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Chapter 3

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That night there was a party for all the bands together to know each other before the shows started the next night. Taylor, Scott, Cal and Dan where all on the bus getting ready.
"Taylor come on hurry up we've been waiting for you for ages." Scott whined.
"Come on Tay I really need a piss hurry up." Cal said banging on the door.
"Just a sec." she called.
"That's what you said half an hour ago." Cal said getting frustrated seconds later Taylor opened the door and all three of them looked at her with wide eyes and mouth dropped open.
"What do you think? Will I do?" she said smiling at there reaction.
"You'll do more than fucking do." Dan said with raised eye brows.
"So fucking hot." Scott said.
"Thank you."
"You sexy bitch." Cal said then pushing past her remembering she needed a piss.
"Hurry up cal you better not be wanking over my sister or I might just have to kick your ass." Dan said through the door.

They walked into the party and when Taylor walked in she turned every guys head. It wasn't long before Dan, Scott and Cal had disappeared off into the sea of people at the party. Taylor went over to the bar where she bumped into Benji, Matt from A7X, Tony, Travis and Shanna.
"Taylor, Girl get your sexy ass over here!" Shanna screamed.
"Hey how you doing?" Taylor smiled walking over to the, giving Shanna a hug.
"I'm fine and how are you?" Shanna said looking her up and down.
"I'm great apart from the Shoulder thing."
"Shit happens but if shit brings you back here then shit needs to happen a lot more."
"Thanks." Taylor laughed.
"Taylor your fucking smoking." Travis said.
"Thanks Trav." She laughed.
"Hey watch your wandering eyes." Shanna said smacking him in his stomach. "She's my girlfriend aren't you Tay."
"Of course." Taylor laughed as Shanna lent in and they air kissed making the guys laugh too.
"Remind me again why we broke up." Taylor heard Pete's voice in her ear and his arms wrap around her waist. She turned in his arms to face him.
"Because you cheated on me." she said lightly.
"Biggest mistake of my life."
"Yep and your still dumped." She laughed. He put his hand over his heart faking hurt.
"Wanna dance?" She asked.
"Sure." he said taking her hand letting her lead him out onto the dance floor.
"What's the deal there?" Benji found him self asking without really thinking. Travis, Shanna, Matt and Tony all looked at him.
"Your really do like her don't you." Matt said.
"No I was just asking?" he defended.
"He does he's like this all the time he can't actually just get up and ask a girl out he's really shy like that." Tony said taking pride in embarrassing him.
"Thanks Tone." Benji said rolling his eyes.
"Benj you should just ask her out, you've got nothing to worry about she's not nasty or anything if she doesn't like you she'll tell you but she won't make a big deal out of it or do anything to hurt you." Shanna said.
"I just asked what was going on between Pete and Taylor that's all, but you know what forget I said anything." He snapped.
"Look there's nothing going on between her and Pete they dated for a few weeks and he cheated on her. It wasn't a big deal they wasn't serious or anything and now there just friends." Matt explained.
"She's single and I mean very single and looking Benj, she'd really like you when she gets to know you. Trust me you're defiantly her type you just need to walk up to her charm her and ask her out. Trust me that's the way she likes it. Am I right Matt?" Shanna said; who was the one who helped Matt ask Taylor out when they dated.
"Very right." Matt agreed. Benji just stood there in silence ignoring them and watching Taylor. He really did like her he's never seen anyone so beautiful and she seems really nice and cool to hang out with too.

Later on in the party Taylor was getting very drunk but she could still handle her self. Most of the other people in the party where so drunk they didn't know what was going on apart from a few that weren't including Benji. Taylor had been on the dance floor practically all night nearly every guy in the party had brought her a drink then asked her for a dance which she accepted. She was getting really tired and her shoulder was starting to give her agro' so she decided to go for a sit down. When she noticed Benji sat on his own she decided to go over and see if he was ok.
"Hey, Benji right?" she asked sitting on the bar stool next him.
"Yeah." He smiled nodding.
"You ok?" she asked.
"Yeah." He nodded again and turned looking onto the dance floor.
"You sure?" she asked looking at him slightly worried.
"I'm fine." He laughed.
"Your one of the quiet one's aren't' you?" she smiled squinting her eyes at him trying to read him.
"Not really just a bit shy if you don't know Me." he admitted.
"Really?" she raised an eye brow.
"Yeah but I don't like admitting it."
"So would that make me special." She joked.
"Yes it would make you very special." He laughed.
"So how come your over here on your own, sober?" she asked.
"I don't drink...lets just say me and alcohol don't mix, and well as everyone else is too drunk to even remember their names; I'd rather just sit here and watch them make fools out of them selves knowing I'm the only one that will remember what they did to night in the morning." He smiled.
"Good point but one thing I'm not that drunk I can still remember my name, it's Taylor." She said proudly making him laugh lightly thinking how cute she was.
"So, you're in Good Charlotte?"
"How that working for you?" she said trying to make decent conversation in her drunken state.
"It's working very well, our bands doing well and I'm doing what I love with guys that I love." He said.
"Good for you." she smiled.
"So you're a wrestler?"
"Yes and I'm in a band but the bands just like a side thing wrestling the real deal." She nodded.
"I see, you're a little too beautiful to be a wrestler from the last time I seen it when I was a kid."
"Well wrestling's changed a lot since then hot chicks kick ass." she said.
"Well you must kick a lot of ass because you're gorgeous." He said finding a confidence in the fact that she probably wouldn't remember any of this in the morning she was that drunk.
"Thank you that's really sweet you quite hot your self." She said.
"I think I'll have to start getting back into wrestling because I'd defiantly like to se you in action." He said not realising how that could be interpreted as.
"Oh really, I bet you would." She laughed teasingly but knowing what he really meant.
"No...I meant... I didn't mean it like that." he laughed stuttering and going slightly pink.

"It's ok I knew what you meant." She laughed.
"So tell me more about your wrestling and how you got into the band, they both seem so different how did you get into them?" he asked intrigued.
"Well my dad used to be a wrestler and he was big in the management side too which is what got me into wrestling, I've grown up with it. The band was just like how any other band starts out really we where in school together and just started a band. We've been good mates for ages." She explained the best she could.
"Cool, so which do you like best?" he grinned.
"Erm... that's a hard one." She laughed. "I like them both for different reasons, wrestling's my life I've been brought up with it, I love it and I couldn't imagine life not wrestling. This shoulder injury is driving me mad because it's going to be at least eight months before I can get back into the ring again. But I love my band equally it's just more of something fun to do on the side. I feel a bit guilty sometime because it's Cal, Dan and Scott's main priority but I'm away wrestling a lot of the time so the band doesn't get my full attention but now I've got this time off I can really get into it again."
"So if you wrestling you'd be in the band full time?" he continued he questioning.
"What is this twenty questions?" I laughed.
"Sorry I'm just really interested." He said a little shyly again.
"Its fine and yes I'd defiantly have my full focus on the band if I wasn't wrestling."
"Taylor you know I love you right, I always have, I never stopped." A very drunken Cal came over slurring his words and putting and arm around Taylor leaning his weight on her so he didn't fall over.
"Yes Cal I love you too honey." She and Benji laughed.
"I want a drink." He slurred looking around the bar.
"Don't you think you've had enough o drink now." She tried to reason.
"Nah I need more... I need more... I feel sick." He said holding his stomach. Taylor jumped up and pushed him away from her.
"Cal I fucking mean it if your sick on me I'm going to kick your ass." she said half laughing half serious.
"Tay I want to sleep...take me to my bed please. And... and I don't mind if you want to stay you know...keep me company." He said suggestively running a hand up and down her arm. It didn't faze her she was used to this by now from all the guys.
"No your ok, I'll take you to bed but your staying alone."
"Aw." He pouted.
"I'm sorry Benji, I'm going o have to take his drunken ass to bed but I'll see you around." She smiled.
"Yeah defiantly." He smiled back. It was at that moment Cal decided to Pass out and lean his whole weight on Taylor. She lead him slowly back to the bus supporting the majority of his weight herself.

Benji sat and watched as she left the party. It seemed the more he seen her and the more he learnt about her the more interesting and attractive he found her. All the guys seemed to lust after her and quite frankly who wouldn't, she was gorgeous he thought; but she wasn't just good looking she had a great personality too and seemed really easy to get along with and have a laugh with.
"You getting in there yet or what?" A drunken Tony said coming up and sitting in the seat Taylor had just left.
"Nah was just talking to her finding out more about her." Benji replied.
"You don't want to be wasting time doing that just sweet talk her and get some ass I know everyone else here would do the same." Benji knew not to take what he was saying too seriously with his drunken advice, which meant with Tony he meant half of it and the other half was complete bullshit.
"nah it's not like that she's not like all the other hot chick that come on tour yeah she's gorgeous but she's got a great personality and she's really good to get along with and have a laugh with. If I'm going to do this I'm going to do it properly I don't want a quick fuck with her."
"Jesus she must me something if she's got you, Benji Madden talking like this." Tony laughed.
"She is."
"Well just remember what Syn said be careful she breaks hearts."
"Not intentionally, I'm sure."
"Yeah but you can never tell with these hot chicks." Tony said carrying on with his half decent advice half drunken ramblings.

Back at the buss Taylor was exhausted after the party and then trying to get Cal back to the bus. Normally it wouldn't be too much of a struggle for her carrying any of the guys but with her bad shoulder it was a lot harder. She managed to lay a passed out cal too his bunk.
"You're into Benji aren't you?" Cal said suddenly waking up seeming quite sober.
"I like him yeah he seems a nice guy and he's god looking."
"So what where you talking about?"
"We where just getting to know each other he was interested about wrestling and the band."
"You know he's defiantly into you." he said sitting up a little in his bunk and Taylor sat on the edge.
"You think?"
"Yeah every guy here's into you with one snap of your fingers you could have anyone you wanted."
"I doubt that."
"No it's true maybe most just want to fuck you because, well you fucking hot but Benji truly does like you."
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