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Chapter 2

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The Sphere stops for a visit.

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"So," Dahlia walks to Cheng's table. "Anything happen yet?"

"They stopped moving." Cheng points to the screen.

"What?" She leans over to see the radar. "For how long?"

"About five minutes..."

"Something's approaching..."

"Named you?" Lena asks, keeping cautious. "Did the Sphere take you when you were a kid?"

"No," Alse shrugs. "I wasn't even born."

"Not born?" Mahad jumps. "So were you cloned?"

"Yes," he replies. "By accident."

Mahad scratches his head, confused. "How?"

"That's not important, Mahad," Responds Lena. "The real question is, by whom?"

"Otter... no, Otis... no."


"Yeah, Oslo,"

"Then why aren't you attacking us?" ask Mahad.

"Why would I do that?" Alse leans back as Mahad leans in like he's going to attack.

"So," Lena starts to study the stranger closer. "You're an opposite clone."

"That might explain it."

A hum of a Patroller starts to approach the dark block. It doesn't take long for Mahad to jump and run.

"THE SPHERE!" He yells.

"Calm down," Alse whispers. He catches Mahad and points to a door. "Hide."

Lena and Mahad run inside the room. They use their surrounding to cover themselves up and blend in. After frozen in one position, they lower their breathing and wait.

Alse remains seated in the hallway as the door slowly opens. Oslo, Diwan and a few Brigadiers enter the house. As Oslo approaches his clone, the Brigs make their way to block any exits and Diwan standing at the main door.

Oslo looks us at the closet door when he hears the sound of a crowbar hitting the floor.

"Oops," murmurs Mahad. He hears Oslo coming closer to the door. He picks up the crowbar and wields it like a baseball bat. Just as the door opens, Mahad swings the weapon.

A dread silence when Mahad looks down at the unconscious Oslo.

"Uhm..." Mahad grins awkwardly. "Victory...?"

"Should we call Cortes," Cheng asks nervously.

"Yeah," Dahlia gets up. "Let's go look for him."

Dahlia runs to the Saint Nazaire. "Hey, Cortes," Dahlia walks into the cockpit where Cortes is rocking back and forth in his chair.

"Hi, Dahlia," he greets.

"Cheng and I spotted the Mahad has ventured under the Archipelago."

Cortes jumps to his feet. "HE DID WHAT!?"

"And a Sphere ship is in his sector," adds Cheng.

"Wayan, prepare the Mosquitoes..."

"You brats," Diwan shouts.

"That's getting kind of old," Mahad says right before getting pulled out of the way by Lena. "HEY!"

Lena starts running for a window. "SHUT UP AND RUN!" But a Brigadier jumps in their way.

"AH!" Mahad turns around, only to trip on Oslo. "MOVE IT- oh right."

"This way," Alse runs around a corner. "Follow me!"

Lena and Mahad take no hesitation to follow him. Diwan and the Brigs scatter around the house hoping to catch them through some exit.

While their busy chasing each other, the Saint Nazaire releases the Mosquitoes and the Nazaire lands.

With caution, Cortes opens the door. "HAULT," Shout a Brig, just before its head is blown off.

Cortes proceeds inside, but flinches back when he sees Oslo lying on the ground with a deep gash on his forehead. He steps forward, trying to see if Oslo's breathing; he is. Cortes keeps his gun aimed at him as he crabwalks into the other room.

"Well, well," taunts Diwan. "Look who came to rescue the missing Pirates."

"Tell me what you've done with them," demands Cortes, aiming to Diwan's head.

"They're not here, Cortes," she replies.

"The Hyperion is right outside," he's becoming impatient. "And I know you wouldn't injure Oslo. Where are they?"

"Hiding," Diwan shrugs. "Apparently they ran off with someone."

Cortes shoots at her feet and dashes out of the room. He signals to the others that there's trouble as he races through the house.

"GET THE OLD FOOL," demands Diwan.

"MAHAD," he shouts. "LENA, WHERE ARE YOU!?" He's pulled in a room. The Brigadiers run right by it.
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