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Someone says Fuck a lot..

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ooo... did she tell frank? ... o.O read on..

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-------x Mary's Pov x---------

'Err, Hi Frank.. where's that sexy pot plant of yours?' I asked, hoping to change the subject. Fuck I suck at that.
'Mary, come with me for a second' He said, giving me a 'You're-going-to-tell-me-weather-you-like-it-or-not' looks. I gave Michaela a pleading one but she could do nothing but watch as he pulled me away to the back car park.

-------x Michaela's Pov x------

'Ermm.. what was that about?' Danielle came and sat down next to me, I turned my head and sighed.
'Bad salad' I said.
'Ahh.. Frank didn't try cutting up and feeding her that Pot Plant did he?' She asked me, showing a worried look.
'Nah, he loved it too much' I said. She nodded and got up, walking back to Mikey on the dance floor. I put my head on my hand as I watched them spin and laugh. God I hope Mary's Ok...

-------x Mary's Pov x-----------

He had one hand around my waist, and one on my arm as he led me out toward the back car park.
Oh shit.. what do I do now..?
He let go of my arm to open the door and led me out into the cool night air. We walked a little bit to our right where we found a random seat and sat down. His hands left my arm and waist and went straight into mine, his eyes looking into mine.
It's not like it's a big deal anyway.. like what the hell?!
'Mary.. what is it?' He asked, his eyes never leaving mine.
'Nothing, seriously.. just some not important shit' I said, smiling.
Big deal.. over nothing dammit!
'If it isn't that important than tell me' He said, gripping my hands a tad tighter.
'Errr.. no.' I said, still smiling. Ha! I'm such a freak.
'Why?' He asked. God he's persistent.
'Because.. Fine. I'll tell you. I got really jelous of that pot plant you were with...' I said, trailing off.
'What.....the.....fuck.?' He asked, giving me a 'You-freak' looks. Ha! Told you so.
I just grinned and kissed him on the cheek.
'We were joking around, don't worry about it, k?' I asked.
'Fine.. I trust you, you know that right?' He asked.. still squishing my fingers.
'Yeah.. to an extent. Like in high school when we had that trust test where I had to fall on you and you had to catch me....' I said.
'Hey! I wasn't prepared!' He said, putting his hands up in surrender. I kissed him on the cheek and led him back inside to the party. We went straight to the dance floor and started dancing again... yes.. with the pot plant.
I caught Michaela's eye from up at the table, she gave me a look, that basically said How did it go?
I smiled at her and went closer to frank. She smiled back knowingly and kissed Gee who was now sitting next to her. I could get used to this.

---------x Frank's Pov x---------

God that pot plant was sexy.. I wanted to feel it... to hold it... oohhhhhhh....

Haha. No not really. I wonder what's wrong with Mary.. she's bee kinda distant lately, It could have something to do with Michaela's discussion.

'Hey Cookie?' She asked, holding my hands.
'Can we go home, I'm pretty tired and that pot plant is giving me some really dirty looks' She said, smiling. I nodded and kissed her forehead as we said our goodbye's to everyone and made our way to the car. I unlocked it and we both got in, I started the engine. We drove out and made our way back home. After a few traffic lights and a stop to get petrol we finally drove into the driveway.
'Hey Meza'
'Is Emily going to be home yet?' I asked her, taking off my seatbelt.
'Nah, she's still at Mum's' She answered. I nodded and got out of the car, locking it in the process.
As soon as we got inside, Mary went upstairs to get changed while I made some coffee. It helped me think and I wasn't very tired anyway. I grabbed my mug and headed up the steps and into our room, where Mary was lying on the bed... taking up 2 thirds of it. For a little skinny person, she could take up a hell of a lot of bed. I placed my mug on the night stand and laid down next to her.
'You awake honey?' I asked, brushing some hair from her face.
'I'm asleep, I swear it' I laughed at this last comment. I poked her in the ribs and she scrunched up into a ball and giggled. God it was cute.

--------x Mary's Pov x---------

He poked me in the ribs and I scrunched up into a ball. He smiled and kissed my head, and I watched then as he took his mug and drank more coffee before laying his head back down.
'Make sure you don't go crazy psycho on me, k?' I asked.
'Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.' He replied.
'Damn You!' I said, and hit him with a pillow. He laughed and held my arm. I wasn't expecting that so I kind of twisted my body and fell on the floor, which only made him laugh even harder.
I poked my tongue out and got back on the bed, making sure I stepped on him in the process.
'Ow!' he said.
'That's what you get when you get me close to a bitch fit'
'Awww that would be cute!' He said.
'Fuck you!' I said, and went to the bathroom.
'What you doin?' He asked, giving me a questioning look.
'Nothing.. Just need to use toilet' I lied and closed the door.
God I've needed to do this for ages... Now where is it?
I finally found the little razor I had broken off of Frank's shaving thingo. [A/N: Is THAT called a razor? No idea. Lets all call it a shaving thingo coz its cool]
Frank hadn't noticed the shaving thingo was gone, so I just kept using it. I lifted my arm and all of a sudden the urge was gone. I sighed in relief and placed the razor back under the sink. I cleaned up my arm and flushed the toilet so It didn't look shifty.
I opened the door slowly and walked back into the room, where I laid down next to Frank again and closed my eyes.
'HOLY FUCK!' I heard Frank yell and shift aside.
'What!?' I asked, moving back a bit and a tad scared.
'Mary.. you didn't..' He asked, looking at me with sadness in his eyes.
'Didn't what?' I asked, looking around for some cause of damage. I watched as he walked quickly over to me and embraced me, but in doing so I felt him grab my wrist.
'Ow, fuck'
'It's nothing'
'Mary, fuck it, it's bleeding like crazy!' I looked down, and it was. Fuck this!
'Why didn't you tell me?'
'It's nothing important! It's not like I'm dying or anything!'
'But you might if it goes wrong one time!' He yelled. I stepped back a but and he held my hands.
'Mary, don't you fucking get it?! Some thing could happen! Then what? Huh? I'm left without you, Emily's left without you! Fuck it Mary, I love you! If something happened to you I don't know what I'd do and on top of that you are inflicting pain upon yourself! Fuck Mary!' He yelled. I looked into his face and saw hurt, sadness, anger, love.. so many emotions. I didn't think it was that important or bad for that matter. For me, it was just a daily routine. Nothing out of the ordinary..
'I'm.. I'm sorry.. I had no idea..' I choked. Tears were in my eyes by then.
'You had no Idea!? How can you fucking say that?! You know I used to do it, and how you used to tell me it's bad for you! What about that huh?' He yelled again, squeezing my hands. I started to cry, bawl my eyes out in front of him. I'm a total fuck up. Fucktard. Hardcore Emo, whatever you want to fucking call it. His hands left my hands and went to my face, he held it and wiped away the tears with his thumbs w=but they just kept coming.
'Sshh, Look Mary, I'm sorry for yelling, come here' He said, and brought be over to the bed where he sat down and I sat next to him, my head in his chest. He brushed hair from my face and combed his fingers through my hair as I cried into him.
'Mary, I didn't mean to make you cry. I love you so much, please.. just look at me for a second' He said. I stopped crying and lifted my head, sniffling. My hair was a mess, my make up was running down my face. I was in my sweats and my eyes were red and bloodshot, and as I made eye contact with him, the first thing he said was,
'God you're beautiful'. And meant it. It was then That I realized he did love me, and all he ever intended, was to help me, because he loved me.
'I'm sorry..' I said.
'Shhh, It's not your fault.. you just need to talk to me, ok?' He said, and wiped my cheek with his thumb.
'It's so hard to just stop' I said, I could feel more tears coming on./What am I doing? It's nothing and I'm making a huge scene about it. Fuck me!/
'I understand, don't cry, please' He said, bringing his lips to mine.
'You're so beautiful, don't do this to yourself' He said. Fuck, look what I've done now. I'm such a life baby.
'And Mary, don't regret letting out your feelings. It's the best thing, ok?' He asked.
'Yeah I guess..' He kissed me again and took me into the bathroom to clean of my arm. When we were done we went back to bed and he held me close to him, and kept putting random kisses on my nose and even got my eye once. I giggled.
'Fuck Frank, you kissed my eye!' I commented.
'Meh.. I already kissed everything else on your face' He said. I just laughed and held his hand.
Then I heard my phone buzzing o the nightstand. I grabbed it and put it to my ear.

'Hey Mary, It's Mikes'
'Oh hey, what's up?'
'Well... I just asked Danielle to marry me'
'AND WHAT DID SHE SAY!?' I yelled.
'Oweh fuck bitch you can yell!' He said.
'Just tell me what she said or I'll get Gerard involved' I threatened.
'Fine fine, she kinda didn't say no or yes, she fainted.'
'She what?'
'You're joking'
'Fuck dude.. wait... kiss her'
'Your joking.. like that's gonna help'
'Yes' I said matter-of-factly.
'If you say so' The line went silent for a moment until I heard screaming from the other side of the line.
'I take it she says yes?'
'Ok, well I'll leave you to it, have fun' I said.
'Ok, thanks Mary!, Bye' I hung up the phone and put it back on the night stand.

'Who was that?'
'Oh.. he proposed I take it?'
'Yeah' I said smiling. He smiled back and kissed me.
I realized at that moment, that you don't leave this world without leaving at least a small piece of you behind, I knew that If I ever left, Frank would be imprinted with memories with me for life. It made me scared.... But I sort of liked it.


A/N: Hey Guys, thanks... THE REVIEWS MAKE ME KEEP GOING! Thanks to who have reviewed, you guys are so RAD! I love you dudes! Ima gonna update soon, ok? Ok.

Me: Soo.. Like it?
You: It was Ok..
Me: What?!
You: You made me inflict self injury upon myself!!!!!
Me: I'm sorry.. Frank made you feel better though, yes?
Frank: Who is the what with the face in the Frank?
Me: sigh
You: At least SOMEONE cares... evil looks are thrown
Me: He's eating cookies for god's sake..
You: so?.. he still cares.......kinda...
Me: HA! points and runs away
You: chases
Me: sets trap
You: falls in hole
Me: HAHA! Nah.. I'm not that mean to you guys! =] helps up
You: dusts off and throws dirty looks
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