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Beautiful Injury

Taylor was a professional wrestler working in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) since being 18 she was now 26. Wrestling had always been her life as her father was a wrestler and also a big part of the business side of the WWE. Taylor's father died when she was 19. Taylor had always been on the road with the WWE, they where like family, and had been training since before she could walk. When she turned 18 she was finally allowed to become a professional wrestler. She was one of the best women wrestlers in the business. On the side of her wrestling she was in a rock band called Extreme Damage with three of her guy friends from high school. She was the lead singer, Scott guitar, Cal bass, and Dan (her brother) drums. She managed to juggle the band and her wrestling career quiet well but it meant she hardly ever had a holiday she was always working. Through being in the band she was friends with other bands.
She was very talented and popular. She was also really beautiful and glamorous. Even though she'd been in the spot light, been brought up in a rich and famous lifestyle and was one of the few women billionaires (she hated talking about how much money she had); she was still one of the most nice and down to earth people you'd ever meet.
She loved nothing more than hanging out with all her mates (mainly the other wrestlers as she was on the road most of the year round) and acting normal. Al the other wrestlers saw here as a little sister and was very protective of her.
It was on the road that she met her currently ex-husband Zack Maloney. When they got married she was 20 and he was an up and coming new wrestler. It was only after Taylor married Zack that she found out what he was really like. He was very jealous, overprotective and most of all abusive. He abused her mentally and physically for a year. It started of as just a few arguments and he called her names putting her down. Then the verbal abuse turned into physical abuse. Fist he'd just push her around a little but then it started turning into full on beating up.
She never told anyone about it and tried to hide it although her close friends where onto it. This carried on until it got so bad and she got so low that it started affecting her performances. She was too scared to stand up to him or leave him which defiantly wasn't like her. She started getting closer and closer to a wrestler called Jeff Hardy who she had been good friends with since they where little. She confessed everything to him and he started helping her through it. By this time Zack and Taylor hardly seen each other, he was busy out drinking, taking drugs and sleeping with prostitutes, the only time they saw each other was when he came in drunk and drugged up and beat Taylor.
Jeff would then be there to pick up the pieces and be Taylor's shoulder to cry on. He tried relentless to get her to leave him, report him and file for divorce but she kept refusing. Soon Jeff and Taylor became more than just friends. This didn't really matter as her marriage with Zack was practically over they just hadn't made it official. His wrestling career was also on the verge of over.
Taylor and Jeff had been together secretly for a month when Zack found out. He filed for divorce on the terms of Taylor's adultery. This meant that he would get half of Taylor's Billions. Taylor could have fought him in court and refilled for devoice on the terms of his abuse and adultery but this could have took months to go through the courts and she just wanted the whole thing over with and agreed to device on the terms of her adultery.
After the divorce Taylor (age 22) and Jeff got together officially. Taylor and Jeff where together for two years and had a really good relationship. At the end of the 2 years Jeff was going through a tough time, not really knowing what he wanted in life and where his head was at. He went on a sabbatical from wrestling and Taylor and Jeff had a mutual break up so Jeff could go and sort his head out. They remained good friends. Since Jeff, Taylor (age 24) dated lots of guys on and off but never really found 'the one'.
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