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hang out with FOB for a day

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FOB decides to have a contest where the winner hangs out with them for the day and gets a backstage pass/tickets to the show. who will the winner be? and what kind of affect will they have on camryn?

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(1 month later)

we'd been on tour for about 1 month now. i had pretty much fallen head over heels for ryan and i knew he felt the same. but there was something (or someone) stopping me from being with ryan. and that someone was travis. so far he has shown up at all the shows, sent me texts and voice messages (how he got my number i don't know), sent letters, just about anything to connect with me. he even won some damn contest to meet the band! the guys decided to have a contest. all the fans had to do was draw a simple picture of the band and send it in to their local radio station. then they would send it to FOB and they would hand pick the winner. and that person would get to spend the day with FOB. i was looking at all of the drawings and there was alot! and some were amazing. some people should be professional drawers for a company or something! i was looking at one in particular. the details were all there. it looked like the person traced over a picture it was that good. me and ryan decided to go out while they kept looking at the rest.

me and ryan were walking in the local park and just enjoying eachother's company. we decided to sit down on a nearby bench. i was kinda cold ;) so ryan put his arm around me. "so camryn, how would you calssify us? friends? more than friends?" ryan asked me after some time. "idk..friends i guess." i replied after thinking about it. "i don't know what happened in the past but i can promise i would never, EVER hurt you. i love you camryn." and then he kissed me. now we've kissed before but this one seemed to have more passion behind it. it was really the first time he told me he loved me. we paused for a breath. "well..." "i love you too ryan" and we kissed again. little did we know that someone was watching us from behind the trees. after sitting there for an hour just talking and making-out, we decided to head back to the buses to see if the boys made a decision and watch a movie. we got back and they were writing a letter to the winner. they wouldn't tell any of us who won but said it would have to be a surprise. the show was in a week so it wasn't that long of a wait.

(1 week later in phoenix)

pete and patrick went to pick up the contest winner from the train station while andy, joe and jon went to get more food. and brendon went with spencer to meet his girlfriend kk at the airport. so that left me and ryan to do whatever until everyone got back. i decided to take a shower and ryan thought it would be fun to take one with me. after we were done we laid in the back and watched fuse. we heard a car door slamming and thought pete and pat were back with the mystery winner. but it was just brendon, spencer and kk. it was gonna be nice finally having another girl around! joe, jon, and andy walked in with the groceries about 5 minutes after them. me and kk told the boys we'd put them away that way we get talk and get to know eachother. after everything was in its proper place, we all sat down to watch tv. i was sitting with ryan in one chair while spencer and kk were in the other chair. joe, andy, and jon were sitting on the couch and brendon was laying on the floor. we heard 3 car doors shut and knew that had to be pete, pat, and the winner. pete and pat walked onto the bus first. i guess they wanted to make a big deal out of it. "ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to present the contest winner...Travis McCullen!" pete yells as i see travis walk onto the bus. my eyes go wide and i look at joe who's looking at me with wide eyes as well. i excuse myself and go to my bunk. i sense someones presence and think it's ryan. it's joe. "what are you gonna do camryn?" joe asks. "well, he won the contest to hang out with FOB all day. so i'm just gonna see if ryan wants to go somewhere until it's time to go to the concert where i'll avoid travis and hang with kk." i told him, hoping everything would work out. "JOE! CAMRYN! come out here and meet travis. i breathe in deep and let it out as i walk back up front with joe. 'i hope i can avoid him and just get this over with' i think as i shake his hand and try to be nice.

chapter 4 is done! there's gonna be more drama in chapter 5 with'll just have to read it to find out.
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