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Chapter 2

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That night Taylor and Cal where lying on the sofas watching a movie Scott and Dan where asleep in the bunks.
"I can't believe Scott said that before." Cal said breaking the silence.
"He just got carried away he didn't mean it." She said.
"I know but still it was a little too far."
"Cal leave it I'm ok with it."
"Yeah but I'm not."
"That's because you still love Me." she laughed joking.
"No you still love me." he teased back getting up and joining her on the sofa she was on.
"Your right I do love you." she smiled putting an arm around him. "As my friend and none biological brother." She said.
"I love you too my none biological sister." he smiled putting an arm around her too.
"So are you going to be ok with so many of your ex's being there." he asked.
"I didn't date all of them the only guys I actually dated was Matt and Pete and that was only for a few months each the other guys where just some drunken fun after a party and they knew that too. There all just good friends of mine and are like you guys or the guys from wrestling are to me." she explained and he nodded they went quiet for a bit.
"Tay you've been single for a while," he started.
"Yes thanks for reminding Me." she said sounding annoyed to be reminded of the fact that she was single.
"Sorry it's just you know you used to always have guys around, I was just wondering are you ok?" he asked worried about her.
"Yeah I'm fine, I'm just growing up I was young and having fun back then. After Zack I needed it to help me get over it all and get my confidence back. I guess I'm just settling down a bit now." She explained.
"So what was I in all this?" he asked, Taylor really didn't know what to say she knew he really liked her but she only liked him as a friend dating him was a mistake and she felt horrible for giving him false hope.
"Cal sweetie you know I love you but you know we gave 'us' a go and it didn't work." she said trying to put it as nicely as possible.
"Yeah I know doesn't mean that I'd have wanted it to work out." He said.
"I knew sweetie but the right girls out there for you I'm just not her." she said.
Not long after they both went to sleep.

When they woke in the morning they had arrived at the first venue.
"Tay, Tay get up where here." Cal said shaking her awake.
"Leave me alone need sleep." Taylor groaned.
"Come on Tay get up." Scott said shacking her awake too.
"No." she pouted.
"Tay get your ass out of bed now." Dan said pulling the covers off her. She groaned.
"Fine I'm up." she said getting up.
"Good now get a shower and get dressed." Dan said throwing some clothes at her.

She went in the shower and got dressed then went outside to where all the busses where parked. All the bands where all mingling together catching up with old friends and getting to know the new ones. Taylor went outside in search of her band.
"Taylor Sucre look at you!" she heard Jacoby say coming up behind her.
"Hey Jacoby long time no see." She smiled giving him a hug.
"Well don't you look good, I heard about the Shoulder injury but is it bad for me to not be too sorry for you because now we get to spend time with you." he said.
"Nah it's good seeing you again and I'm actually looking forward to gigging again, not saying that I don't miss wrestling like hell."
"Have you meant everyone else yet?" He asked.
"No I've only just came out." She said. "And I've lost my band so I've been looking for them."
"Ok well nice seeing you again and we'll have to hang out some time." He said and she carried on walking through he crowed to find her band.
As she walked past the Blink 182 bus she bumped into Travis.
"Hey Trav how are you?" he turned round looking shocked to see her.
"Taylor! Hi look at you looking so damn hot. I'm doing great even better now you're here. How are you?"
"Good apart from the shoulder but you know shit happens."
"Shit that brings you here." he smiled.
"How's Shanna is she here?" she asked she'd became good friends with Shanna over the years.
"No not yet she'll be arriving later." He smiled.
"Good I can't wait t see her again. Anyway good seeing you too but I need to go find my band they disappeared on me."
"Ok well see you soon hon." He said giving her a hug.
"Taylor Sucre!" she heard Billie Joe's voice say from behind.
"Billie Joe how are you." she said giving him a hug.
"I'm good, I heard about your Shoulder but it's good because it's brought you here."
"Yeah I suppose, it is good to be gigging again though and seeing all you guys again."
"And we love seeing you." he smiled.
"So where are you of to?" she asked.
"Just walking and mingling." He said.
"Mind if I join you."
"Not at all." They started walking around saying hi to the people they knew.
"Hey lets go see the Avenged guys." Taylor said as she walked past there bus.
"Ok." He said turning a knocking on their door. Zacky opened it.
"Oh my god look whose here." he said pulling Taylor onto the Bus.
"Well, well, well Taylor Sucre what brings you here? Looking so damn hot" Matt said walking over to her smirking.
"Well a fucked up shoulder and my band." She grinned being pulled into a hug by him and she hugged back.
"Yeah I heard about the Shoulder but like most people I'm not too sorry because it brings you back here." he smiled.
"Yeah I'm glad to be back for a while that is."
"Nothing can keep you away from your wrestling can it?"
"Nothing at all. Like nothing can keep you guys away form your music."
"But you love music."
"Yes but wrestling's is my life, you should know that."
"That I do." He smiled.
"And Syn how are you?" she said moving over to him giving him a hug.
"I'm good nice seeing you." she smiled hugging her back.
"Oh yeah Tay have you met the guys from Good Charlotte and Mest?" Billie Joe said pointing to the guys sat on the sofas.
"No I don't believe I have." She said as the stood and came over to them.
"This is Tony and Matt from Mest and Billy, Paul, Joel and Benji from Good Charlotte." Billie said pointing to each in turn and Taylor shook their hands.
"It's nice to meet you all." She said shaking each hand in turn when she got to Benji at the end their hands lingered together for a moment longer and their eyes locked.
"Very nice to meet you all." She smiled at Benji who smiled shyly back.
"And you say you're a wrestler?" Joel asked.
"Yes for the WWE." She smiled snapping out of her little daze.
"I've never really been interested in wrestling but I'm finding a sudden interest in it now." Tony said looking Taylor up and down. All the guys where looking at her like they where looking at the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. The Avenged boys and Billie laughed at them. Just then her phone rang, she answered it.
"Hello...Scott you really are a fucking dumbass you know that right... ok well I'll be there in a minute." She said then put the phone down.
"Sorry about that I have to go but it was nice meeting you all." She said looking at them all then once again her eyes lingering a little longer on Benji. Then she left the bus.

"She is fucking hot." Tony declared as she left.
"Yeah she is." Matt from A7X said.
"Well you're biased anyway." Syn laughed.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Joel asked.
"He dated her for a while a year ago." Syn said.
"Point being?" Matt said.
"You've seen and done thing everyone wants to but doesn't get too." he smirked.
"Is she good?" Tony asked.
"I'm not saying." Matt smirked.
"She is isn't she, she must be I mean look at her." Tony said.
"Yeah and look at our dear Benji, he's in love." Paul said laughing.
"What?" Benji said snapping out of his daze noticing that they where all watching him.
"You got a crush on Taylor?" Zacky smiled
"What I haven't." he stuttered.
"Yeah he does and probably won't do a thing about it." Joel said.
"Shut up Joel." Benji muttered.
"Benj seriously dude if you like her you have to make a move and be obvious about it, she doesn't do the mysterious lover and she doesn't beat around the bush, if you like her you have to be out right about it." Matt said knowing from experience. "If you just try to be nice to her hoping she'll get the hint she'll end up thinking you just want to be friends, she likes her guys to be forward."
"I don't even know her how can I like her, I've only just met her will you all just leave me alone." He said defensively proving that he did like her.
"Well I've only just met her and I think I'm in love with her I mean did you see her." Tony said making them laugh.
"Watch out though she's a heart breaker she broke Matt's heart." Syn said.
"She did not." Matt said but it was obvious she defiantly hurt him when they broke up.
"She did you where miserable for ages after she left you." Syn pointed out.
"Yeah but... but that's not the point we weren't even together that long. Don't bad mouth her." he said protectively.
"I'm not I'm just saying be careful because she's so beautiful and a really cool chick that guys can't help but fall for her when she doesn't exactly feel the same way."
"I know but she's been through a lot, just leave it." Billie said also defending her. Billie and Matt where some of the few that did actually know about Taylor's past with Zack Maloney.
"Yeah you all say she's been through a lot of shit and yet no one knows what." Zacky
"It's none of our business to tell if she wants people to know she'll tell them." Billie said.
"Anyway guys you'll love her once you get to know her she's a really cool chick." Matt said.
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