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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Later that night when everyone had got back to their buses Taylor and the guys had decided on going over to the GC bus that night. they where running late to start with but Taylor made them even later when she got a call from the WWE guys which meant she was chatting and catching up with them for an hour then she still had to get ready. Scott, Dan and Cal where in the living area of the bus waiting for her to finish getting ready.
"For fuck's sake Tay how long are you going to be?" Dan said now sounding royally pissed off with her.
"Just give me one more fucking minute and don't take that tone with me or I'll fucking kick your ass when I get out of here." she shouted back. Scott and Cal just laughed to them selves at the usual brother sister banter.
"I'll talk to you however the hell I want." Dan called back.
"Watch it." she glared at him as she walked out of the bathroom shoving him in the shoulder.
"You ready to go?" Scott asked her getting up followed by Cal. She was about to reply when she was shoved to the side by Cal who had seen Dan launching at her from behind. Scott caught Dan mid launch.
"Don't fucking shove me." Dan said more to defend his pride than in anger at his sister. Taylor flipped him off.
"Ok, ok cool it you two. Are we going to make it to the GC bus tonight or not." Cal said.
"Let's go." Taylor said walking straight past Dan still being held back in Scott's arms.
When they got to the GC bus it sounded as if everyone was already over there and had been for a while they sounded drunk and like they where having a good laugh.
Taylor knocked on the bus door Cal, Scott and Dan stood behind her. he and Dan where still in a huff with each other but like usual it wasn't a big deal knowing them they'd be best friends by morning and then arguing again by lunch.

Benji opened the door but there was obviously something going on inside as his attention was focused on someone in the bus and was laughing at them. When he finally turned to look see who was at the door he smiled sincerely.
"Hey I was beginning to think you weren't coming, come in." he said stepping to the side to let them into the bus.
"Yeah sorry about that I got an important phone call." Taylor apologised earning a roll of the eyes from Dan who always hated it when she spent ages on the phone.
"More like gabbing to her friends." Dan muttered loud enough for Benji to hear.
"Shut up Dan, my friends are important o me anyway." she spat back rolling her eyes at him. Benji looked a little concerned at the obvious argument going on between Taylor and Dan but Scott and Cal just brushed it off letting Benji know it wasn't a big deal either.
"Taylor come sit and talk." A drunken M.Shadows called patting the small space on the sofa between him and Syn. Matt, Syn, Zacky, Tony, Matt, Billy and Joel where all sat around in the living area of the bus laughing and joking while Paul, Jacoby, Billie and Travis where all sat around the kitchen table in the dining area talking in more of a serious tone but still having a good time. Taylor went and joined the guys in the front of the bus squeezing in the space Matt had pointed too; Benji, and Cal followed and Dan and Scott joined the guys in the dining area.

The night was really good everyone was having a lot of fun having a good laugh with each other. The guys in the front of the bus where the more drunk and having a laugh joking a round with each other. The guys in the dining area where being a little more serious, they where still drinking and having a good time but they weren't joking around. A little while into the little party they where all having Taylor started feeling a little uncomfortable not by the guys she was in the front with but she felt like she was being watched or something. He attention turned to the guys in the dining area who where quiet obviously talking about her. All huddled in together and looking up towards her every so often but quickly looking away if she caught them. She tried to ignore it and carry on having a laugh with the guys in the front but she got more and more distracted and uncomfortable. In order to not make a scene though she decided to ignore it the best she could and then ask Dan about it later when they got back to their bus.
A little while later Taylor got up to get another drink as she was in the kitchen she tried to hear what the guys where saying but quiet conveniently they stop talking the minute she was in ear shot. She carried on getting her drink when Benji came up behind her.
"Are you ok?" he asked quietly into her ear stood quite close behind her starling her slightly.
"Oh erm yeah I'm fine." She said quickly but not very convincingly.
"Are you sure?" he asked looking into her eyes.
"Yeah I'm fine just getting a little tired." She brushed off.
"Ok." He nodded dropping the subject to Taylor's relief.
Taylor and Benji went back to the front of the bus, Taylor stayed for a little longer before she really did start to feel tired physically as well as mentally from what ever Dan was talking to the other guys in the dining area about.
"Ok well it's been good but I'm knackered I'm got to bed." Taylor sighed standing up.
"I'll come back with you." Cal said also standing and feeling tired too.
"Aw you don't have to go just yet do you." a now very drunk Tony pouted grabbing her hand from where he was sitting on the floor leant against the sofa.
"Yes I do I need my beauty sleep." she laughed.
"Your beautiful enough, stay longer." M.shaows whined.
"Yes I might be but I won't be much longer if you don't let me get my sleep." She laughed humouring them.
"Ok let her go." Joel laughed reasoning with them. "Glad you guys could come." He said turning to us sincerely.
"Thanks for inviting us." cal smiled back.
"It was nice seeing you really it was. You should come hang out with us more often." Benji said quietly to Taylor smiling standing up to see them out.
"Yeah I like that." she smiled back.
"Ok well are we going?" Cal said interrupting their little moment they had going on.
"Yeah come on lets go." she laughed snapping out of it. "You guys coming too?" she asked Scott and Dan when they walked past the dining area.
"Erm we'll see you guys later." Dan said turning back to their conversation.
"What's got them all secretive and serious?" Cal questioned when they got to the door; Benji looked as confused as Cal.
"Their talking abut me probably." I sighed admitting it, Cal instantly knew something was going on but Benji still looked slightly confused.
"I'm sure they weren't." Benji said.
"No they where they've been at it all night I've been watching them, it's probably Dan still in a huff with me." Taylor said trying to hide the fact that it got to her but failing.
"Your brothers an ass when he wants to be I'll beet the shit out of him later for you." Cal said putting a protective arm around her.
"Not if I get there first." She laughed making them laugh too.
"Anyway it's been nice hanging out with you two and I hope everything's ok with, you know..." he said hinting at the whole talking about her thing.
"Yeah thanks and see you tomorrow no doubt." she smiled at him. They said good night then Taylor and Cal went back to their bus.
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