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Wedding Day.. great day for dancing pot plants.

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Gerard and Mickey's wedding.

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--------x Mary's Pov x------------

I woke up the next morning, happy and content. What could go wrong!?
I looked up and saw Frank smiling in his sleep. He must be happy. Got it pretty good last night if you ask me. I got up quietly and jumped in the shower. The steam was good to breathe in, helped me feel refreshed.
I was washing my hair when I head the doorknob rattle.
'Fuck Man, Mary.. Don't be mean!' I heard from the other side of the door. I laughed and washed the rest of the shampoo from my hair.
'Awww Frank, I'm sorry, but when living with you, I must always lock the bathroom door when taking a shower' I said smiling. I heard him giggle,/ how cute! I loved it when he giggled. Emily sounded a lot like him too when she giggled./ I was brought from my thoughts when I heard the door open, and the curtain was pulled apart.
'Frank! How did you get in?' I asked. Then I watched as he held up a butter knife he had used to put in the slot and unlock the door.
'Smartass.' I said, and turned away.
'Nice ass!' Said Frank and jumped into the shower.
'Ahhhh! Pedo!' I said and ran out, quickly grabbing a towel and running into the room. I grabbed the clothes I had laid out earlier and ran downstairs so he wouldn't find me. I put on my underwear and was struggling with my jeans when a pair of arms snaked around my waist.
'Baby.. are you really going as a bridesmaid in jeans?' He whispered in my ear. I suddenly remembered the wedding today and took off my jeans, running back upstairs. I heard Frank laugh as he followed. I ran into our room and into the closet where the dress was hanging. It was black with purple layers at the bottom, where at kind of flowed out. It was beautiful. I turned back around and saw Frank leaning against the doorframe.
'Lucky I reminded you, otherwise you wouldn't have taken your pants back off!' He said.
'Hardeharhar' I said and put on the dress. Frank helped me with the zip at the back and he even sat me on the bench in the bathroom and did my make up for me.
'Awww Frankie, you're like, the only guy I know who would do their fiancés makeup for them!' I said.
'That's just coz I'm special' He said, poking out his tongue. I laughed and hugged him.
'Ok.. now do you want to at least out some boxers on?' I asked.
'Oh yeah, forgot' He said and walked into the room once again. I laughed and did my hair. It was partly up with the rest hanging down, it looked really dark today. I fixed the parts that were up with a few bobby pins and walked back into our room t find Frank already dressed. He had a black suit on with a red tie and a white shirt.
'Awww, you look like you're going for concert, except missing the bullet proof vest' I said.
'I know, I wanted to wear it but Gerard said No' He said, his lip pouting. I just laughed and walked over to kiss him. He smiled and put his arm around me.
'But I don't mind, because I'll have you on me instead' He said.
'You're so sweet! Haha. What got into you?' I asked.
'Nothing, it's more what got into you-'
'Ah well, I suppose this is what you get from living with Frank Iero!' I cut him off. He grinned and I just rolled my eyes.

---------x Michaela's Pov x-----------

I looked at myself in the mirror. My white dress with it's black design across the front was beautiful. It was tight up the top and kind of flowed out as it went down. I was so happy. Today I was getting married to Gerard Way. THE Gerard Way.
I smiled and fixed my hair a bit, then a black blur rushed into the room and stopped suddenly In front of me.
'Mary!' I yelled.
'Wow dude' She said, mouth hanging open.
'You look amazing! Oh my god, someone's gonna get laid tonight' She said, looking me up and down.
'You're with Frankie too much hun' I said and fixed my hair again. I think it was the nerves. So excited.

----------x Gerard's Pov x--------------

Frank looked at me and gave me a weird look of his own.
'You look like something's wrong' He said.
'Nothing, I'm just nervous' I said, smiling.
'Ahk, want me to do that for you?' He asked, while I struggled with my tie. I could never do those things.
'If you can?' He walked over and helped me tie it./ Just because he went to a catholic school! Ha! Who would have thought. /
'Ok dude, you're done!' He said and stood back smiling.
'Cool. Hey, what are you so happy about today?' I asked. He just smiled back and went red.
'Nothing I swear it!' He said, getting all defensive. I looked at him hard.
'You got laid last night!' I said, pointing at him. He went an even deeper red and looked away.
'Haha! Dude, right on! I mean, after everything that happened!' I said. He smiled and faced me again.
'Yeah.. I'm amazed too. Because she actually said yes to marrying me' He said.
'What!?' I yelled.
'Shh shh, keep it down would you!' He said, still smiling.
'Ha! Dude, why didn't you tell me? I'm so happy for you two!' I said and gave him a hug.
'Thanks' Said Frank and returned the hug./ Ok, so we looked kinda gay. So what? He was my mate and I was happy for him./

-------------x Mary's Pov x-----------------

I pushed some hair behind my ear as I tried to fix Mickey's lipstick.
'Mary!' She yelled suddenly. I jumped, almost smearing the lipstick everywhere.
'What!?' I said, standing back.
'Your finger! Hand! Show me!' She said and pulled my hand toward her. Her smile grew wider as she examined the ring on my finger closely, as did mine.
'You didn't tell me!' She said.
'Sorry, I forgot' I said, still smiling.
'Oh My Gosh! You and Frank! How cute! Come here' She said and pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back.
'I should get going, the wedding's starting soon' I said, and gave her one last good luck hug before heading out to where all the bridesmaids were waiting.

-------------x Michaela's Pov x-----------

As my white dress flowed behind me, a tear formed in my eye as I saw my fiancé standing at the front of the church, hands in pockets and smile on his face. I walked slowly, linking my father's arm. This was perfect, everything was perfect.
I got to the front and saw Mary give me a thumbs up. I smiled and looked back to Gerard who smiled as well.
{A/N: Ok dudes, I'm gonna cut the whole marriage thing because I have no fkn idea what the priest and shit says, so I'm gonna skip this bit. Sorry and thanks for putting up with my small brain.}

'Do you, Gerard take Michaela, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for ever and always until death do you part?'
'I do.' He said smiling.
'And do you, Michaela take Gerard, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for ever and always until death do you part?'
'I do.'
'Well then, you may now kiss the bride' Gerard took no hesitation and immediately embraced me, kissing me deeply. I smiled against his lips and kissed him back.
Everyone started cheering and I heard some comments from the side.
'Good one Mickey! What did I tell you?' That one must have been Mary..
'Nice Gerard! Good one making the rest of us look bad!' That was probably Mikey
'Be safe not sorry!' Came an outburst from me left. That was most defiantly Frank I parted and rolled my eyes at Frank, who laughed and kept clapping.

-----------x Mary's Pov x-------------

We were at the after party/ reception and it totally rocked! Everyone looked so Rad and was dancing to whatever music came on. I was dancing with Frank, but it was only after about three dances that I started to get tired.
'You ok babe?' He asked, taking me over to the head table where I sat next to michaela.
'Yeah I'm fine, just need some rest' I said smiling.
'Ok, well don't get jealous, but that sexy plant has been eyeing me all night and I absolutely need to dance with it, Love you' He said winking and kissed me wuickly before picking up a nearby pot plant and dancing with it. I smiled and watched him, as Ray soon came over and joined in on the Pot Plant dancing fun.
'Why aren't you eating anything?' Asked Michaela.
'I'm not hungry' I said, looking at her.
'What? What's wrong?' She asked. I put my head in my hands and shook it.
'Nothing' Then I felt my arm being yanked from under me and pulled toward Mickey.
'Don't fucking start, ok?'
'I told you to stop! Frank told you to stop! What's wrong with you?' She asked, giving me my arm back.
'It's hard to stop, ok? It get's addictive, and soon enough, you can't go one night without needing to hurt yourself in some way' I said sadly.
'Mary.. I care for you. Please Mary, You know I used to and me being the weakling I am was able to stop. But there's one thing for sure, if someone like you can't stop, then God help the rest of those who do it too' She said, giving me a hug. I forced a smile, and tears were starting to come down my face.
'Just please.. don't tell Frank ok?' I asked. She nodded and pushed some hair behind my ear.
'Frank won't hear a word, I promise' She said.

'What won't I hear about?'


A/N: Oooooo, what will happen? Review please! Had major writer's block before, ahhh! That stuff is fucking NOT RAD!
Thanks guys! Love you all!
-Maggie xox
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