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Chapter 1

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Present time (Taylor age 26)

Taylor walked into the doctor's office her right arm in a sling. Taylor had unfortunately seriously injured her shoulder during and important big match two weeks ago. She had had surgery on it last week and was now going to the doctors to get the verdict on how long she'd be out of wrestling for. She was gutted.

"Hello Miss Sucre." The doctor greeted hold her x-rays.
"Hi, so what's he news." She sighed knowing after how bad the injury was it wasn't going to be good.
"Well the surgery was successful but unfortunately you will be out of wrestling for at least eight months to make sure your shoulder is fully recovered and strong enough before you start wrestling again."
"Eight months are you sure there's no way it can be any sooner?" she asked visibly disappointed.
"No I'm sorry Miss Sucre any constant pressure and hard wear on your shoulder before the eight months it will be weakened and you will have to have surgery again and mostly likely will not be able to wrestle again." He said.
"OK well thanks a lot anyway. How long do I have to keep this sling on for?" she asked.
"Keep the sling on for a month and then you will need to have the brace on for a following five months. For the final two months you will need to take it easy slowly building up the muscle strength again. Any training and wrestling you do when the eight months is up you will need to take slowly and gradually build your shoulder strength back up after that everything should be fine and your shoulder will be as good as new."
"So basically what you're saying is for the next year my shoulders fucked and I can't get back into the ring properly."
"Unfortunaly yes, I knew this is very disappointing news for you but it's for the best if you ever ant to wrestle again." He said.
"Ok well thanks for all you've done, I appreciate it really." She smiled then left. Shane McMahon Vince McMahon's (The Owner of the WWE) son and also good friends of Taylor's was waiting outside for her. He could tell from her face it wasn't good news.
"What's the damage?" he asked.
"I'm fucked for the next year basically, I can't train or wrestle for eight months." She sighed.
"I'm sorry Tay I know this must be really hard for you, at least now you can finally have a break."
"I don't want a break I want to get back into the ring."
"Well you might not be getting back into the ring in a while but my dad has arranged for you to go for a meeting with your manager tomorrow."
"What about?" she asked confused.
"I'm not allowed to tell you just make sure your there tomorrow and eleven." She smirked.
"You're up to something and I don't like it." She said suspiciously.

Shane and Taylor went back to the Hotel they where currently stopped at.
"So what's the verdict?" John Cena asked followed by, Jeff (who had recently returned but he and Taylor where just good friends), Matt Hardy and Paul aka Triple H.
"Out for eight months." She sighed.
"Shit." Paul said.
"Yep." Taylor nodded agreeing with him it was shit.
"Really no chance of a return any sooner?" John asked.
"No if I do my wrestling career and shoulder will be over."
Matt, Paul, Shane and John left.
"I hear you've got a meeting with your manager tomorrow any idea's what that's about?" he asked.
"Haven't got a clue Shane was being all secretive when he told me, they'll probably try and get me doing some promotional stuff or something but I can't be assed with it I just want to get back into the ring."
"I know but you can't rush these things, anyway can't you concentrate on your band for now while you're off wrestling."
"Yeah that's an idea we've not really been doing much lately, I miss my band." She smiled making him smile. She loved her band but wrestling was her life.
"You know if it wasn't for your determination to wrestle your band would be really big.
"Yeah right." she laughed.
"I'm not joking you guys are really good everyone says so."

At eleven the day after Taylor made her way to her manager's office. When she got there Vince, Shane, Dan, Cal and Scott where also in the waiting room.
"What are you guys doing here?" she asked still suspicious of what was going on.
"I'm coming in the meeting with you." Vince said.
"Ok but what brings you guy's here." she asked smiling at Dan, Cal and Scott.
"Don't know just got called here." Scott said.
"You're a bad liar." She laughed but before they could say anything else they where called in by the receptionist.
"Ok Taylor I'm guessing your wondering why you're here." her manager said.
"Yeah I am." She smiled.
"Well me and Vince have been talking and discussing what to do with you as your going to be out of wrestling for eight months and have came to an agreement."
"Wait do I not get a say in any of this?" she asked.
"Yes of course you do, you don't have to do anything you don't want to these are just suggestions but we think your going to like it anyway." Vince said.
"Ok well go on then." She said.
"Well we have been doing some calling and arranging and we have got your band signed onto the current rock festival with all the current popular bands the tour starts in a month for six months which means by the time it starts your shoulder will be out of it's sling and when it finishes you'll still have a month before you can start training again, what do you think?" her manager said. She sat there looking stunned at first she really wanted to do it she loved her band and especially touring. She knew the other guys would love to do the tour too but there was just one thing what if performing was too much pressure for her, she didn't want to mess up her recovery.
"Don't worry we ran it past your doctor and he said you should be fine as long as you don't do too much." Vince said.
"So what do you say?" Cal asked excitedly.
"Sure why not." She smiled.

A month later Taylor's shoulder was out of the sling and she was packed and ready for the tour bus to pick her up for the six month tour.
"I'm going to miss you not being here." Paul said giving her a hug.
"I know I'll miss you all too." she smiled.
"It's already weird not having you wrestling." John said giving her a hug.
"I know but when I get back I'll be back wrestling too. It's only six months and I'll keep in touch."
"Yeah you better had do." Jeff said giving her a hug.
"I will and if the festival comes to where a show is I'll defiantly come down and watch." She said.
"Good, you have fun." Matt said also giving her a hug. Then the tour bus pulled up outside.
"Ok well I gotta go now but I love you all and I'll miss you. See ya'll soon, or if not defiantly in six months." She smiled getting onto the bus. There was a chorus of 'byes', 'we love you' and 'we'll miss you's.

"Hey guys." She said to the rest of her band as she got onto the bus.
"This feels so good we've not toured in ages." Dan said.
"Yeah I'm with you there bro." she smiled making her self comfy.
"So what bands are going to be on this tour?" Cal asked.
"Erm... Avenged sevenfold," Scott started reading off a list.
"Aw I get to see Matt and Brian again." Taylor smiled.
"...Papa roach,"
"Jocoby top dude." Cal said.
"Trav not seen him in ages." Taylor said.
"Green Day,"
"Aw I can't wait to see Billie again and Tre, not forgetting Mike."
"Do you know everyone?" Dan said.
"No she's just naming the ones she's fucked." Cal laughed.
"I have not fucked... all of them." she said trying to act innocent.
"Really?" Cal and Scott said giving her the look.
"Really, I've only fucked, Matt." She admitted.
"And Trav." Scott said.
"That was years and years ago he's with Shanna now."
"Not for getting Jacoby." Cal said.
"Jacoby! That was a really really drunken night." she defended.
"And then there's Pete." Scott said.
"Pete? Pete who?"
"From Fall Out Boy there going to be there too." Scott said.
"Well come I on mean seriously who wouldn't want to fuck Pete." She laughed.
"Jesus this is going to turn into a Taylor's ex boyfriend's reunion did Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho not get the message." Dan said and the three guys laughed.
"You guys are bastards to me." she said but couldn't help laughing too.
"Aw you know we love you in all your slutty glory." Scott said.
"That's not funny." Taylor said seriously.
"Yeah man that was low." Cal said seriously too.
"Yeah that's only because you've had some too." Scott said to Cal. Cal launched at him only to be held back by Dan and Taylor.
"Cal leave it he didn't mean it." Taylor said but still hurt. That's the thing with Scott he gets carried away and then says things he doesn't mean.
"Yeah but Scott I think you need to apologise." Dan said.
"Come on guys lets not start this tour fighting." Taylor said. Scott nodded.
"Yeah I'm sorry guys I got a little carried away I didn't mean it, your defiantly not a slut Tay, I love you guys."
"Love you too Scotty." She smiled giving him a hug forgiving him. Cal seemed a little less forgiving but gave in anyway, being given the eye by Dan and Taylor.
"Alright mate." Cal said giving him a guy hug.
"Ok so who else is going to be on the tour?" Taylor said hoping to change the subject.
"Erm just Mest and Good Charlotte." Scott said.
"Ok well I don't know and I defiantly haven't fucked any of them." she said.
"Wow well that's a first." Dan laughed making her laugh too.
"Yeah it is." She agreed laughing.
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