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Hey There Dana (Sucker for a Serenade)

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Dana tries to catch up on life.

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Author's Note: I am SO sorry for the lack of updates. I have been swamped with AP World History homework. I finally have a spare hour to write. Plus I've had some crazy writer's block due to a recent let down. Let's just say that life isn't going so smooth. Please read and review if you still love me. Oh, and Erin, I'm very sorry for the lack of responses; I'll try and get back to you ASAP.

Still in shock from the fact that Brendon Urie impregnated my best friend and that I was recently living with Pete Wentz, I had some more shock in that I was going on tour with Fall Out Boy. That means going on the road and living in a tour bus for like three months. THRILLS! We had only just finished unpacking my stuff at Pete's house when we got the news that we would be leaving on tour in two weeks. This was really short notice. Also, I had remembered that I still had to write my article for AP magazine because I saw the latest issue lying on the coffee table.

"Damn." I said under my breath.
"What's the matter?" Pete said softly sneaking up behind me.
"Oh, nothing." I said with a slight bit of fright when he grabbed my waist from behind. He scared me. Haha! "It's just that I promised Jason, my boss, that I would write those monthly articles on how life with a rock star is like. Don't you remember?"
"Oh yeah, I already gave you my permission, its okay for you to write it." He said reassuringly.
"Thanks," I said kissing him on the cheek, "I'll go do it now." I said merrily skipping off to the room that Anna was resting in. I grabbed my lap top and plopped down on the bed right next to her. She was watching re-runs of Kyle XY on ABC Family.

"Oh my God, he's so hot!" I shrieked stepping into the room. She laughed.
"Yeah, and the fact that he has no belly button adds to the hotness as well huh!" She stated giggling softly.

As she watched the TV I started to write the article...

My Life With A Rock Star
It all started out as an innocent online chat, but now it's a long term relationship. I think of myself as very lucky, you know why? Because I, Dana Donavin, am dating the infamous Pete Wentz. Please don't be jealous...

That's how I started it out. I then went on describing, in great detail, the experiences that I have gone through with him. I even wrote about that night in Vegas. I did not however divulge Anna and Brendon's news. I decided to let them tell the public when they were ready to handle the media.

... In the coming months I am going to be on tour with the band, so I'm going to try and meet with as many of the fans as possible, so come on out to the shows and tell me what's on your mind.

I then progressed to e-mailing my writings to Jason so that he could publish it in the next issue. I attached to the e-mail a picture of Pete and me sharing one of his hoodies. This would defiantly show those crazy fan girls who owns!

I shut my computer and looked up to see Anna and Brendon making out on the bed right next to me. I quickly jolted out of the room. PDA much?!?!

I decided to go and get a snack from the kitchen. I was sure that Pete had some uncrustables in the fridge somewhere. He was standing there jumbling up the word magnets on the fridge as I walked in. He then quickly stood in front of them blocking my view.

"I want a sandwish!" I whined jokingly.
"No." He said stubbornly blocking the lettering once more.
"Now what has little Petey done now?" I asked sweetly.
"This." He said stepping away.

He had spelled out all of the lyrics to "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White Tees, only he replaced all the Delilah's with my name. He then whipped out his acoustic guitar and started singing it to me. I began to cry. That is one of my most favorite songs ever. After he was finished I gave him a huge hug and a kiss. It was getting really dark out to we decided to call it a night. Let's just say that we didn't go straight to bed and that I made Pete as happy as I was when he sang me that song.

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