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Every body loves Ray.

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aww, ray is loved!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-09 - Updated: 2007-04-09 - 1065 words

--------x Gerard's Pov x-----------

I watched as Frank pulled Ray over towards us. Ray looking at me with a confused look on his face. Ok.. now we can finally come to a decision.
'Ok, Ray. Out of all of us? You are the most 'romantic'.' I started.
'I am?' He said.
'Yeah' Said Frank, joining the conversation again. He put his hand on Ray's shoulder.
'We need your gift mate' He said.
'What for?'
'Well... Look, I know she was an obsessed fan and we have only been dating for about a month but I want to get engaged to Michaela.' I said in one breath. Ray looked at me in a funny way, but then said.
'So what do you want me to do?'
I sighed. 'How am I going to do it?!' I asked. This was going to be hard. Then I watched Ray cross his arms and look away. He was thinking.
'Ok, I got it' He said, uncrossing his arms and facing me once again.
'What?!' Said me and Frank at the same time.

--------x Mary's Pov x---------------

'Hey, Danny!'
'Yeah sexy?'
'What are they doing over there?' I asked, gesturing toward Gerard, Frank and Ray who all seemed to be huddled up, deep in conversation.
'No idea, must be something important, I'll ask Mikes.. MIKEY! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!' she yelled, like my headache wasn't bad enough.
'Yeah, what's up?' asked Mikes, walking over from the conversation with Bob, who followed Mikey because it seemed he had nothing better to do.
'What are they doing?' Asked Danielle, pointing toward the threesome.
Mikey looked over, and then looked back at us shaking his head and smiling.
'I'll tell you later babe' He said.
'Then you tell me?' I asked, giving Mikes my sad, poor.. defenseless look.
'Frank will.' He said smiling.
'Ok' I said. I laid my head back on the pillow and just watched them hi-5 each other before returning to us. Frank walked over and kissed me.
'What was that about?' I asked.
'Later' He said, smiling. I smiled back and held his hand. I watched Gerard kiss Mickey, then whisper something to her./ Ah well, I'll ask Frank later what's happening. / I thought, then closed my eyes and went to that sleep I had been longing for.

---------x Michaela's Pov x-----------

'Gerard, what was that about?' I asked.
'Nothing babe, I love you' He whispered. Then kissed me gently.
'You too' I said and smiled. He was up to something..
But What? I thought.

Back at Michaela's apartment.............

I watched the stars above me twinkle in the sky. I loved being up here, it was so peaceful.
I was on the roof of my house, lying down randomly and looking up at the sky. I loved it at nighttime especially. I sighed and started singing, 'Chasing Cars' by snow patrol.
'Wow that's cheesy' said a voice from behind me. I turned my head to see Gerard walk up to me and laid down as well.
'Sorry' He said.
'No problem, it was getting lonely up here anyway' I said back, smiling.
'Ermm.. I can tell.' Said Gerard. I playfully hit his arm and we both turned our heads back to the stars. Then I felt his fingers lace with mine and I turned my head toward him.
'What's up?' I asked.
'Well... we've only been dating, what? A month...' Said Gerard. Oh My God.. he's going to break up with me. He must have seen the look of horror on my face, because he chuckled and kissed me.
'What I wanted to ask was.... Will you marry me?' He asked. No need for second thoughts here!
'Yes! Of course I will!' I basically yelled. He kissed me passionately and I felt him slip a ring onto my finger. Tears of happiness were coming down my cheeks and I felt him smile against my lips.
'Just a sec' I said, whipping out my phone.
'What's wrong?' He asked.
'Girl thing. Wouldn't understand' I said, poking out my tongue. He just shook his head and smiled. I texted Mary.


Yeah I know, Frank told me! Well.. what did you say?!

YES OF COURSE! Well I'm gonna go, love you!

------------x Mary's Pov x---------------

Yeah, I know what you two are up to! lol Love you too!

I closed my phone and looked at Frank.
'She said yes' I said happily.
'Wow, I'm so happy for Gee!' He said. Then he held my hand in the seat next to me.
'So when am I allowed out of here?' I asked.
'Umm, I think tomorrow' He said. I just smiled and looked away.
'What's wrong?' He asked, pulling my hand gently.
'Nothing' I said, putting a fake smile on. Damn them! They always turn out even looking fake!
'Bullshit!' He said.
'Seriously, nothing' I said.
'Now you will need some sleep and so will I, so I'm going to lie down and sleep. Night Night' I said, and put my head on the pillow. Then my eyes shot open again, I looked at Frank who gave me a really wierded out look.
'Love you' I said, and kissed him before closing my eyes again.

----------x Frank's Pov x-------------

'Ok.. that was .. random.. love you too!' I said, and I watched her silently fall asleep. God I loved her so much, but something was wrong. I texted Mikey straight away.

Mikes, dude something's wrong with Mary.. any idea what it is?

Was it after Gee proposed to Mickey?

yeah I think

Dude.. she's obviously jelous! Do something for her!

Like What?

I dunno.. that's Ray's job. And don't go annoying him b/c he's on a date with alex. You'll figure something out, tc

Omg. What do I do!? I stroked Mary's hand lightly and watched her smile. Wait a minute.. I've got exactly the thing! I rung up Mary's mum's place.
'Mrs Triston?' I asked.
'Yes dear?'
'I'm going to need Emily tomorrow, could you please drop her over early?' I asked.
'Sure dear, what for?'
'I have a surprise for Mary. I've got to go, she's waking up, thanks bye'
'Bye' I hung up and watched her stir in her sleep. I would surprise her tomorrow when she wakes up.
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