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Screaming Photo Op

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Dana just moved to Chicago and now is dating Pete Wentz because of pure luck... How will they end up?

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Author's Note: Sorry again for taking so long... I have a break in my tests so here's another chapter. Here it goes crosses fingers (I have no idea what I'm going to write!)

We pulled up to this building that looked relatively abandoned. The noon sun was blocked by the enormous willow tree that Pete's car was parked beneath. He rolled out of the car onto the floor and scrambled to the other side to open my door for me. I laughed.

"Pete, you are such a freak." I giggled as he helped me out of the car. I brushed some of the asphalt bits off his hoodie.
"I do it all with love." He said laughing and kissing my cheek. He grabbed my hand and we walked briskly towards the building. As he was about to grab the door knob the door swung open. I squealed.

"Hey buddy!" Pete said with excitement hugging the gorgeous William Beckett.
"Hey Pete, what's up?" Will said happily.
"Not much man, what the hell are you doing here?" he said slapping him on the shoulder.
"Eh, I just wanted to see you and I found out that this is where you would be." Will responded very nonchalantly.
"That's great dude!" Pete said giving him a high five. "This is my girlfriend Dana." Pete said introducing me. I was still star struck.
"Nice to finally meet the famous Dana Donavin." He said shaking my hand and pulling me into a hug. I couldn't breathe. HE KNEW MY NAME!
"H-h-hi." I finally stuttered.
"She hasn't adjusted to the whole 'You're famous and know other famous people' thing has she?" Will asked Pete laughing.
"Nah, but I still love her." He said putting his arm over my shoulder. I'm such a dork.

We all proceeded inside where there was a whole set set up with cameras and lights everywhere. The set was of a nighttime park with their moon symbol hanging above in a spiral of sparking stars with a lone park bench sitting on the dewy grass beneath. It was so picturesque.

"This is the set?" I asked gazing at the intricate detail of the willow tree that was almost identical to the one outside, gracefully blowing in the artificial wind of the fan.
"If you're going to do it, at least do it right!" he stated taking a seat on the bench and motioning me over. I sat down leaning on his shoulder. I watched as people in front of us scrambled to get things in order. There were people running with clip boards and catering trays of food, all with headsets on and mumbling random orders under their breaths. It was sad to see them so stressed when I was in a moment of solace.

"Pete!" Patrick yelled from across the room. "Make-up needs you!"
"I'm on it!" Pete said dashing Patrick's way. Patrick walked over to me, still sitting on the bench and took a seat next to me.
"Hey Dana." Patrick said hugging me and kissing me friendly on the cheek.
"Hey Patrick, how are things?" I asked.
"Pretty well." He said. "I just wanted to let you know something."
"What's that?" I said with concern.
"It's just that Pete seems so much happier lately with you around. You seem to have made him a better all around person is all." Patrick said shyly.
"Really?" I said curiously.
"Yeah," Patrick replied, "He's more cheery and he always has a smile on. He was never like that before."
"Oh my gosh," I said under my breath. Patrick laughed and put his arm over my shoulder.
"You're a good kid Dana." He said. "Don't let Pete down."
"Never." I stated.
"Great," he said giggling, "Oh crap!" he said. Joe was messing with Patrick's guitar and had broken a string. "I am going to wring your neck boy!" he yelled jokily dashing over to Joe. Joe ran over and jumped into the unsuspecting Andy's arms. Man, that kid is strong.

"Clear the set!" I heard some mean photographer guy yell. I immediately sprang from my seat and took a chair and placed it behind the row of cameras so that I could watch safely from a distance. William took a seat next to me and smiled as he too stared at the action. Dozens of people were positioning the guys in poses and yelling out directions to them. They didn't listen anyway but did their own thing. I love their spunk. Pete stole the spotlight once again, standing in the front of every picture. Occasionally he would shove Patrick or Andy in the front just to watch them scramble for shelter behind him yet again. They aren't very photo friendly I guess. Pete would also blow me kisses from time to time just to spice things up, only to be yelled at by the mean guy. He wanted me to leave but Pete threatened to bash his car. That shut him up for good. Pete's my hero.

Afterwards they had some thumbnails laid out on a table near the back of the studio. Practically all of the pictures came out amazing. They were so fun and energetic and full of attitude. Those boys sure can pose. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the mean photographer guy.

"I'm sorry for before." He said. "Why don't you let me take some pictures of you and the annoying one, your boyfriend isn't he?"
"Yes he is, and he's not annoying, he's hot." I retaliated.
"Um, okay then." He said motioning me and Pete to the set.

The guy took a bunch of cute pictures of us snuggling on the bench and kissing under the moonlit tree. He quickly printed out some of the pictures. He even made one portrait size.

"I'm hanging this up above the mantel." Pete said smiling at the picture.
"Really?" I said laughing. It was a picture of me and him staring into each other's eyes under the tree with the moon in the background. I thought it was cheesy.
"Hell yeah, it's cute." He said.
"Whatever you say Peter Pan." I said.
"That's right." He said hugging me. He rolled up the picture and said his goodbyes to everyone as I followed and did the same. I gave all the guys kisses and hugs and I even did the same for William. I got to talking to him during the shoot. He's a pretty funny guy. I knew that I had to get Pete to get him to hang with us more often. Maybe he'd bring the Butcher. squee. Why am I so guy obsessed? Anyways, it was getting late and I was hungry, the sandwiches at the shoot didn't appetize me in the least. So Pete took me to a burger joint and these girls made a huge scene about it so we left. They were all over him. I was like "He's mine little girls!" Stupid teenagers.

By the time we got home we were exhausted and we just collapsed into bed. It was about time we got some well deserved rest.
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