ever be able to play bass again?" Patrick said worried.
"Yeah silly. I'll be fine. If I couldn't we'd all be out of a job." He said laughing.

The news had gotten out about my sister's little snappage and it was all over the news. There were even news crews outside so we were forced to stay inside all day. We didn't mind because we had to unpack anyway. The boys did a great job. They told Anna and I to just relax. How could we argue? They did eat us out of house and home though. Every time I looked into the kitchen at least one of them was rummaging through the fridge looking for something to eat. Especially Joe. Man, can he pack that stuff down.

"You do know that they are expecting us to go on tour soon, right Pete?" Andy asked.
"Damn. You're right!" he said scornfully.
"I thought you loved touring baby." I said patting him on the back.
"Not if it means being away from you." He said staring at me with big puppy eyes.
"Excuse me, I'm coming with you!" I said in defense.
"Well alright then!" he said jumping up excitedly and swinging me around. He placed me down and kissed me again.

So much for unpacking!

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