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Ch. 02: "Hero"

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Lillith goes through power placement and after it's been decided where she'll go she gets her schedule and gets to meet the Mad Scientist himself.

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"Well, aren't you a mouthy little one. Platform!" Boomer says, pointing to the floor next to him as the kids buzzed with noise.

"That's the floor." I said, pulling my sweatshirt off and standing up.

"And is that your power? Being a smart ass?"

"It's one." I said, ascending the steps.

"And what's the other?"

"Others." I corrected him. "And I can do this," I went into cloud form and stayed that way for a second before popping back up. "And I'm a pyro."

"Well, go be a pyro then!" Boomer demands.

"Don't get your tighty-whities in a twist." I said. I am an especially strong pyro, though I don't know why, but I can do a lot more with fire then a lot of the pyro's out there. So, I did a basic trick just to warm up which was making it look like I was on fire before I moved on to creating multiple fireballs all around me. I stuck my arms straight out and threw them up into the air and the fireballs went straight up too.

"Hero." Boomer said grudgingly, making a note on his clipboard.

"Are those real?" Some freshman girl asked as I walked back through the crowd, pointing to my half-sleeve.

"No, I got bored waiting for the bus." I said to her.

I took my seat on the bleachers and put my sweatshirt back on and sat back and watched everyone else get broken up into their cliques for the next four years and beyond. The popular, admired, and secretly hated hero class and the openly mocked, dorky and unpopular sidekick class. The lines had officially been drawn.

"Everyone in hero class go through that door to get your schedules and everyone in sidekick class go through that door." Boomer shouts, pointing to two different doors opposite from where we'd come in.

I was closest to the hero door so I grabbed my shit and got through it first and I met some lady with a clipboard.

"And your name is?"

"MacLeod, Lillith." I said.

"Your guidance counselor is Mrs. Schumacher. Third room on the right."

"Right." I said. I walked down, counting to three until I got to the door. I knocked on the door frame and a short lady turned around from her desk.

"Freshman?" She asked.


"Last name?"

"MacLeod." You say, walking into the room and sitting at a chair next to the computer.

"Lillith Delilah Marie MacLeod?"

"That's me."

"OK, let's see. PE we'll put you in the general class third period."

"What does 'general' mean?" I asked, not liking the way it sounded.

"All PE is general here at Sky High. It just means all grades are in that period. It doesn't mean it's a special class or nothing like that."

"Oh, ok." I said, not feeling that offended anymore.

"How do you feel about Super History?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's a history class where you learn about heroes and villains. Normally, it only goes to sophomores and a few upperclassmen, but it seems that not that many wanted to take it this year, so it's available to everyone who has not yet taken it. Or anyone who wants to take the class."

"OK, I'll take the class then." I'll say it right here right now, I was a history dork. With villains at least. You ask me about someone old school or about the history of one villain and I could say it right then and there off the top of my head. One common thread that ran through almost all the villains I had known was that a large portion owed their current stays in various jails to the Commander and Jetstream. Including my parents. I actually believe that quite a few of the prisoners in the jail my parents were in were there because of the Commander and Jetstream.

"Great. And then there's math and english class you have to take those two." And I sat there quietly, only saying 'ok' or whatever I had to when I had to say it.

"Alright, this is your schedule," Mrs. Schumacher said, handing me the piece of paper still-warm from the printer. "Is everything the way you want it to be?"

"Uh, yeah it is."

"Alright, on the first day of school there is a special schedule because of the power placement for the freshman, so now that your schedule is all sorted out, you head off to first period."

"OK." I stood up and shouldered my backpack and headed off to first period. My schedule, in case any of you were wondering, went like this: First period I had Science class with this dude named Medullah. I'd heard his head was huge. Second period, Spanish (high school is high school I guess, no matter the difference). Third period, PE. Fourth period was lunch period. I had the first lunch wave then a study hall. Fifth period, math. Sixth, Super History. Seventh Period, Drawing. And eigth period I had English. Fun, stimulating stuff.

"Holy shit." I said under my breath, stopping in the doorway to science class.

"And who are you?" He asked in a strangely high voice.

"Lillith MacLeod. I have you first period."

"Well that's obvious otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you? Take a seat anywhere, it doesn't matter."

"OK." He was a frank speaker, he didn't sugarcoat anything he said. We'd get along fine because I like people who talk like he did.

I walked to the desks and I took a seat right at the back. Like I said, the back of everything. Plus, the teachers can't see when I'm drawing and they think I'm taking notes. Within the next few minutes kid started filing in and finding seats in the room. The last person to come in the room was forced to sit with me as everyone had found seats, away from me. I guess I didn't exactly exude a 'friendly' air.

"This is Mad Science. Now I don't care how little sleep you got the night before, in this class you will always sit up straight and pay attention! Because if you don't then I may have to fail you! And I don't want to have to see your faces anymore then I have to!" And then he went on some speech about science and what we would be learning for the school year. Then at the end he handed out forms for our parents or guardians to sign and the bell rang.

I pretty much slept through Spanish class. And I wasn't the only one. The teacher had a voice that sent tired students straight to sleep and put the more awake ones into a stupor. PE was much of the same. Boomer lecturing us about this and that, using his power when he felt we hadn't answered a question put to us the way he wanted. And we got the uniforms for gym class. No shit. Uniforms. I got an ugly orange t-shirt that made me look I had jaundice and blue shorts. Both with the schools insignia on them. I shoved them in my locker as soon as I got it and slept through the rest of the class, barely noticing anyone in it.

I was more awake during lunch because I got to eat and I spent the entire study hall period drawing in my notebook and then in math I was actually forced to pay attention because the damn teacher forced a quiz upon us, just to see what we remembered of any math at all. And that damn bitch gave us all homework, a big fat packet due next week. But at least I had my own seat and I didn't have to share a table with anyone else.

Then it came time for history class, whoopee.
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