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Chapter Numero Uno

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Happy feet.

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Brendon's POV
Hm. 5 months today, I guess we could call it an anniversary of sorts.
5 months ago, me and Ryan got a divorce.
About 5 months ago, Taylor had a miscarriage. It was regrettably mine, I still feel bad for her though. Her and Pete are actually getting married. Whatever.
It's been about 5 months since me and Ryan talked.

I mean, of course we've talked and exchanged glances, and such, because we're in the same god damn band, and like it or not, we HAVE to talk, but we haven't /talked/. About anything. I think it's because we're both afraid, of course, I could be wrong, because he hates me. When he talks to me, if at all, he doesn't talk, he snaps. "Brendon! Pass the pizza box." "Brendon! Go away!" "Brendon! Sing louder!" "Brendon! You suck at guitar hero!" that's all I get from him. And it's always "Okay Ryan" from me. But, I avoid him as well, so things are fine. I'm content. I don't need him. Whatever.

Theres a knock at the door. I get up, and walk over to it, slowly opening it. Spencer, Jon, and the little drama queen himself stand on my porch.

"Can I help you boys?" I ask.

"Yeah, we have some special interview to go to. Talk about short notice." Jon says.

"Wait, now?" I ask.

"No dumb ass, three years from now. OF course now, why else would we be on your damn doorstep?" Ryan snaps.

"Okay, Ryan." I say, my head hanging low.

"Ryan, stop being a petty little bitch" Spencer says.

Ryan rolls his eyes.

Was I seriously married to this fucker at one time?

"You look dressed enough, let's go." Jon says, grabbing me, and pulling me to the car, and OF course, sticking me in the backseat, next to non other then Ross. Ross. Ross. NOT Urie.

I look out the window, and he, like the immature little bitch he is, scoots as far from me as he can, and looks out the window as well.

"SO! Hows life?" Jon asks, putting his head towards us, as to direct the question at us. Of course he felt the need to ask this because he SO doesn't see us like, once a week at least.

"Fine." "Good"
Me and Ryan say at the same time.

"Good to hear." Jon says, pulling his head back.

The car ride, other then that, is silent. I could have sworn I saw Ryan looking at me from the corner of his eye twice, but maybe it's just me hallucinating or something.

Soon, we pull in, and get out, walking in as a group to some weird office place. God, I'm starting to hate interviews.

It's because when they go on youtube, and the site, and such, the people who interview us tell me and ryan to act like friends, which always gets us in a bad mood. This is the only interaction we get, acting.

They tell us to sit on this long, purple couch, and of course me and Ryan are stuck sitting next to one another. He rolls his eyes, and scoots in, getting comfortable.

"Remember the drill you two" some guy told us, pointing to me and Ryan. We nodded.

The interview started when they turned on this little camera, and the man said,

"Welcome, Panic! At The Disco!"

"Glad to be here." I said. Ryan nodded.

God...this was gonna be a long interview.
Ryan's POV

I'm sitting next to him. I can almost feel myself start to get hard. Oh god, stop Ryan, bad Ryan. Get him OUT of your mind. OUT!

I don' him, if that's what your thinking.

No, and even if I did, we WOULDN'T call it, "Still in love" with him, because I fell out of love with him months ago, and to like him again would to be like liking him for the very first time, because we've crossed the last year out of our memories forever. It was like one of those drunken las vegas weddings you try to forget, only we weren't drunk, we knew what we were doing, it was planned, and it wasn't at some cheap chapel, either.

And another plus to add to that, is im not gay.
Yeah, you heard me perfectly correct, I said I wasn't gay. Not at all.

I have Keltie, anywho. And Brendon has that bimbo slut Kendal. Yep, we both have girlfriends.

"Isn't that right, Ry?" Brendon asks, elbowing me.

"Ouch!" I say, followed by looking at the camera. Shit, I forgot we were in this stupid interview. I totally spaced out.

"Right what?" I say, fake smiling at Brendon. He laughs his famous, bellowing, Brendon Urie laugh, as does the whole room, and I look around blankly with a dumb smile on my face.

We finish the interview, and they ask us to stick around the place while they gathered a few contracting things and stuff, permission to air the thing, you know. I wonder the place, and find a little dressing room of sorts.

I sprawl across the couch, taking a notebook from the table, (yeah, I dunno why it was there, but it was, and it was blank)
I took a pen out of my back pocket, no clue why I had one, but I did.
I started just kind of writing my mind, it was a lot of cheesy love lines, "I miss you's" and such. No idea were they came from.
Suddenly, bone head walked in. Yes, Brendon. I glared up. "What do you want?" He looked at me with a blank face.
"Huh?" I asked again.

"I'm just exploring, okay Ryan?" he snapped, as he walked over to the water cooler, and poured a glass.

I kept my eyes on him the whole time, glaring. He turned around, and raised an eye brow.
I quickly put my eyes back to the page.

"Are you..uh.." Brendon said, clearing his throat in between. This was the first time he had sparked a...anything, in five fucking months. I moved my hand impatiently, as he cleared his throat.

"Are you, um...writing lyrics?" he asked.

I made a face, looked the other way, and nodded. He nodded as well, and walked out.

I continued to write until Jon and Brendon came in with a paper in hand. "Sign here, Ryan." Jon said. I took my pen, and signed the line.

"Can we leave now?" I asked.

"Yeah." He says. Suddenly, Brendon's phone rings. He answers it, and me and Jon watch him.

"Oh hey you too." he says.

Kendal. I hate her. I don't even know why, she tries to make nice with me "Hey Ry!" and "How are you, Ryro!?" I always say "Ok." and monosyllabic things like that. I hate her, shes a little "emo" slut as she calls herself. Well, not slut, but emo. I've heard her. On tour, she'd always be like "Brennie Bear, do you think I'm emo, because I do" I rolled my at even the thought. Stupid bitch. Emo's a music genre not a style. Stupid, stupid bitch.

I honestly don't know what attracted Brendon to her. Ew.

Suddenly, as we sift in silence, my phone went off, and all eyes fell on me, I picked it up.

"Hey Ry baby." I heard a squeaky voice say.

"Hey Keltie." I say, sort of glancing at Brendon, and seeing his uncomfortable face. Ha, I'm so getting to him.

"Babe, will you come over?" she asked in her slutty little voice. I sure could go for some ass right about now.

"Sure baby, I'll be right over." I say, hanging up.

"Can you guys drive me to Keltie's place?" I ask Jon.

"Sure thing Ry." Jon says.

"Oh, can you drive me to Kendal's?" Brendon adds. Uh, he's probably gonna go fuck the "emo" bitch. Grr.

We get in the car, and they drive me to Keltie's house first.

"Bye guys" I say, as I get out of the car, and walk up to the door step.

I knock, still not feeling totally comfortable around her.

"Come in baby" I hear.

I open the door, and see her standing over something in the kitchen, cutting it. It's a cumber, shes making a salad or something, because it's all she eats.

"Hey hon." I say, going over to her and kissing her head.

"Hi Ry." she says, smiling, and kissing me on the lips, dropping the knife, which lands on the counter.
She backs me to the bedroom and lays me on the bed, seductively unbuttoning my top, and throwing it on the ground. She rubs her hands across my smooth chest, and like...licks it. Yeah, shes a weird one. I'm simply using her for the ass, so it doesn't matter.

Soon, we're both naked, huffing and puffing, breathing heavily in bed.

"Did you?" she asks. I nod my head, and lie. She's so stupid, how could she not know I didn't climax? The last time I did, was with...him.

She gets up, and heads over to the kitchen, after wrapping her anorexic body in a bath robe. I soon go out, after putting my boxers on as well, and wrap my arms around her. She was cutting her damn cucumbers, and next thing I remember was her going "Whoops!" and dropping the knife...on my foot.

"AHHH!" I screamed, glancing down at the knife in my foot.

She screamed, and ran right out of the room. I couldn't move, it hurt so bad.

"KELTIE...GET...FUCKING...HELP!" I screamed. God I was in PAIN. It felt like it hit nerve and bone, cute threw flesh and muscle.

I ask her to get help, and WHAT does she do? She calls Jon.

Claps for Keltie.

"Kelt, are...the, ahh...ohh...are the, OH GOD...whose coming?" I ask her

She covers her eyes.

"Uh, Jon and like, Brendon." she says.

"OH GOD!" I scream in agony, not even caring that my mortal enemy was coming to save me. SOME ONE, ANYONE, NEEDED TO FUCKING COME.

Soon, Jon and Brendon ran in the kitchen, and Jon slipped on the blood, and fell on his back.

Brendon was left to look at my foot, with the knife sticking out.

I looked at the dumb ass (well, the other dumb ass, not Keltie) and said,

"!" through my teeth.

He nodded.

"Okay Ryan" He said, yet again, as he got on his knees, and quickly pulled the knife out. Jon got up, his back covered in blood.

"Keltie, why didn't you call 911?" Jon asked, seeming really annoyed. I fell to the ground, and laid on the ground, in agony.

"Uh, oh. I could have called them? I thought they were just in the movies, that's so cute." she said, giggling.

God I hate her.

"Oh god, Jon, pick him up or something." Brendon said, pointing to me.

"I have to drive, my cars a standard, you don't know how to drive those, you'll have to take him, while I start the car up." Jon said, running out to the car. Brendon glared at me out of the corner of his eye.

"Pick me up...god dammit!" I screamed.

"Oh, uh, okay Ryan." He said, gently picking me up, and slowly walking me out to the car.

I moaned in agony.

"Shh, it's okay Ryan." he said.

Jesus, was that all he knew how to say? 'okay ryan, okay ryan, OKAY RYAN!' GODDD.

I moaned again, god my foot hurt. "Shhhh." he said, try to calm me.

He laid me in the back on the car, and got in the passengers seat.
"You'll need stitches Ryan." Jon said, as he started off.

"That...stupid...bitch" I said, through my teeth.

Brendon laughed a little. "Don't laugh Brendon." Jon said, running a finger across Brendon's forehead. I watched as he slowly rose his fingers, and stroked the scar, from the crash.

"Stitches suck." is all he said. "Thanks...for the...information...fuck face..." I moaned.

"Uh, Okay Ryan." Brendon said, looking out the window. Good god! I was in SO much fucking pain!!

"AHHHHHH" I screamed. Brendon clogged his ears.

"It's gonna be okay, Ryan." Jon said.

"Fuck you." I moaned. "Okay Ryan..." Brendon and Jon said at the same time, Jon chuckling.

"Shut the fuck up." I moaned in agony.

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