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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The morning after the night before almost everyone was hung over. Taylor was only slightly hung over as she wasn't too drunk last night. It was the night of the first show so most of the day was spent doing sound check and getting everything ready for the show. Taylor was the first one up out of her bus and decided to go see what was going on outside. She ended up walking round the empty stadium that would be packed later on that night. She walked up the rows of seat and sat down in one of the empty ones a little far up from the front. This was something she always did when she was on the road with the WWE before a big match when the stadium was empty and silent she'd go sit in the seat looking down on the ring, just thinking and letting everything sink in.

She found herself doing the same now she sat lost in her own thoughts when she heard someone clear their throat which made her look up to see who it was. It was Matt from A7X.
"Hey I was in a world of my own then." She laughed.
"Mind if I join you?" he asked.
"No not at all." She said patting the seat next to her which he sat in.
"So what you up too?" he asked.
"Nothing much was bored because the other lazy asses in my band where still in bed when I got up so I decided to go for a walk and I ended up here." she explained.
"I remember you always used to come and sit in the empty stadium before a big match to go over everything and calm your nerves." He smiled.
"Yeah I suppose I'm doing the same now." She admitted.
"What claming your nerves?" he said sounding a little shocked.
"Yeah." She nodded.
"You can't be nervous you'll be fine." He reassured.
"Yeah it's just been ages since I've performed in the band it just feels wired being back doing it again. I mean it's not the actual going out in front of everyone that bothers me I do that all the time wrestling but it's just weird." She tried to explain, he nodded.
"Don't worry about it you'll be fine." He smiled.
"Anyway what are you doing up now shouldn't you still be in bed with all the other hangover people." She laughed.
"Nah I'm fine, don't really get hang overs."
"Lucky bastard." She laughed. Just them Cal came walking over to them. "Speaking of hang overs. Good morning Calum and how's that hang over treating you?" she laughed as he flopped down in the seat on the other side of her with sunglasses and a hat on.
"Like a fucking bitch." He grumbled.
"Yeah well that's what tends to happen when you get so drunk you end up collapsing all over me and confessing your undying love to me." she laughed making Matt laugh too.
"No way, I didn't say that did I?" he said.
"Yeah you certainly did." she nodded with a smile.
"I didn't mean it... well I mean I do love you but not... you know what I mean." He gave up.
"Yeah." She nodded smiling. It had been like this between the two of them since they first met there was always something between them but never enough for them to actually be together. They tried dating but it didn't work it just felt awkward and wired.

Taylor, Matt and Cal hung out for a little longer and some of the other guys joined them now and again. There were a few sound checks before lunch for Blink 182, Green Day and Papa Roach that Taylor and Cal stayed and watched hanging out with the guys. Then they went for lunch before their sound check with the rest of the sound checks after lunch.

After lunch Taylor and Cal made there way back to the stadium to see went hey would be doing their sound check. They found Dan and Scott already there talking to Tony, Matt, Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul; the rest of Mest, Avenged Sevenfold and Fall Out Boy where also around hanging out waiting for sound check.
"Oh here they are? And where have you two been, more importantly what have you two been doing?" Dan smirked suggestively making the other guys look at me questioningly.
"Shut up you dirty bastard." she said hitting playfully up the side of the head rolling her eyes settling everyone's minds that there wasn't anything going on between herself and Cal.
"Ok well there's Mest then Good Charlotte, Avenged sevenfold, us and then fall out Boy." Scott informed them. The guys from Fall out Boy had gone as would be quite some time before they would be on and the Avenged Guys had wondered off somewhere. The Mest guys had gone getting ready on stage while Taylor's band and GC stayed talking the guys where talking about some random guy shit that Taylor wasn't really listening to; when Taylor's phone rang, it was Shane and some of the other guys from the WWE they had her on speaker phone. She told them to hang on while she went outside of the stadium so she could hear them better as Mest where starting to play and as much as she wanted to watch them she really wanted to talk to the WWE guys. Scott gave her a warning look not to go out, because he knew once she got talking to them she'd be on the phone for hours which meant she might miss their sound check, she ignored him and went out to talk to them anyway.

When she returned GC where just coming off stage and it was time for her band to start. She walked straight up to the stage ready to start sound check.
"Took your time didn't you." Scott said a little irritated but in more of a joking way.
"Stop your bitching Scott." she laughed lightly and pushing him playfully as she walked passed him. "I made it in time." she shrugged not seeing what the big deal was.
"You missed my performance." Tony pouted to her acting like a little child.
"I know and I'm sorry honey." she smiled patting him on the head, mimicking a mother talking to her child making everyone laugh.
"Did you hear that she called me honey?" Tony boasted proudly walking to join the rest of his band and GC off stage. Taylor and her band went on stage getting ready to start playing. Taylor thought that the GC and Mest guys would go back to their busses or something but when she look up when they started playing she noticed them stood where they where stood before talking and watching them play. She noticed that all through the performance Benji didn't take his eyes off her. She tried not to think about it too much but se couldn't help wondering.

When they'd finished their performance they walked off stage Taylor in a world of her own thinking about Benji but was soon snapped out of her thoughts by Dan.
"Hello? Earth to Taylor." He said clicking his fingers infornt of her face. She snapped out her daze and slapped his hand away.
"Sorry what?" she muttered.
"I said can I have a word with you." he repeated.
"Erm yeah ok." She said a little confused. Then followed him to a quite corner.
"Is there something going on between you and Benji?" he asked making her laugh, seeing that he didn't laugh but kept a straight face she noticed that he was actually being serious.
"What...erm, no. why?"
"I've sent eh way you look at him, and you two where sat talking together for ages at the party last night and then when we where performing then he never took his eyes off you." he said counting his points off on his fingers.
"That doesn't mean anything, I don't look at him any differently to anyone else and I was talking to him because he was the only sober one at the party that wasn't falling all over me killing my shoulder, and he wasn't just looking at me he was watching US perform."
"Bullshit if you really haven't noticed it then you better start noticing because to DO look at him differently and you two WHERE talking rather closely last night and he WAS watching YOU all the way through our performance." He said emphasising certain words trying to make his point.
"Well OK point made." She said mimicking him making his points.
"I'm being serious Tay, think about It." he said walking away joining the Mest and GC guys. Cal walked up behind her startling her slightly.
"What was that all about?" he asked.
"Oh nothing he just wants to make his point that he thinks there's something going on between me and Benji."
"And is there?"
"No, I don't think so."
"Why? Would it be a bad thing if there was something going on?" he asked confused.
"No I don't see what the big deal is I suppose he's just being his nosey self you know what he's like if he doesn't know something about me first." She said rolling her eyes at how protective and possessive her brother could be at times.
Taylor and Cal walked up to the guys, Cal joined in the conversation but Taylor stood quietly listening to what they where talking about but not really interested.
"You guys where really good." Benji said walking over to her.
"Thanks." She smiled looking up. "And I'm sorry I never seen you guys but I'm sure you where really good too." she smiled.
"Are you ok you seem a little distracted?"
"Nah I'm fine, just trying to get used to this whole thing again." She lied but he nodded dropping the subject.
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