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Chapter 5

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here's the next chapter hope you like it, a heart felt convsation between Brother and Sister.

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Chapter 5

Later that night everyone was in their dressing rooms getting ready for the show.
"So when are we on?" Cal said walking out of the bathroom bit into the living room bit where Dan was stretching and warming up and Taylor and Scott where sat watching TV.
"Erm there's Papa roach then Blink then us and GC and Mest then after the break there's Avenged Sevenfold, Fall out Boy and then Green Day." Scott read of the list counting off the acts on his fingers.
"Cool so I get to see Green Day I love watching them." I smiled.
"Yeah you also get to watch GC including Benji." Dan eye balled me.
"What's your deal with me watching GC perform, not that I don't want to or anything because I'd love too, but seriously what's your deal with me and Benji?" Taylor stated.
"N...nothing just... you know. They paid our band some attention and especially Benji watched us or more like never took his eyes off you, so I think you need to pay there band some attention." He said but everyone could tell he was making it up on the spot. What he was saying was true but it wasn't the reason why he said what he said at first.
"Whatever Dan." she sighed rolling her eyes; nothing like dropping subtle hints. Taylor got up and walked out of the room going to see what they had on the buffet table. She was stood deciding on what to get from the buffet table when Benji came up behind her.
"You all ready for your first performance of the tour?" he said startling her slightly.
"Oh Benji hi." She smiled turning to see it was him. He smiled back he loved the infectious smile she had. "Yeah I'm ready well ready as I'll ever be." She laughed. He nodded smiling.
"I'll have to check you out..." she raised an eye brow at him a grin appearing on her face. "I mean I'll have to check your band out live." He said correcting himself quickly.
"Yeah and I promise I'll watch you guys too this time." She laughed. "Anyway I'll have to be getting back now but see ay later." She smiled.
"Yeah see you later and good luck." He called after her.
"Thanks you too." she smiled.

"What took you so long?" Cal asked when she got back into the dressing room.
"I bumped into Benji at the buffet table and was talking to him." She explained noticing the look she got from Dan. "And don't look at me like that it was completely innocent." I shot back at Dan.
It wasn't long before the gig began. In their dressing room getting ready to go on stage they could here Papa Roach and Blink 182 performing.
Ten minutes before Blink 182 came off stage Taylor and the guys had to go to the side of the stage to get ready to go on. When Blink came of they went on. The ovation they got from the crowd was amazing. Their fans had obviously missed them and were glad to have them back. They gave the performance of their lives; it was amazing and the crowd loved them. When they came off stage GC where waiting to go on.
"Great how are we going to match that." Joel laughed joking.
"Ah well you know if, you got it." Taylor laughed.
"You where amazing that was really good." Benji said as she walked passed him.
"Thanks and I'm staying right here to see you guys as I missed you in sound check." She smiled earning a smile from him before he went on.

She stood at the side of the stage through their whole performance watching them, and she was impressed they where really good live. Taylor hadn't paid much attention their type of music before because being brought up in the wrestling business Metal is the type of music the majority of people listen too.
Just before GC had finished Mest Came to get ready to go on.
"Taylor Hey what you still doing here?" Tony asked walking up to her.
"Watching GC I kind of owe then well Benji really because they stayed and watched me...our band in sound check but I missed them because I was on the phone so I said I'd watch them now." She explained slipping up slightly.
"Oh cool well I heard you guys and you sounded fucking awesome and they crowd loved you." Tony said.
"Thanks, it was good being back out there." she smiled. Just then GC came of stage meaning it was time for Mest to go on.
"Looks like it's our turn to go on. See you later."
"Yeah see you later." She smiled just then Benji and Joel walked up to her.
"I can't believe you actually stayed." Benji grinned.
"Course I did I had to see if you guys where any good or not." She laughed.
"And?..." Joel smiled.
"You where alright." She teased.
"Just alright?" Joel said playing along.
"Yeah well you see there was this band called Extreme Damage on before you and I heard they absolutely rock it so you know..." she laughed making them laugh too. "Nah I'm only joking you guys where great." she smiled. Billy called Joel over for a phone call or something leaving Benji and Taylor alone once again.
"Anyway I'm going to go and get a shower now." Taylor said wanting to get cleaned up and get changed because she knew she stank and probably look minging too.
"Ok, erm... are you doing anything later?"
"Erm no don't think so."
"You and the guys should come over to our bus to hang out or something. It's our turn tonight to have everyone over." he explained.
"Ok sure I'll mention it to them." she smiled. And they both went their separate ways back to their dressing rooms.

She went back to their dressing room Dan was sat on the sofa and Cal and Scott where no doubt in the only two showers that the dressing room had.
"They beat you to the shower again?" I asked sitting down next to him.
"Yeah fucking bastards." He grumbled. Making me laugh. Scott and Cal always teamed up against Dan to get the two showers first.
"I talked to Benji." I stared.
"Oh yeah?" he asked interested.
"Yeah I stayed and watched them perform like you said."
"And nothing really we just talked he said how good we where and I told him they where good too. Oh and he invited us all to go over to their bus tonight. Something about they all take it in turns having everyone over tot hang out on each others busses each night." I explained.
"Oh cool you going to go?"
"Are you guys?" I asked.
"He asked you."
"No he asked all of us."
"Are you sure?"
"Dan what is going on why are you trying to set me up with Benji?"
"I'm not."
"Then what are you hinting at because it's starting to do my fucking head in."
"It's nothing."
"Yes it is tell me."
"Fine do you like Benji?"
"I don't know I've not really thought about it. We've only known them for like two days."
"That's you thing you see you make really nice guys fall for you without you knowing it and then you break their hearts." He said truthfully he was getting sick of watching his sister making guys fall for her with her even knowing or intending them too and them when they finally get up the courage to ask her out of make a move and she doesn't feel the same way she breaks their heart. It just so turns out that most of the guys who hearts she has broke have also been good friends of his. Pete, M.Shadows, Jacoby, Travis and more importantly not forgetting Cal.
"I don't" she said a little confused.
"Yes you do but you don't know it. You're just beautiful and sexy and a really great person that guys fall for you. All the time I've sat and watched it happen they'll meet you and fall for you then when you don't fell the same way or not as serious about them as they are about you, you break their hearts. I'm not saying to do it intentionally but it's just happens. I just want you to start thing about what your doing I don't want to see you hurt any more good guys, guys that I'm friends with and have to console with once they found out they can't have you."
"Wow Dan I never really knew any of that." she said in shock it was true she never really knew that any of the guys that she'd dated or just really got close to thought of her like that.
"I know that's why I'm brining it up now and if you don't watch out Benji might just be your next victim."
"Yes Benji I've seen enough of it by now I know how it happens and he's falling for you and if you don't do something now you'll end up hurt him too, do you want that to happen?"
"No, what should I do?"
"Figure out if you want him as a friend or more. Then let him know exactly where he stands."
"Ok thanks Dan." She said going quiet deep in thought about what he'd just told her.
"So whose hearts have I broken?" she asked unsure.
"Do you really wanna know?"
"Well yeah." She said.
"OK well there was Travis but he got over it pretty quickly as he found Shanna and realised she was the one for him. Jacoby was pretty broken up about it even though you guys weren't that serious and wasn't dating long. Pete and M.Shadows we're hit a little more strongly they still do hold onto a slight flame for you but know and have come to terms with the fact that it'll never happen between you. And then not forgetting our dear Cal. He loves you; he really does and has done since forever. You where his high school crush."
"Shit I never really knew any of that." I sighed deep in thought. "Do you think I need to talk to them?"
"No it's better just leaving it now they've all got over it in there own ways and just having you around as a friends you being you with them is enough for them. They'd rather have you as a friend than not at all. But they'll want to keep the friendship how it is now, no weirdness talking about things and opening up old wounds will just make things worse. Just promise me one thing?"
"That you wont make Benji or anyone else for that matter your next victim unless with good reason."
"Yeah defiantly thanks for that Bro." I said giving him a hug. He pulled me in tighter.
"Listen I don't want you getting upset or worried about this, everything's fine." He said softly. Just then Cal and Scott walked out of the bathroom.
"Ooo Brother Sister moment going on here." Scott joked to Cal.
"Just shut up and get out of the shower." I laughed pushing them out the way followed by Dan as we went for our long awaited showers.
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