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They have their own sign language for cookies now.

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haha, how cute! sign language for cookies! hahaha, read on..

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---------x Mary's Pov x-----------

I woke up in hospital, only to find Frank gone.
Where the hell is he..?
'Mary?' Said a doctor in the doorway [A/N: hehe that rhymes!!]
'A Mr.Iero is here to pick you up, you are able to leave now. We'll just get Alex here to wheel you down' He said smiling. Then I watched the girl Ray was flirting with walk in with a wheelchair and stop it next to my bed.
'Hi' I said.
'Hey, I'm going to need you to sit up for a second..' she said, then helped me get up and into the wheelchair.
'Thanks, hey can I ask you something?' I asked as she wheeled me out into the corridor.
'Yeah sure'
'Is there something between you and Ray?' I asked, and watched as she turned a crimson red.
'Umm.. well, kind of, I mean-'
'Oh my god, there is! I'm so happy for you guys! You look so cute together' I said smiling at her. She thanked me and blushed again. We finally came to the door where Danielle was waiting with Frank.
'Hey Danny! Wow. This IS first. You without Mikey!' I pretended to look shocked and in turn was flipped of.
'Awww, how are you anyway?' I asked.
'I'm alright, same old same old. I got rid of Mikey and Frank's going to leave soon too because they need to go buy more crumpets'. She said.
'Oh my gosh'
'You know how much of a shifty you are?' I asked.
'Shut up! Just stick with the crumpet story for now, ok?' She asked me playfully hitting my arm.
'Yeah yeah, try to change the subject. We all know the hardships of being a shifty..' I started, but then Danny just laughed and unlocked the car.
'Hey lovely, you haven't even said hello to me.. what's up?' I asked Frank.. even he looked shifty!
'N-nothing. Erm... I got to go. Love you, bye!' He said, quickly kissing me on the cheek before running off. I looked at Danielle who raised her eyebrow at me.
'Ok Ok I get it, crumpet story' I said, giving up. She laughed and helped me into the car.

We were driving around for a bit, when I remembered something.
'What happened to Brooke?' I asked.
'Ermm...' said Danielle.
'Ha! Well.. let's just say I got to her and she was in the ambulance that came in while we were leaving' She said. I scoffed.
'You didn't..' I said.
'I did.'
'I FUCKING LOVE YOUR FUCKING ASS YOU'RE THE FUCKING GREATEST FRIEND I'VE EVER FUCKING HAD DUDE, YOUR FUCKING AWSOME!' I yelled at the top of my lungs. The car swerved and an old guy was shaking his fist at us. Danielle was infits of laughter and gave me a quick, one armed hug before concentrating on the road again.
'Maggie, you never did give up swearing did you?' she asked.
'Fuck no.' I said and smiled at her.

We arrived home and I was surprised to see Emily not home.
'Danny, know where Em is?' I asked.
'Yeah, Frank has her. Crumpets' she said and walked into the kitchen.
'Oh no you fucking don't!' I said and dragged her out by the arm, literally. She was on the floors trying to crawl back to the kitchen but I just dragged her by the arms to the couch. She skillfully grabbed the remote and was flicking through the channels, she came past a Misfits Marathon.
'DANNY STOP!' I yelled. She just poked out her tongue and turned on Elmo's World.
Ok, this is a rad show.. but I want Misfits fuck it! I thought. Then I put my fingers In my ears and stood up facing Danielle.
'What the hell are you doing?' She asked. I cocked my eyebrow and gave her a smug look.
'Oh, hell no.'
I sang, or at least tried to sing about 3 songs before Danielle gave in.
'God no! you know how much I fucking hate pussy cat dolls and Gwen fucking Stefani' she said, flipping the channel. I just walked over and kissed her on the cheek.
'I love you Danielle' I said, giving her the puppy dog eyes, my lips quivering.
'You learnt that from Frank' She said. I pretended to be really upset until 'Dance of death' came on. She just shook her head and laughed.

Then her phone rang.
'Hello?' She said answering.
'Hey shnookums, take me off speaker' I heard Mikey say. I snorted and gave her a look.
'Shnookums?' I mouthed and almost pissed myself laughing. She just turned away blushing and took off speaker.

---------x Danielle's Pov x------------

'Hey, what's up?' I asked quietly.
'We can't find one, it's too hard. Frank doesn't know anything about anything and Gee can't find a suite!' He said.
'Awweh, poor baby! Tell Frank she likes them small and meaningful. Tell Gee Mickey likes it simple yet stunning. And give the shopkeeper my apologies and you'll be out of there soon'. I said in one breath.
'Wow babe, how do you know all that?' He asked.
'Because I'm a girl, now hurry because the crumpet story isn't paying off very well!' I said and quickly whispered some goodbyes before snapping the phone shut.
'What was that about?' asked Mary.
'Crumpets' I said flatly.
'Ah, ok shnookums I'll take your word for it' She said.
'Ohk, one more mention of that and I swear I will kick you in the shin so badly....' Then she ran away. sigh
'Mary! I gotta go honey! Ill be back later! Cya!' I yelled and walked out the door.
'Don't go having Kinky sex with your cat again!' Yelled Mary from upstairs.
God that was such a Frank comment I thought, and smiled as I started the car and headed off to find Mikey.

-----------x Mary's Pov x-------------

I was in the bath soaking. So nice, all the little bubbles floating everywhere and the radio turned up loud. Then I heard the door open. I knew it was Frank, so I quickly slipped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around me. I open and closed the door silently and tiptoed toward our door. Just a little bit further I though as I reached for the door handle.
'Ahhhhh!' I screamed as two arms found their way around my waist. Then I laughed and playfully hit Frank.
'Don't do that to me again!! Understand me!' I said, crossing my arms and pouting.
'Babe, you know how hard it is to take you seriously while the only thing you've got in is a towel?' He asked, cocking his eyebrow and crossing his arms.
I took my chance then to run into the room and lock the door.
'Awww, can't I just be there.. moral support?' Asked Frank from the other side of the door.
'Erm, no. I'll be right. Go make crumpets' I said and I heard him sigh and walk downstairs again. I quickly slipped on some really baggy shorts and a baggy 'Slipknot' shirt before heading downstairs myself.
'Frankie?' I called. No answer. Great. Then I heard something from the living room.
I walked in to find the music channel on and looked around to see who was watching it. I finally looked at the couch and saw Emily there with her dressing gown on, asleep.
I walked over as quietly as I could and carried her upstairs. I got to her bedroom and opened the door, turning on her side light. I didn't like her sleeping with a dressing on so I undid her buttons. As I got to the end I gasped, she was wearing a T-Shirt. But this t-shirt had writing on it.

Marry Me Mary?

I suddenly felt an arm around my waist and another one over my eyes. I turned around and saw Frank drop to one knee and pull out a black velvet box. He opened it slowly and inside was a small banded ring with diamonds around the top of it.
I nodded.
'I'm gonna need an answer love' said Frank jokingly. [A/N: even a word? No idea.]
'Y-Yes!!' I spluttered out and he stood up at that and kissed me. I felt a the ring being put on my finger, but the inside felt a little bit weird. I broke away and took it off.
'Oh.' Said Frank.
'No Cookie, I felt something..' I said and felt around the inside of the ring, I got it. I looked inside and there was an inscription.

For the most important thing to enter my life, From Frankie xx

'Sorry' Said Frank.
'What for?!' I asked.
'Well, you pulled away, and took off the ring.. I must of done something wrong' He said sadly.
'Baby! No! No! Frank I found the inscription' I said, tears in my eyes. Then I leapt over to him and started kissing him. He smiled and then I heard cheering from behind me. I turned to see Emily sitting up in her bed clapping and whooping. I laughed and we all ran over for a family hug.
'Does this mean we are going to do something special to celebrate?' Asked Emily. Then Frank looked at her and nodded smiling. Then I watched as she rolled her arms, showed Frank 3 fingers and pointed downstairs. He nodded in complete understanding and without further notice both of them sprinted downstairs.
'Oh god, now you two have your own sign language for that!!' I yelled after them. I came down and saw the kitchen bench stacked high with boxes of cookies.
'Ahh, Whose going to eat all these?!' I asked. Frank and Emily, both with at least 10 cookies already stuffed into their mouths, raised their hands. I just laughed and joined in.
Tomorrow was Gerard and Michaela's wedding, then after that we would organize ours and I already know what Mikey's got planned so I'm excited! I thought, eating a cookie. Frank walked and kissed me deeply. I still loved him, even with his cookie crumb covered mouth, I still loved him. He placed his hand on my lower back and lent me up against the bench.
'YUKKY! MUMMY AND DADDY STOP EATING EACH OTHER! GOD!' said Emily. I laughed and pulled away.
'Later' he whispered and I nodded, taking another bite from my cookie.
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