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gotta fix this mess

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travis is set out to ruin camryn's relationship with ryan. and so far, it looks like he's doing just that.

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"hey cam, isn't this the travis you dated not long ago?" pete asked as the boys started to play guitar hero. "oh uh yeah it is" i said. i felt ryan staring at me and i knew we would have a loong convo about travis later. NOTE TO SELF: kill pete in his sleep! "well, travis won this contest to hang out with you guys pete. so why don't you guys go out and do something" i told him, trying to push them all out the door. "ok. we'll be back around 3 or 4 to get ready for the concert" he said as i finally got him off the bus. it was 11 now. that gave me and ryan about 4 or 5 hours to do whatever. i went over to ryan and sat on his lap. his just pushed me off to the side. "what's the matter babe" i asked confused. "nothing, the guys and i were about to go do something" he said. "but i thought we could do something since the guys were hanging out with travis" "yeah well you thought wrong. why don't you just go with them and hang out with travis" he snapped at me. "why would i want to hang out with travis. he's not my boyfriend." i said getting angry. "yeah well you used to date him. so you obviously still feel something. i mean, is it luck he won or because pete remembered him" he asked getting mad as well. "you have no right telling me who i have feelings for and who i don't" i yelled at him. "whatever camryn. i saw that look you gave him" "what look?" "you look liked you just wanted to bang him right there" i was so mad i slapped him. "i HATE you ryan ross" i said with venom in my voice as i grabbed my phone and walked off the bus. i was a few feet away from the bus when i heard footsteps running to catch up with me. "spencer sent me to see if you were ok. what happened?" kk asked me with concern in her voice. "ryan accused me of still having feelings for travis. i can't believe he would think that" i said, feeling tears come to my eyes. "that's low. i'm sorry camryn. how about we go get some ice-cream and then go shopping" kk suggested. "you know kk, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" i said linking arms with her.

(travis pov)

i can't believe i have to spend the day with FOB. i only entered the contest so i could get closer to camryn. if only i could get her away from her boyfriend and everyone else, i could get what i came for. dang, these guys just won't leave me alone!

(back to cam's pov)

"so what happened between you and travis, if you don't mind me asking" kk asked after we got our ice-cream. i was about to tell her what i had never told anyone, not even my mom or pete. "well, we started dating at the end of junior year. he was so cute. i'd had the biggest crush on him since the beginnig of the year. one of my other guy friends introduced us at a party. we became friends and spent pretty much everyday together. he finally asked me out. i was on cloud 9. then school ended. about half way through summer he started hitting me. he apologized everytime, saying he didn't mean it and that he loved me. but then it became worse. he hit me more often and i had to use make up to cover up the bruises. he would accuse me of cheating. then of course, he wanted me to have sex with him. i told him i didn't want to. that i wanted to wait until i knew it was the right time. that pushed him over the edge. he yelled and hit me, saying that i should do it because he loved me and we would be together forever. i tried to fight back but he was too strong for me. he...he tried to rape me. but my parents came home. i told him to get out of my house and my life. he said to watch my back. that he would eventually get what he wanted and he left. he disappeared the next day. and that was halfway through our senior year"i finished remembering every horrible detail. "camryn, i'm so sorry" kk said giving me a hug. "well, he's not going to touch you if i have any say in it. we'll just stay away from him at the concert tonight and then he'll be gone" "thanks kk. i'm really glad you decided to come on tour with us" "me too. now, let's go SHOPPING!" she exclaimed excitedly grabbing me and running to the nearest store.

we got done around 4. we got back to the bus and noticed the boys were back. we walked on the bus and put our stuff on our bunks. me and kk sat on the floor watching pete play brendon at mario kart. "pete, you're my brother and i love you...but you suck" i said wathing him crash his car. "ugh shut up cam. look what you made me do!" pete said as brendon did his victory dance. spencer walked over to kk and asked to talk to her. they walked outside. i went to the fridge to get a water. "hey camryn. so how have you been?" travis asked standing next to me. "leave me alone travis" "no, i won't leave you alone"he said grabbing my arm. pete walked in and he let go of my arm. i walked to the front and sat on the couch across from ryan. he was glaring daggers at me. "you know ryan, if you keep that face too long, it'll freeze like that. and you don't want the little teenies hating you because of an ugly face do you" i smirked at him. "oh haha camryn. that's so funny. why don't you just go..." "whoa whoa! you two i'm feeling some animosity coming from this area" pete said motioning between me and ryan. "oh i was just telling ryan not to upset his fans with his ugly face" i replied smiling innocently. "and i was about to tell camryn to shove it before you interupted me" ryan said. "oh ryan. shove it? that hurts" i mocked grabbing my heart and laughing. "what's the matter with you two. you were all lovey dovey 5 hours ago" pete said. "yeah well that was before i realized i was dating a whore" ryan said. "i..i..." i stammered and ran to my bunk. how could he say those hurtful things about me, in front of my brother no less. "RYAN! i don't know what's going on between you and cam but you need get your life together and fix it" i heard pete yell.

i stayed in my bunk until it was time to go into the venue. me and kk told the guys we'd meet them inside. we got ready and went inside, showing the guards our passes. i hadn't talked to anyone after that showdown with ryan. he tried to talk to me but everytime he did, i ignored him and walked away.

(travis pov)

haha things are going good. camryn and her goody goody 'boyfriend' are fighting. if i can somehow get her alone, everything we'll be better

(ryan pov)

i can't believe i was so mean to camryn. i know she didn't have feelings for travis anymore but when pete said that about them dating i freaked. i can't even think straight knowing she's mad at me. i hope i can just get through our set and then set things right with her afterwards.

(back to cam pov)

FOB decided to play first and panic! would play second. they introduced the contest winner (GAG ME!). me and kk were watching panic's set. my eyes were on ryan the whole time. even though we were 'fighting' i still loved him. he caught my eye a few times and gave me that look. it meant he forgave me and he was stupid. and that he would make it up to me ;) i told kk i had to go to the bathroom. as i came out, i heard footsteps behind me. then i felt someone hit me and that's the last i remember.

(ryan pov)

during our set i caught camryn's eye. and i knew we were done with our fight. our set ended and i went straight to the buses to find her. she wasn't there. i went back inside to see if she was with kk. "have you seen camryn" i asked walking up to her. "no, she went to the bathroom about 10 mins ago" kk said, sounding worried. "oh no" kk gasped. "what" i asked as everyone else gathered around. "where the hell is she" "travis is gone. i bet he took her. we have to hurry before he hurts her" kk said running outside with all us guys running behind her.

*whoo! dun dun dun!! it's long yes. i just couldn't stop writing. ideas kept popping into my brain and i had to follow through with them :) how'd you feel about that??
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