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Better Open The Door

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Party Plans and Pregnancy Hormones

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Author’s Note: GOD I’M SORRY! Blame it on school. Here it goes…

I woke up the next morning to the sound of hammering outside the bedroom. I stumbled clumsily into the living room and saw Dirty and Pete attempting to hang the portrait of me and Pete from a week before. Pete was directing Dirty as he tried to level the frame on the wall.

“No stupid!” Pete yelled “More up to the right! Are you blind!?”
“I am not!” Dirty snapped back “I’m just spastic! I need a beer to set my thoughts straight” with that he jumped off the stool he was standing on and frantically barreled into the kitchen to get an iced cold beer from the fridge.
“Can’t he function without beer?” I asked.
“I don’t think so; it’s like some sort of miracle drink for his mind.” Pete laughed.
“I suppose.” I giggled.
“I’m having a major pool party tomorrow to celebrate the kick off of our tour the next day.” He said.
“AWESOME! Who’s coming?” I asked.
“Everyone.” He said laughing.
“How many people are you having over the house Peter?” I asked sternly.
“Oh, I don’t know, around two hundred.” He said stepping back a few steps.
“Two hundred, two hundred people?!?!?” I stated light headed stumbling a bit. “How, how are we going to feed them all?”
“Don’t worry,” He said putting his hand on my shoulder, “I’ve got it all under control.”
“If ‘under control’ means that you have Dirty going to the nearest 7-11 and buying a sole box of Entenmann's cookies, that just isn’t going to cut it.” I said.
He just laughed.
“No, I got Charlie to get a caterer. As I said, it’s under control.” He said.
“Okay, fine.” I said with a sigh of relief. “What work do I have to do then?”
“Nothing, all I want you to do is relax, this tour is going to be stressful enough for you.” He replied.
“Alright, Anna wanted me to go maternity clothes shopping with her today since I won’t be able to go with her when she gets, you know, bigger.” I said.
“Sounds cool, I’ve got some stuff to do anyways. Have fun!” he said kissing me and slipping me the credit card. You’ve got to love a man with money.

Pete jostled after Dirty to get a cold beer as well and then I heard the door bell ring. It was Brendon and Anna. They looked so cute at the doorstep holding hands.

“Hi guys!” I said giving them both hugs.
“Hey Dana.” Brendon said kissing me on the cheek. “How are things?”
“Pretty amazing.” I said laughing.
“Oh, of course.” He replied with a soft giggle.
“Ready to go?” Anna said quite urgently.
“What’s the rush?” I asked.
“It’s the raging hormones of pregnancy,” Brendon whispered to me, “I can’t believe they already started.”
I laughed.
“Okay sweetie, let’s go. Brendon, Pete and Dirty are in the kitchen drinking beer, you can have a soda if you please.” Brendon sighed, because he has yet to reach the age of 21.

Anna and I got into the car and I took shot gun while she drove. She was being very forceful at the wheel so I asked, “What’s with you?”
“NOTHING!” She snapped.
“Look, if it’s the whole ‘I’m pregnant and I’m raging with hormones’ deal then I think you need to tone it down a bit.”
“I know.” She replied a bit calmer.

When we got there we walked over to Motherhood Maternity to get some clothes for Anna.

“How am I supposed to buy these things if I haven’t even grown yet?” She said sadly looking at the flab of fabric over her relatively flat stomach.
“I don’t know,” I replied, “I guess you’ll just have to eyeball it.” I said laughing playing with the extra fabric.
“Stop it.” She said jokily as she slapped my hand. “We look like a gay couple.”
“Well I sure as hell didn’t get you pregnant!” I laughed.
“I hope not.” She giggled rolling her eyes.

We spent the rest of the day going into each and every one of the stores in the mall. We wanted to see if we could do it. And we did. We are so beast at shopping! Then we decided to have a sleepover at Pete and my house since we hadn’t had one in a while. At night we actually do turn into beasts. Frizzy hair, loose fitted clothing, glasses and retainers. Trust me, it’s a scary sight! But strangely the boys love it. Don’t ask me why!

“So are you excited about the tour?” Anna asked me as we sat on my bed.
“Well, yeah!” I said half heartedly, “It’s just that I’m going to miss you is all.”
“Suck it up you baby!” She said pushing back my shoulder.
“Hey, you can’t blame a girl for not wanting to miss her best friend’s pregnancy; this is when you need me most.” I replied.
“But I want you to go!” She stated quickly, “You and Pete need to ‘grow’ so to speak.”
“Grow?” I asked.
“Yes, grow, like, when is going to propose?”
“ANNA!” I stated shocked.
“What?” She said confused.
“That’s a big step; I don’t want to rush things.” I said, “You should know where I’m coming from.” I pointed to her stomach and she hit my hand away.
“Yes,” she said giggling, “I suppose you’re right.”

Just then Pete and Brendon both stuck their heads through the door.
“G’night ladies!” They sung in unison as they came over and kissed us good night. They were going to sleep on the couches that evening because we took over one of the beds to ourselves, and they sure as anything weren’t going to share the other bed!

As they stepped out into the main corridor I slipped into a deep sleep and began dreaming about how amazing it would be to be Mrs. Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III.
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