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I Used To waste My Time Dreaming Of Being Alive, Now I Only Waste It Dreaming Of You

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Dana just moved to Chicago and now is dating Pete Wentz because of pure luck... How will they end up?

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Authors Note: Once again, sorry for lack of updates... AP's are over but I'm going to have to start writing my term paper soon. So don't expect much in the coming weeks. Sorry.

I woke up the next morning feeling revived with the sun shining through the window glistening on the sheets of the bed. I turned over and saw Pete sleeping soundly shirtless next to me. I smiled and got carefully out of bed hoping that Anna had gotten her lazy ass up and made me breakfast. Surprisingly she was up before me and had made a huge fruit salad. I love fruit salad.

"Thanks Anna!" I said grabbing a bowl and scooping a huge chunk of salad into it.
"Well I figured you'd need the energy" She said smirking and staring at Pete's bedroom.
"Excuse me?" I stated confused.
"Oh don't act so innocent. You so did him last night!" She said excitedly.
"I did not!" I stated blushing.
"Stop lying!" She said nudging my shoulder.
"Okay, okay," I said shyly, "We did."
"FINALY!" She screamed. I laughed. "So?"
"So what?" I said.
"Oh come on Dana. Don't make me spell it out for you!" She said agitated.
"Anna, I would explain to you if Brendon wasn't sitting 10 feet away." I whispered because Brendon was sitting on the couch not so far away eating a cupcake and staring aimlessly at the wall.
"Ugh, fine" She said dragging me into the guest room. We sat down on the bed and she grabbed a bag of XXL M&M's from the bed side table. "Shoot." She said.
"Well," I said blushing, "He sang me a song."
"That's it?" She said surprised.
"Guess what song!" I said.
"Hey There Delilah, with your name inserted?" She said in a without-a-doubt manner.
"How did you know?" I asked.
"I saw it on the fridge this morning goof!" She said.
"Whoops." I stated laughing.
"I'm guessing you're a sucker for a serenade."
"Yeah," I said blushing again.
"You really love him don't you?" She asked sweetly.
"With all my life" I said.
"I am so happy for you. Brendon and I will be moving out after you guys leave for tour." She said.
"As long as you are all set. When are you planning on dropping the bomb on the public about your pregnancy?" I asked.
"After we get settled in at his place." She said.
"Okay, I'm so going to miss you after I'm gone." I said sadly.
"Me too! We'll try and catch you guys on as many dates as possible." She exclaimed.
"YAY!" I yelled hugging her. We were then interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Pete.

"Hey Dana." He said smiling.
"Hey baby." I said getting up and kissing him. He grabbed me around the waist.
"We're going to a photo shoot for the tour later. Do you want to tag along?" He asked.
"Hells yeah!" I yelled.
"Great." He said laughing. "We should go get ready. I have some new Clandestine merch that you can wear." He said picking up a t-shirt, a hoodie and a pair of custom DKNY jeans from the shelf by the door. I squealed. I love free clothes! I gave Anna a hug and went to go and get dressed with Pete. About 30 minutes later we pulled out of the driveway in his bright orange Lamborghini and drove to the sound of "SANTI" pumping through the stereo.

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