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Chapter 7

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Taylor confronts Dan.... please review

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Chapter 7

"Are you ok?" Cal asked Taylor when they got back to the bus slightly concerned about how quiet she was she knew Dan and what ever he was talking with the other guys about at the dining area at the GC bus.
"yeah." She sighed and shrugged her shoulders walking to the bucks.
"Are you sure?" he followed her.
"Well no not really I don't appreciate my brother talking about me to my friends and people I don't know right infornt of Me." she admitted getting a little upset.
"Come here I'm sure it's nothing and if it is I'm sure they other guys wont be funny with you about it." Cal said pulling her into a hug.
"I don't care if it's nothing or not or if they'll think any different of me what ever it is it's the fact that he's doing that too me. How fucked up's that." she said now felling more anger than upset.
"I know but I think your better just talking to him when he gets back and bright side he's got Scott with him Scott will keep him in check." Cal reasoned, Taylor nodded.

They got into their bunks but Taylor couldn't sleep she was about to get up to get a drink when she heard Scott and Dan come into the bus. She noticed Scott got straight into his bunk and was asleep in seconds knowing him. Dan must have stayed in the front of the bus for some reason as she waited for a while but he didn't come into the bunks. She waited for a little longer to try and drop off to sleep but it wasn't happening so she decided to go to the front of the bus to confront Dan. When she got there he was obviously very drunk and was lay on the sofa half asleep half awake.
She went and sat on the sofa with him, she was determined to stay calm.
"So what was that all about back at the GC bus?" she asked casually.
"What you talking about?" he said acting confused but he wasn't fooling her.
"You know what I'm talking about, that was really fucked up."
"Nothing was fucked up I don't know what your talking about." he persisted.
"stop bullshitting I know you where talking about me to the other guys now either you tell me what it was about or I can quite easily go and ask Scott and I'm sure he'll tell me." she said trying her best to stay as calm as possible and not to burst into tears of beet the shit out her brother.
"Well why don't you just go and ask dear Scotty then." He spat.
"No because I'm asking you." she said loosing it now slightly. He laughed at her making her see red. She launched her self at him pinning him down on the sofa her hand forcefully pressing down on his shoulders close to his neck but not close enough to strange him properly just enough to restrict his breathing slightly to let him know she means business. He suddenly turned serious too and looked up at her seriously.
"Now tell me what you where saying about me."
"Ok, ok I'll tell you just let go of Me." he gave in. Taylor sighed then got up off him. "We where just talking about you and Benji and then we got into what I was talking to you back at the venue."
"What you told them all what we said!" Taylor said feeling betrayed.
"no, no not like that it was just you know well Jacoby and Travis got onto the whole broken hearts over you thing and you know Billie's cool about it all. It wasn't really a big deal you can trust them."
"Yeah but think Dan who else was sat with you." I said feeling angry now, it didn't bother me about Jacoby and Travis talking about our break-ups and what not with Dan as they are his friends too and Billie's cool with everything he's always been there for me like another older brother but Paul was also sat with them. Paul in good charlotte and one of Benji's closets friends, if there ever was anything going to go on with me and Benji I can guarantee it won't now if Paul has anything to do with it after hearing Travis and Jacob's stories.
"What I don't get you." Dan said confused.
"Paul, Paul was with you, you fucking dumb ass." I said hitting up the side of the head.
"Paul, so he's a cool guy."
"He's also a member of good charlotte and one of Benji's closest friends."
"Oooh yeah." Dan said finally getting it and sounding regretful. "Shit, I'm sorry Tay."
"It doesn't matter its done now." I sighed my head in my hands. "Just tell me exactly what you where saying?"
"Well it wasn't that bad really first we got talking about how close you and Benji seemed to be getting and how you'd make a good couple. Then Jacoby and Travis started talking about when they first meet you and then consequently we got onto your break up's. me and Scott made sure to make it clear you never knew they where in that deep and Jacoby and Travis never made it out that you guys where ever that serious when you where together just that they loved being with you and that you where a really great chick to be with. Paul didn't seem too concerned about it." Dan explained.
"I think it's best if tomorrow I just talk to Benji about it all."
"Are you sure you want to do that?" Dan asked.
"I don't know but it'll be better for me to explain it than not too and him start believing any rumours that start going about."
"Come on Tay you make it seem like you're a really bad person in all of this, it's nothing. So what if you've dated a few guys and when you've broke up they're still a little hung up on you."
"I know but it'd be different if it was in any normal situation where potential new boyfriends don't come in contact with the ex's and hear their stories let alone be good friends with most of them."
"I see your point but so what if he can't accept you for who you are and see that through some drama you're a really great amazing person." Dan reasoned, Taylor sat there thinking, this tour was turning out to be a real drama fest all She wanted was to be back on the road with the WWE where She can all have a laugh with all the guys messing around and nothing gets taken seriously. The guys from the WWE know her story, know what she's about and love her for who she is. "Wait a minute did you just say potential boyfriend do you think there's something between you and Benji?" Dan said after sitting in silence with me, thinking also.
"Yes, no, I don't know at the moment after all what's been going on I kind of just want a break from everything. Recently I've just had an information overload. I thought coming on this tour would be something refreshing, doing something different that I also love before going back on the road with the WWE. I never thought all this drama would be involved. It's all just a little too much. I...I don't know what I want at the moment everything just feels so different at the moment. I thought this tour would be like a holiday for me from the WWE but now I'm just feel home sick from the WWE."
"Tay Just try not to think about everything so much, just relax and take things as they come like your usual fun loving laid back self. Don't let all this drama bother you. I know I haven't exactly helped in all of this and I really am sorry and promise I'm going to stay out of it from now I; I promise I'm not going to discuss anything involving your love life from now on." Dan said crossing his heart and pretend zippering close his lips and locking them, throwing away the key like a little child would when they are keeping a secret. Taylor laughed.
"Thanks Dan I just want things to return to normal."
"Don't worry you just treat things as normal and they will be. Most of it's all in your head lately because of what I was talking to you about after the show."
They said their good night's then went to bed.
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